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What is your monthly summer electric bill? - Page 2

Poll Results: What is your monthly summer electricity bill?

  • 11% (18)
    under $50
  • 28% (46)
  • 21% (34)
  • 16% (26)
  • 9% (15)
  • 5% (8)
  • 2% (4)
  • 5% (8)
    more than $350
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It is included in my rent here. But I have no air conditioning so I am sure it is not all that bad.
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nitemare, where it texas do you live? I am about 20 minutes north of DFW airport. Our bill for ONE WEEK was 50 bucks~ prorated because of closing date. Hopefully that is not the norm, because the first week we had electric, we were steaming off wallpaper, painting with friends (keeping the air way down) and for a few days we didn't have a cap on the dryer hole in the wall thingy, so air was just pouring out until I realized it.
If this 1st full months bill is less than 200 I will be thrilled. :-(
Granted the winter should be nothing, because we won't even need the heat on for for then the coldest 6-8 weeks, and then I will have the doors and windos open all fall and spring.

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$55 to $75, the month I used more AC was the month I paid less. Its really weird......
BTW, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment.
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Last month was 89.00, this month 83.00. It has been horribly hot here this summer, and I know we were using the ac too darn much, also we have a sunporch that is not cooled/heated which is now being used as an office by my dp, which means that the door is open alot and we're cooling a really hot space. It has gotten cooler here, and I'm crossing my fingers that it sticks. I turn off lights all over the place, but I feel like I'm getting nowhere. That bill is two months overdue right now, and it's not the only one.
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We do "budget billing" so that our bill is the same year round. They average out your electric use throughout the year and then divide it by twelve, so your bills aren't outrageously high in the summer. I pride myself on my frugal habits, but I must have air conditioning during the summer - so our bill is $91 all year long. I try to keep the temperature reasonable in here, but I refuse to suffer from the heat. I know it's a luxury, but I figure I scrimp in other areas so that I can enjoy cool temperatures inside the house.
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I'm on a budget plan too, and my payment is $40/month year round. I have not used my AC for the past two years though - when I was running the AC it was $53/month year round.

My gas bill, on the other hand, is HUGE!
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Here in hot and humid Orlando, my bill is usually around $230 in the summer, though my most recent bill was $260. My ds has environmental allergies so, unfortunately, we run the a/c even when we could otherwise open the windows (March and October - not anytime in the summer!).
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Usually it is just bit over $50/month. We don't have AC, that helps a lot.
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about $30/month. We pay extra for blocks of green power, so that's higher than regular rates. (No AC).
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rates keep going up. Our bill is three times what it was just four years ago, same house, and we have bought more efficient appliances.
But winter is when our bill goes through the roof. Hopefully next winter won't be so bad, we are getting central heat and air installed as soon as this loan goes through.
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We are on an expensive power company. the one we used to be anywhere from 30-60 a month. 60 would be a winter bill. So nice.

NOW our bill is 100 -130 a month but minus 15 a month that the family who co-owns our well pays us for electic.

Good news is the bill should be going down as we will be heating with wood so no power need for that plus wood heat is drying so hopefuly we wont need to run the de humidifre anymore. In the summer we have many fans going as we dont have ac and the house is not insulated.
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~60 in summer--100 in winter
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We are in South Texas and have all electric appliances as well as 2 a/c units (one upstairs, one downstairs) and our highest is around $270. In the winter they run around $150. This is for 4000 square feet though.
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Our most recent bill for a full month was about $65. That is for a 1500-sf home in a moderately hot area (western north carolina). That is way lower than some other houses we have lived in--we are lucky that the house we just bought had a brand new AC unit and the house is well-sealed, so energy is being used much more efficiently.

A few years ago we lived in a 700-sf apartment and I almost died when we got our first power bill in winter. It was almost $200. We didn't even have the place very warm. I went around and asked some neighbors if that was a normal amount and they were all paying that much too. That was some seriously INefficient heat they had in that complex!
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$25, but we live near Seattle so it's not really hot in the summer and we use candles instead of electric lights most of the time since it's nicer, softer and encourages earlier bedtimes

We get candles at Six Star and yard sales and thrift stores. We got enough candles to last us for two months for a dollar total at a yard sale a couple weeks ago

ETA - In the winter the bill is pretty much the same because we don't use our electric heat. We use the woodstove instead and get maybe a cord of wood for the whole winter since it doesn't get really cold around here either.

love and peace.
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It used to be between $60-70 but they raised the rates with this month's bill and it was close to $100.
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ours in under $50 in a 3000 square foot home. thank you . . .thank you very much. that said we don't use air conditioning, water heater and stove are gas, and hang our clothes to dry. and our fridge is new. So realy there just isn't that much electrical to use. If we used AC it would easily be around $150 -$200 a month. and that is just for couple of window units that don't cool the place much.

gas though . . . . ouch. it is close to $30 during the summer nad up to $150 during the winter. and that is with freezing our butts off most of the time.
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I can one-up-you lilyka with a $67 bill for a 6,000 square foot house. We have reduced our costs from over $200 last summer with new appliances and switching to gas. We heat with wood in the winter and just got new woodstoves this spring, so our wood costs should go down and our house should be warmer.

More here about the details: electric blog
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Ouch...we have a 4000sq ft. victorian and pay the utilities for our 3rd floor tenant. We are on the budget plan...so it comes out to about $200/month for electric and $250 for gas. We do use alot of AC on the first floor, especially this year when I was pregnant all summer! And on the 3rd floor apt. it is unbearable without the air.

When we first moved in to this place, our gas jumped from about $40/month in the summer, to our first winter bill of almost $500! I called because I thought something was misprinted, but they assured me it was correct!!! The joys of living in a big, old, house!
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Originally Posted by Maggi315
The joys of living in a big, old, house!
How awful! We would be skinned alive if we had to heat with gas or electric.
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