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Lesion on foreskin

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My 5 year old ds just showed me an "ouchy" spot on his penis. When his foreskin is pulled back there is a small lesion on in inner rim of where it begins to retract. His foreskin is just starting to retract...it is not close to retracting fully. The area around the lesion is red and hurts. Any idea what this is and how to treat it? Thanks in advance!
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I don't know what it is, but I'd treat it the same way I'd treat a spot on my DD, with a nice gentle rinsing with water and some soothing ointment - I like Burt's Bees but vaseline or even lip balm of some sort would be nice too, I'd expect.

It could be a little scratch or tear that's gotten swolled up, too - he could even have done it in his sleep and now it's sore.

If it doesn't start to improve in a day or two then I'd consider a doctor visit, but I'd definitely wait a bit first.

DS wants juice, gtg!
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My guess is that it's a spot where the tissue connecting the glans to the foreskin dissolved a little more slowly than in other spots, so when it retracted the natural adhesions tore a little and made an ouchy spot. I agree with feebeeglee, just treat it very gently, swish in a little warm water, and use a gentle ointment.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Today ds's penis looks completely normal. It seems likely that the little lesion had something to do his foreskin just starting to retract. I am thankful for this resource and your responses!
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My DS (almost 5) has had this exact same thing happen from time to time. I did ask my GP about it, & he said that he may have a bit of urine irritation, & to get my ds to put a bit of nappy rash cream on the sore spot. But now that I think about it, the problem hasn't occurred recently, & I think it could have something to do with the fact that he is now able to mostly retract the foreskin. Now I just encourage him to gently pull it back when in the shower & check to see that all is clean (but no soap), & I think that gentle retraction in a warm water shower has also helped stop the soreness. hth!
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