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29 weeks with twins/lots of BH contractions

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I don't know if I am freaking out for nothing or if this is all just normal, so I thought I might ask anyways. I wasn't sure if I should post this on the pregnancy forum or here...I am 29 weeks (almost 30) pregnant with twins and in the past 3 or 4 days have been getting a TON of BH contractions. Yesterday it was almost constant, one after the other, that went on for a good hour. I called my doctor and he just told me to lay on my side and drink lots of fluids. I got the fetal fibronectin test a week ago which came back okay, so my doctor wasn't too worried about pre-term labor. My only concern is that I am measuring 6-7 weeks bigger than what I really am, since I am carrying twins. I am scared my body thinks its almost time for real labor. Are lots of BH contractions normal right now?? Thanks
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Yes BH are normal right now. Of course any time you need re assurance contact your health care provider. But you will definitely be measuring big. I forget how big I was measuring but I had tons of BH very early on and did not have the babies until 38 weeks. But I am not saying to ignore it. Just try to take it easy, drink lots of water and lay on your side.
Take care!
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I agree with the above post: if you have concerns, talk to your doctor. I delivered at 27 weeks, so I have no idea if BH contractions are normal, but it sounds like they are. And, if your doctor isn't worried about pre-term labor, then I wouldn't worry

I did have lots of BH contractions with my singleton, though, but once I went into real labor, i understood the difference!
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Yes, I think it's normal (of course discuss with your doc). I had a TON of BH contractions from 18 weeks, but held those babies in till 39 weeks. I drank 4 liters of water per day and laid down A LOT (on your left side is best). I also couldn't walk more than a few yards, or climb stairs too often. (You might start to note what brings them on for you.) Just take it as easy as humanly possible. I believe that calcium/magnesium supplements are supposed to help as well. (Again, ask your doc what he/she thinks.)
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Thanks for all the advice I notice that when I walk too much or even doing a load of laundry bring the BH on. It kind of sucks since I have major nesting urges right now, but whatever is good for the babies. I will talk to my doctor about the calcium/mag. supplements
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mommy2twinsplus1- how long were your babies in the hospital for after they were born?? Do they know why they were so premature?? Now that it's getting closer for me to deliver I have SO many questions and worries. Thanks!
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R & Z were in the NICU for only 6 weeks. We were very, very, very lucky! They were supposed to be in there 3 months (until their original due date in late July). They were big for being 13 weeks early, at 2#7 and 2#13. We saw many singletons born at much later gestations that were only 1# when they were born.

Around Easter that year (it was a late Easter, in April), I lost my mucous plug and because of that, I got an infection inutero. I was carrying them so low, that Zach (baby "a") was in my pelvic area almost the whole pregnancy. The pressure was enough to pop out my plug. They put me on bed rest in the hospital on Mag Sulfate at the highest dose possible, but only kept them in for a week. The doctor said is was the infection in the uterus that caused the early labor. It was a blessing in disguise, though, because if my bady hadn't dispelled the twins, they could have died from catching the infection.

I just praise God that they are happy and healthy 4 yr olds.
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mine were born at 29 weeks - i had PROM ... and they were born that night. it was quite a shock as everything had been fine till then... but when I looked back I ignored alot - including too many BH
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Trisha- You were very lucky that your babies only stayed in the NICU that long. I'm sure you count your blessings everyday At my 27 week ultrasound the babies were measuring at pretty good sizes, although the sizes they give are only rough estimates. Baby A was 2 lbs. 7 oz. and Baby B was 2 lbs. 8 oz. Did the Mag Sulfate make you really sick?? I heard it has that affect on some people.
I thought I had lost my mucous plug a few weeks ago, but the doctor has checked me twice since then and both times my cervix has been firm and long. Hopefully they will hang in there a little while longer.

Andrea- What does PROM stand for? In the beginning I worried about every little thing but I have started to feel like maybe I worry too much, so I have been letting some little things slide. I will keep an eye on the BH though. I do see my doc every week now and most every time he checks my cervix, so hopefully we will be able to catch something before it happens. How big were they at 29 weeks?
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Also, my doctors are saying that I am only 29w5d along, changing my EDD to Oct.17. My original DD was Oct.7 which would have put me at 31w1d along. They changed the dd going by measurments from the ultrasound I had at 18 weeks. I know the conception date, so I thought it was weird they would change it that much. My cycles were always VERY regular before. Are the ultrasound measurements usually very accurate? Or maybe they were measuring smaller since there are two?? This is my first pregnancy, as you can probably tell
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PROM is premature rupture of membranes - my water broke while I was sleeping at 29 weeks 0 days - they tried to stop my labor with mag sulfate but it was too late (at 29 weeks they'd rather stop your labor if there is no risk of infection - I'd just have had to stay in the hospital as long as they could have held it off).

they were "big" - 3 pounds each & stayed in the NICU for 2 months

when they change your EDD they are just going by measurements - plus they can be sooo innacurate. a sonogram moments before birth put the boys at 2 pounds each!
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Geez! I guess that allows for a big margin of error. Since this is my first pregnancy I don't know if all of these aches and pains that I am feeling are normal, which I am sure they are. As long as the little ones stay in there a while longer, I don't mind
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Andrea- Did you deliver vaginally or need to have a c-section?? I am really scared that the babies will come early but I am also really scared of needing a c-section (emergency c-section or regular)
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i think that the way ultrasounds "weigh" the baby is to measure three things - I think the length of the femur, the circumference of the skull and the circumference of one other thing? maybe the stomach? anyway if the tech starts from a mm different it will change the dates! I remember that one time they said I was whatever week and whatever day and I said "no I'm not I'm whatever whatever" and the tech was like OK and she moved the ending point an iota and said "now you're whatever whatever"

also the US doesn't acct for fat - which a 29 weeker doesn't have LOL... or it does but it's just an estimate based on those measurements??

I had to have a c-section. Baby B was double footling breech... as it was he had to be revived after birth.... It was pretty sucky.

PS I'm not trying to scare you - just to say "don't think you're silly to bug the doctors"
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I'm sorry for your ordeal at birth. That must have been terrifying. As of last ultrasound, both babies were still head down (as they have been the whole pregnancy) So I'm hoping and praying they will run out of room to move and stay put I guess we will just have to wait and see how big they really are when the decide to come.
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Erin, the Mag Sulfate didn't make me sick, per se, as I didn't throw up. But, I was completely loopy. I knew, and still know, exactly what went on that was important, but everything else was sort of a blur, kwim? Things were "cloudy", so to speak. I was on the highest dose possible and the nurses said they couldn't believe I was still awake and coherent. They had seen women a lot bigger than me who were knocked out flat on the dose I was on (I'm 5'1 and only weighed 141 lbs preggo at the time). It was nasty stuff, but necessary at the time. I was so swollen from it (I had been on my back in a hospital bed for a week) that they had to do the spinal epidural twice because he couldn't get it in the first time. That caused problems in itself, but I won't go into that.

Just know that, even if you do go into labor early, with the equipment that they have now, your babies will turn out happy and healthy (barring no health complications).
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Hi Erin! My twins were my first (and only!) pregnancy as well, so I can really relate to your posts.

I found it difficult and somewhat depressing to ignore those nesting urges, but did so anyway - I didn't even unload the dishwasher, much less do any laundry! Sorting and filing papers while sitting on the couch was about the most I could do. Most of the time I was on my side, watching the judge shows. I think that's a big reason why I made it to 38w 5d, although it could also be because mine were both breech.

You asked about ultrasounds - mine overestimated my babies' sizes, both of them. I thought they were well over 7 lbs ea, but they were actually just under 6.

You also mentioned C-Sections - I had one. My recovery wasn't bad at all.

Good luck!
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Thanks for all the helpful info!! I really appreciate/need it! I will just continue to be a couch potato and hope it makes Lola and Sophia want to stay cozy in there just a little while longer
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I delivered at just 32 weeks but I started having BH over a month before I delivered. I had a fetal fibronectin (sp?) test done at 29 and 31 weeks. Both came back normal. If anything doesn't seem right call your doctor. I had some preterm labor signs so we opted to get the steroid shots to help mature the babies lungs. It wound up being a good idea since neither of them had to be put on a ventilator. I'd rest as much as possible. Everything else can wait. I had basically nothing ready when they were born and it all worked out okay.

I'm in awe of only 6 weeks in NICU for 27 weekers. Mine were 32 weeks and spent 5 weeks there. They were both over 4 lbs at birth too but I found out that just because they were big didn't mean their lungs were mature yet.

Twins in general measure smaller for the same dates so I'm really surprised they changed your due date. They tried to change mine to an earlier date because they were measuring big. I had a IUI though so I was absolutely positive on when I ovulated.

I had mag sulfate at 31 weeks and it wasn't fun but it did give my babies another week. I really don't remember much about the weekend I spent on it now. My dh does though, poor guy. I guess I was complaining the whole time- mainly about the catheter since you can't get out of bed while on it.

Both my twins were vertex up until 3 days before delivery. We found out at the hospital that baby B had flipped to breech so I wound up with a c-section. I really would have preferred a vaginal birth but I wish I would have prepared myself for a c-section. I didn't research it at all because I didn't want to have one.

I hope your babies stay put at least a few more weeks. You have so much time to worry about everything when you are laying around doing nothing. I know I did.
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I didn't have twins, but wanted to mention I measured 7-9 weeks ahead from 6.5 on and since I did artificial insemenation to get pregnant I knew the exact date. I also went two weeks post dates and ended up induced so my size never clued in my body to start labor.

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