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What is your monthly summer electric bill?

Poll Results: What is your monthly summer electricity bill?

  • 11% (18)
    under $50
  • 28% (46)
  • 21% (34)
  • 16% (26)
  • 9% (15)
  • 5% (8)
  • 2% (4)
  • 5% (8)
    more than $350
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What is your monthly summer electricity bill?
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Our water and electric are on one bill and don't know the monthly breakdown, but we are pretty consistant through out the year at about $120/ month.
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electric is $60 summer, $25 spring, we have gas for the water heater so add $30 per month for total charge. We live in a 1000 sq ft, 2br apartment and Dh like it to be a cold as possible at night (around 60*).
We haven't lived here during winter.
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The one I have to mail this week is for $97.
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Ha! In the WINTER (which is our low-electric bill season) we get below $200... sometimes. Summer is always over $300... sigh. We won't talk about this month....

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Has been running about $60-70 but will be higher this month as I have used our AC a few days. That is our gas/electric combined.
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Ours had been down to around $130 for the last couple months, down from ~$165 or so in the winter, but we've been running A/C a lot recently.
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Ours is usually around $65.00.... this month was $121.00 ... last month $140. Summer stinks!
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My bill ranges between 40-50 year round. This next one will be our first full one with a swamp cooler so we will see how it changes. Should not be to big of a jump.
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$30 Canadian/month.

We don't have an air conditioner.
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It's been in the $90 range the past few months.
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We just bought our first house & rcv'd our first bill (for 15 days) because of the closing date, & it was for $76!!!! We havn't run any AC And everything else has been minimal! We do have an elec hot water heater. And run a dehumidifier all the time! In CT we pay $0.13/kwh, but after speaking with friends in CT this is way high without AC! We are getting rid of the elec water heater when we redo the whole heating system SOON! I'll let you know if that helps.
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We're on a budget plan so we pay the same each month. We're paying $194 until the spring when they redo it(unless they redo power in the fall, I can never remember if it's gas or power they do twice). Our actual usage was $126, though only $49 of that was the actual cost of power. Our distributions charges are higher than what we pay for power, and dh wonders why I want to go solar/wind/anything else.
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this month ours was $340!!! we live in a bedroom townhome (upstairs/downstairs), about 1100 sq ft. it's never been this high, and the lame things is that frankly, it's still hot in our house, so much so that i have to spend the afternoons downstairs with the baby, because i am afraid he's going to get overheated upstairs. i live in texas.

i try to be careful about turning the lights off etc, but we can't go without ac, especially with the baby. he's pretty hot natured, and almost never wears clothes as it is.

i can't wait until we can afford to move into a home of our own. i hate our apartment. it's way too expensive ($805 a month, poorly insulated, and i hate stairs.)
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$91 this last month with AC. In the winter, without AC it's about $45-$50.
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last month it was $140 this month $180
its the window ac's thats making it so high but with the heat ya gotta have something!
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Our is about $40 a month for a 3 level apartment (not sure of square footage). I feel we could cut down more. We live close to the ocean and take advantage of the summer breezes
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Wow, electric is sooo much cheaper in Canada!
We live in a tiny one bedroom apt. no AC and super frugal in our electric usage. Still, our bill is about $30 to $40 in the spring/summer/fall, for winter we usually pay about $80-$90.
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Last month was $46, this month is $94. not sure why the huge difference, though. :
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90 something but we live in a really hot climate (inland) so we use the a/c. I keep the ceiling fans on and the a/c set to 79. The most it was was 118 last summer but that was really high for us, its usually 90 ish in the summer.
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