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Favorite Gardening Websites

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Just wanting to get a list for future reference,

Here are mine:



These are awesome pages full of good stuff. The Maxi-crop from the first is one of our favorite fertilizers!!!
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Hi- I am not currently much of a gardener, but I have great hopes for the future. I gardened wtih my dad as a kid, but have not lived in a place where I can since then. Anyway, I read about this website in one of the Mothering issues, and found it very interesting. I don't know how to make a link, but here it is...
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ah-hah! It makes a link automatically!! Now I get it.
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Mine is www.dirtdoctor.com. There is lots of good info on organic gardening, pet care, etc. Also, the guy who runs it keeps pretty up to date on new research pertaining to organics.
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www.seedsofchange.com is a nice site for buying seed.
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http://www.gardenweb.com/ is an awesome site with terrific forums.
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I like www.northerngardener.org , a website for a magazine that focuses on gardening in zones 4 and colder. I use it for the mail order sources for all of the plants that they write about in the mag.

for landscaping over septic systems up north

The U of MN's extension service for yard and garden

As you can tell, I love info on northern gardening. Most of the beautiful stuff in the regular magazines and gardening shows is oriented for zone 5 and warmer.
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www.pickeringnurseries.com (roses)

These are just a few of my favorite gardening catalogs.
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http://www.territorial-seed.com/ is another one I've been browsing at lately, look at the Old English bouquet mix sweet peas - gorgeous!
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