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beta update

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So for those of you who don't know, I found out I was pregnant last Tuesday. I started spotting 8dpo. I have had luteal phase spotting since going off birth control. So the spotting never stopped and I was worried. I had a quant done on Thursday and it came back at 237 and my projesterone was 27. Had the quant repeated today and it was 1391 which is good!! It's supposed to double every 48 hours so anything over like 950 today would have been good. My NP said you can start to see a gestational sac at 2,000 and heart beat around 6 weeks. So, I'm going to do a kind of informal scan at work next week if I can wait that long. I wouldn't be so worried if I hadn't spotted so much. BTW the spotting stopped yesterday. Hope it doesn't come back!! :
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zion: : I'm so excited for you! your numbers are so high! it was hard for me not to compare to you last week, but now as I am waiting to get back this morning's repeat beta myself, I don't know how I will avoid it! I'm so happy for you!
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CELESTERRA- I was so glad to see your name up here on the april boards!! I know we had good intentions of having a testing party last week. I just couldn't wait!!

Please post your levels when you get them back. I'll be thinking about you!!

How far are you? I am 4 weeks and 4 days!!
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I know, I'm excited that we got here together, too! You were symptomatic before me, so I guess you got an earlier implant. i'm 4w, 3d. it was weird, though, with the preg calendar, they sent me a msg that i was in week 5... they must calculate differently. cd1 was july 8th.

I am in such suspense! The office should call any minute!!! I'll post on this thread as soon as I know! You guys will probably know before dh!
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Zion that is great news those numbers are awesome :

Its so exciting we are all due so close, I'm 4 weeks 1 day now I think : I just can't wait to start feeling more pregnant now
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My beta today was in the 130s. Nurse said it was a little low, but still going up, so I have to go back in 2 days for another test.

Stick, baby, stick!
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Celeste, I 'm sure your little babe is fine its good your numbers are still going up

((())))) (((((((( ))))))
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Celesterra- You had another level drawn before right? I thought you had one last week too. What was that result? I just tried to look though the threads to find it but I forget where you posted it. As long as it's going up, it's good!!

My NP wants to take a look with the US later in the week. I want to wait til DH can be here too. We'll see, I may not be able to wait for him!! I also want to wait til there will be a heart beat so maybe we'll do it next week sometime if I can hold out.
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Glad to hear your numbers are so high! YAY!

Celeste- as long as they are increasing like they want to see, don't worry about the specific number, there is such a huge range of 'normal'.
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