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Midwife arrested!!!!

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....as in the midwife I just switched to. She was arrested for practicing without a liscence! I am part of a local yahoo group for AP parenting and someone posted the article, I guess it was on the news and everything. I read the article and basically she failed to renew her liscence in December 2003. I don't know what I'm going to do now. She is out of jail on bail apparently but I don't know what she is going to do. Apparently practicing without the liscence is a 3rd Degree Felony.

I just can't believe this. Here I am 8 weeks to my due date, and I just switched to her. She is the nicest lady too and I was feeling really at peace with my decision to switch over. I am going to call tomorrow and find out what the deal is, I just found out at 10pm otherwise I would have called already. We just had a prenatal appointment yesterday, my husband just met her, Jakob loves going to her office, .....I don't know what I'm going to do, just distraught and emotional now.
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Oh HUGS!! What a sticky situation!! I can't believe this is happening.
Best of luck to her and to you.
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Almost two years she hasn't renewed her license? You need to ask some pointed questions about why she hasn't done so. Have the requirements changed? Has she not been meeting continuing education requirements? Is it a money issue, an insurance issue, a malpractice one? It's just an odd situation all around. I hope you're able to get it figured out!
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Yes, those are all good questions to ask. Another one would be why she continuted running a free-standing birth center with no liscence and basically lie to her clients for all this time.

Left a message on her cell phone today, I hope she calls me back today I'd really like some answers.
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mmm....wow...interesting..this must be really stressful for you..I hope you get some answers soon
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and see, ehre in NC< my midwife, who is licensed and everything, would get arrested for practicing without a license because they dont recognize the license of CPMs, just CNMs here.

Ill be praying for you to find peace with this!!!
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Well, my midwife called me back. I'm still not sure exactly what happened...whether she filed and it just didn't go through because a stipulation wasn't met. I'm not very good at asking the right questions sometimes. Anyhow, according to her its something completely administrative. Like some stipulation about having an OB/Gyn review some of her records and she misunderstood how she was supposed to go about it. Or something like that. Meanwhile she is getting an attorney and has a close midwife friend that she went to school with come down to see her clients. So I will meet her at my next appointment.
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FL law is very constraining to CPMs. I seriously doubt that the issue is with her ability at all, but rather, like she said, an administrative issue. LM/CPMs in FL are really careful about this stuff, at least all the ones that I have encountered because the law is still new and a little sketchy and no one wants to give midwifery a bad name.

Hugs to you, and I hope you jive with this new MW too.
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Amanda I think you are absolutely right. I don't think it has a thing to do with her ability. I mean she has been doing this for a long time, and in her own words, it's "what she does". Karin has assured me that her friend Cathy Matthews is also laid back and shares her same philosophies and attitudes. So I'm confident things are going to be just fine. Just felt wierd last night when I heard the news and didn't know what was up. Feeling much better now that I've talked to her. It will be nice if she can get it straightened out before I have the baby...but if not I feel like Cathy is still going to be a good match if she is good friends with Karin.
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oh wow, this is the last thing you want to be dealing with. For her, I hope she gets everythign worked out, and for you, I hope you mesh well with her backup. good luck mama, try to stay mellow (although I know I'd be freakign out too!)
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Wow, what a shocking thing to hear from a yahoo group!
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I already wrote about this on the yahoo group (Hi there!) but I just thought I'd say again, that she was the best care provider I've ever had. I think she is an awesome woman, birth advocate, and community volunteer. I wish you much luck in sorting it all out
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Thanks for posting here too Amanda. I'm not even worrying about it anymore. I feel completely fine about seeing her back up midwife, and still hoping she does get things straightened out so that she can attend the birth.
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I just saw this thread and wanted to see if you've seen the back up (Cathy?) yet and how it's going... I was also planning on using Karin and was at peace with the decision until this craziness started. I spoke with her very briefly when the news came up, but that's about it.. I'm not that good asking tough direct questions over the phone... (I have my next appt. next week, so I guess I'll know more then). it's nerve-wracking, isn't it??

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Well, I just had an appointment last week. I met Cathy and she's a nice lady. Karin still handled the appointment as usual though, Cathy pretty much just sat and read a magazine. It seems like Karin isn't too concerned about the whole thing...I'm really not anymore either. As of last week her case was still in the "sorting" phase she said, so I guess no attorney has been assigned to the case yet. I haven't asked her directly yet what will happen if I go into labor before the case is resolved...I don't know if she will come with Cathy to the birth. I know Cathy will be there if she doesn't have it resolved, that would be fine with me and I'd be happy to have Karin there too...I believe that isn't a problem if Cathy is there too. So at least Cathy is at the appointment too so I am getting to know both of them...and they are both very laid back nice ladies.
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did you get a letter from her?
(oh hi Iam courtney and she is also my midwife)
she told me she was sending everyone of her clients a letter but I haven't received mine yet. although the mail in my house has trouble getting to people and usually just gets lost.

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Hey Courtney,
No I didn't get a letter from her. I have an appointment tomorrow though, I can ask her about it. What's this letter supposed to be about exactly?
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She left a message on my answering machine saying she was going to send a letter to all of her clients explaingin the situation and what actions where being taken on it. And how evrything was ok, etc etc.

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I didn't get a letter either (yet?) but I did have an appt. this Monday. Cathy wasn't there because she only comes up once a week for prenatals right now and I wanted to keep my Monday appt.

Karin and I spoke for a while about things and it sounds like there are still some things up in the air, but everything should be fine.

April, you're getting close! That's so exciting!!
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