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The Best of April

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I was just thinking----
What a beautiful time of year to deliver...........

bright spring light
bright blue skies
blooming trees
cherry blossom festival

What do you consider the best of April?
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in my Faith (the Baha'i Faith), we have a 12-day holiday called (in English) the Festival of Paradise (Ridvan). It begins on April 21st, so April to me is always full of the images of that holiday: roses, nightingales, sweet-scented air, lovely days and evenings!

what lovely thoughts, bejeweled! thanks!
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I'm in Wisconsin and our April's are kind of up & down. For me the best thing is that the light is finally coming back, the snow is almost gone, and animals return.
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My dd was born in early May so I'm expecting the seasons to be very similar this time. Pretty much my favorite part of April is *usually* we start having the occasional non-rainy, little bits of sunshine kinda days!
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Great post! Our second precious was born in April and it was an AMAZING time of year to have a baby. The month is symbolic of blooming, rebirthing, new growth, etc. Our first was born in June which was also so very special, yet I preferred April. It is such a special time of year and by the time summer rolls around, you are in a nice groove with your sweet babe and they are smiling in the sun, etc. Yeah for all the mommies due in APril!
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fresh spring air
start feeling those first warm spring breezes
crocuses peeking up through the last of the winter snow
the sunshine seems so much brighter and warmer
those first days when you can shed those heavy winter coats and clothes

I didn't think about it quite like this until now....
Thank you for starting this thread, bejeweled!
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In addition to what everyone else said above......the return of Daylight Savings Time! (It's the first Sunday in April.) I *love* those long evenings of extra sunshine!

I was also born in April, and I just loved having my birthday during this time of the year. When I was a kid, I was able to have birthday parties in school, unlike my sister who was born in August. When I got older, it was always warm enough to have a nice picnic lunch on my birthday. And don't forget that the birthstone for April is the lovely diamond.

April is a wonderful time of year to be having babies!
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My son was born in April - and it is a great month (although he was actually born in the last major snowstorm of the season). It's certainly a time of "rebirth" - and was extra meaningful for my family. My son (now 2) was born April 7th - which is also MY grandfather's birthday. So 69 years of family came full-circle that day.

My wedding anniversary is also in April - April 1st! I have such beautiful pictures of my wedding day!

This new little one is due 4-2-06 - so a day after my 6th wedding anniversary and 5 days before my son turns 3!

For the record - May is equally beautiful - my oldest was born then!
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It is a wonderful time to be due-full of rebirth and renewal. My first daughter, now five, was also due in April (she came March 29) and I was living in downstate NY at the time-there were daffodils everywhere and all of the animals in the woods were coming out of hiding. Just beautiful!
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I'm really excited about an April baby...for all the reasons that you've all stated above.

Plus babes in August and April, the 2 prettiest-sounding months, to my ears anyway!
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I agree w/ everything the the pp said. I delivered my DD in january. I'm looking foward to walks with my baby (ies) and not being stuck in the house, or worrying that it is too cold to take a new baby out. Plus, cold and flu season should be over by then. I couldn't tell you how many people were sick around the time DD was born. Hopefully germs are not something I'll have to be so concerned about this time.
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