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What do you ladies think about flying when pregnant. It will be a 5 hr flight to a wedding with my mom. I will be 2months pregnant by then.
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flying when pregnant only becomes an issue if you are having PTL or are over 30 some weeks pg. Some airlines won't let you fly in the ninth month.
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That's good. I really wanted to go to the wedding. What does PTL stand for?
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pre term labor.
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You should be fine. Just bring along some snacks, drink plenty of water and get up and move around some. Have fun at the wedding.

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I flew to Europe (from the west coast) during my 2nd month of pg with my first. The doc said to do just what Lydia said (keep mobile & drink lots of water).
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Thank you so much! I feel a lot better about this trip now. I will be peeing a lot I imagine so getting up every half hour or so shouldn't be a problem. I always carry lots of water so I should be ok there too. Will have to bring a large snack bag in case airplane food makes me gag. :LOL
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I flew a couple of times when pg with ds. I know at 11 wks, and maybe again at like 20 or so. It was fine.
I'll be flying at 11 wks with this one, too.
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I flew twice when pg with my 1st, and it was not a good idea. But I had incredibly bad morning sickness, and that was the complicating factor.
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