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Hating Maternity Clothes!!!

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OK ... so this is a bit of a rant/questionish post :

Not that I am in them yet, but I will be shortly... maternity clothes. Whenever I am NOT pg there seem to be so many that are cute but when I AM pg they're nowhere to be found. I'm on baby #5 including my angel and I tend to need them fairly quickly. So here's my dilemma...

#1. Not only am I pg but I'm chunky. Oh, and by chunky I don't mean I'm mad that I can't where a size 9 anymore, I mean I am short ,stocky and round sportin' a size 18 which doesn't bother me in and of itself. It's just that the accessable maternity stores are not geared toward the chunkier mama. I tried on a pair of extra large crop jeans yesterday and not only were they fitting funky on the waist with not much room to spare but they were regular length pants on me rather than short pants Did I mention that I'm 5' 1? Here's the thing. I'm not like really huge or anything, I'm like the average fat chick of America , I should be able to buy regular maternity clothes. At least I think I should.

#2. What's up with the gramma styles? OK ok ok, I'll give it to Motherhood Maternity for beefing up on the trendiness of the styles however, they are still FAR too pinky and flowery for me. Where does one find relevant and functional maternity wear? I am a skater punk rockin' crunchy Mama with piercings, tattoos and kids with blue mohawks I just want to feel like myself this time around without having to live in the same one pair of black stretch pants LOL!!! You know the ones...?

#3. So last but not least, I KNOW I'm not the first person with this gripe so pleeeeeaase tell me if any of you hip mamas know of kewl places to get rad clothes! Being pg is so sexy and exciting and I just know there must be some secret resource I just haven't tapped into yet that facilitates the pg mama with funkier tastes. Any WAHM sites? Any sites or stores etc... ? HELP!!!!!

If you feel my pain let me know I'm not alone
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I don't suppose you're willing to travel to Europe? Had the same problem my last 2 pregnancies but it seams that they finally got the clue. Spoiled for choice even! I just today got some great cargo style pants with a huge elastic waistband that will fit even triplets (or I just forgot how big I will get). they had hippy-ish tops, India-themes stuff, retro prints...hmm might have to go back for more. AND they had maternity-nursing tops too boot!
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EVERYTHING good is in Europe!!
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Originally Posted by Milkymommi
EVERYTHING good is in Europe!!
No way!
Try breastfeeding in a public place while pregnant. Like being the monkey in a zoo.
Try CD-ing. period. Would not be possible without overseas input.
Try going anywhere...traffic jam!

Trust me, we need the maternity wear thing ;-)
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I'm a size 18 and 5'2" so right about the same size as you. I can't wear cropped pants either, I look like I'm just wearing highwater pants :LOL Since this is #2 for me and I was in all maternity pants by 12-14 weeks with my dd, I already went and bought a few things. I am already sticking out more than I was a month ago, but I weigh 3 lbs less...go figure!

I am definitely not into the 'gramma' styles either! I found that my local Target has the Liz Lange maternity up to size 18/XXL. The styles are a little more fitted than regular maternity, usually pretty simple styles, and they have just a band around the middle rather than a full belly panel. I think they will work great for me for an intermediate wardrobe until I am in the stuff I wore with my dd later in pregnancy. I am actually wearing them already on a daily basis with my longer tops : (I just bought a denim kneelength skirt, cargo shorts and a pair of brown pants) because my regular pants/skirts, etc are SO uncomfortable. They don't look like maternity stuff at all, my mom actually asked me where she could get the cute shorts I was wearing the other day LOL! I hope this helps you! Also maybe you could look online for styles you like better?
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try onehipmama.com and babystyle.com.
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Yeah, and if you wanna spend $40 for a maternity rock band tee, go here http://www.unbuttonedmaternity.com/ecom/details/15
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H & M has some decent looking maternity stuff! A bit more expensive than Motherhood, but not so bad..
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See - now I am the opposite. I am just loving the maternity clothes right now! I never had cute ones with my first two kids - so I just loved going out and getting stuff for this one! I found really cute things at lots of different places - but my favorite being my local children's/maternity resale store! I love that I can try on all sorts of different brands there - and get some great deals!

I LOVE that not all maternity pants are the panel kind anymore! A big change from 5 years ago when I bought my maternity stuff for my first!

I am a lot heavier this time around - so I don't know how that will affect my "looking pg" - I feel like I already look 5-6 months - and that's not baby - just leftover babyfat from the first 2 kids! I am 5'4" and 170 lbs - 20 lbs heavier than pre-kids. I have all the fat in my belly yet - I can't stand it - but maternity clothes feel so arn comfy now! LOL I am popping out of my clothes already - it seems like all my internal organs shifted up about 6 inches lasxt week - so I am just about ready to crack out the maternity just to be comfy!

Places I have found cute stuff: Kohl's (great prices - good for staples like pants or t-shirts), JC Penney (same thing - got great deals on cute jeans there) and even Walmart had some cute tops. I don't really shop at Motherhood because I hate their return policy - but got some CUTE things from them at the resale shop. Old Navy and Gap have cute things - and Lands End has nice classic items too.

I think there is an upscale brand called Japanese Weekend or something - cute, trendy (and expensive) stuff - but lots of it on Ebay for less.
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Lisa, where are you in PA? I'm very curious to know where that resale shop is! I'm in eastern PA...

This is baby #1 for me, so I guess it's the bloating, but my pants are sooo uncomfortable. Before I resort to wearing sweats to work, maybe I can find something else!
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LOL I always complain about the same stuff. My mom and i were at the store and I was whining about how ugly and tent like everything was compared to stuff that was out just a month ago.

celesterra, at Old Navy they have some transitional pants that are for the first 4-5 months or so that dont have the big bands on them and they have buttons in the waist band elastic so you can let them out as you grow at first I am sooooo bloated too and everything that was super comfy last week feels hideous this week and I am barely pregnant.
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thx Heather!

I think I'll drop by Old Navy on my way home. I just hope that their maternity stuff fits me better than their other clothes! I've only bought a couple of things there cuz the fits are so bad!

I am still in disbelief that I really get to do this!
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me too if I could just ask my sil for my clothes back I think i'd be OK. She may also be pregnant too and then it may be more stress than its worth since I know she still wears some of them now and she isnt going to want to give them back. She'll throw a fit though and I'll be the bad guy trying to take "her clothes"
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celesterra -

I am in the Lehigh Valley area - and if you fairly close there are several resale shops in this area. PM me and I'll let you know where some are if you are in the area!
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I just moved to asheville from the lehigh valley!!!
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I am going to try to get away without maternity clothes this time. Idid not wear any with ds1 and I gained over 40 lbs. I really hate how they fit and feel. I have a lot of long skirts that are low on my waist and most of my tops are long. I like natural materials and you just can't find them in maternity clothes. Although if was a H&M near me I might change my tune.

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Oh yeah... preggie band t-shirts!! I'll be checking that out.

I swear I have the worst luck with doing searches on the net cuz I searched for days and never came up with a thing! There must be a secret search engine that I don't know about where all the good stuff comes up LOL.

I'm so glad to be in like company when it comes to the clothing issue. I just really want to feel great this time since it will be my last so I am determined to get the show on the road for finding good clothes NOW!

I'm gonna go surf some of the suggested sites. And to the few other mamas who are feeling uncomfy already in their normal clothes... don't feel bad I'm gettin there too at just 6 weeks. I am usually in full maternity pants by 12 weeks and being "fluffier" makes me look much further along than I should
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