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Potty training in less than a day?

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Anyone read that Potty training in less than a day book or watch Dr. Phil recently on his take on potty training in less than a day? We tried this on my 2 yr old dd today and let me tell you it wasn't as successful as Dr. Phil show or how the book says it should go. I don't think we are rushing her either, she seems ready for potty training and I'm not about to stop her. She usually tells us whenever she already gone #1 and #2, so we thought it was natural to start potty training. However, these methods have failed us. We got the doll, we have the treats, we have the bribery thing, character panties, 2 potty's, total one on one thing going on, etc... But today seemed like a waste. Any suggestions??? Please help.
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:toilet training takes longer then a day... go at the child's pace, they will pick it up when they are ready.

Edited to add, in a pull up training guide that i got free with a parenting mag, it sugguests stickers for certain stages... i'll see if i can find it.
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OK,,,flush all the advice and pressure to get it done in a day down the toilet!!! Really!!

Your child will be potty trained when they are ready..not when you are ready, not when Grandma insists it is time, not when you need it to be done so they can start the awesome preschool you were accepted to...and most definately NOT when Dr Phil sayes they should!

There is so much pressure on parents to potty train,,I remember.

For some insane reason I thought I could start with my daughter (now 10) at age 1! I had read it somewhere,,so there I was. As if! It became pretty clear that she was not at all ready,,but was pretty well trained by 2 1/2 with little pressure. We just kept it as a possibility for her all the time, talked about it,,so on.

Then came my second child,,and I was experienced, right? My son just wasn't going to do it! No matter what,,he would go days staying dry,,then be bored of that and back in diapers or me doing laundry non-stop! This child who is on the verge of being brilliant ( he is way above grade level in all of his skills,,likes to have his step-father teach him beginning algebra skills and take apart computers..) just decided when he would and when he wouldn't. It was the week before he turned 4,,,YES 4! that he finally decided it was time! He had been riding a bike without training wheels,,building jumps in the back yard to ride off of,,for a YEAR before he was willing to be potty trained totally!!

Let your child take the lead...use some of the fun techniques that you find,,but DON"T allow yourself or your child to be tense about it! No pressure..it will happen when it is time,,unfortunately it is not usually the moment when moms think they just CANNOT change another messy diaper,,but it will happen!!
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i had the book....

the peeing part my son figured out in one day.
the pooping part took about a month or more!

it was on ok book.

i think it is easier to train in summer=less clothes to wash pee out of. and less to remove in a hurry.

the first time we tried the book,; it didn't work

the second time is when we were successful.

my son was two and a half when it worked and it didn't work at two--for him.
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