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Ia m wondering what kinda Water you give your children. Distilled or spring water. can any one help me with this I hear so much on this subject need advice from mommies.
thanks in Advance
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Our child gets Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water. I love it!

She does too.
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We drink the store brand spring water. Make sure you double check the label of whatever you decide to buy and makesure it didn't come from some city's water supply!
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When i was bottle feeding him, i gave him cooled boiled tap water, and now i give him spring water.

P.S I did try breastfeeding.
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Filtered water from our well.
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Filtered water from the tap
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Reverse osmosis and uv light treated 'bulk' water that we use our own refillable containers for. Used for all cooking and drinking.

We do use tap water to wash veggies.
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ZephyrHills spring water,seems to taste the best of what's available around here. I'm considering getting some kind of filter system though,probably save $ in the long run. We use bottled for all our drinking,ice cubes,and any cooking where it doesn't boil before you add the food. Living in Florida I worry,the ground water is so high and the pesticide use here is alarming.
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