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prometrium, anyone?

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Ok, so I got the results today of my blood draw on Saturday. I went again this morning, but the nurse at my midwife hadn't gotten those results yet so I'll have to wait (arrrrrrrrgh) to hear more tomorrow. I'm currently at 4 weeks pregnant and my beta levels came back at 205, which she said was good for 4 weeks but she wants to see it double in the tests that I had done today. My progesterone was at 7, and I know from my miscarriage last August that they want that to be a 20 or higher. It was 11 when I miscarried at 8 weeks last summer.
She gave me a Rx for Prometrium, 100 mg once a day to take. Thing is, I checked the bottle that she prescribed me at 8 weeks last year and it was to be taken twice a day.
Anyone know anything about taking prometrium and how effective it is? Because I've had low progesterone leading to miscarriage, am I doomed to this problem forever?
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg, my stomacn (and my back, owwwwwwww) are in knots.
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I am on 200 mg of prometrium taken once a day. My : your numbers go up for you. I have heard the suppositories help your #'s go up quicker then prometrium orally.
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I don't know about prometrium, because I requested the suppositories. All research indicates that oral progesterone is not very effective because it gets taken up by the liver first. Something to think about.
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I don't have ant information on that front for you, but I do want to send out (((hugs))) to you. Good luck, and I hope your numbers all rise accordingly!!
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Thanks, mommas!
I talked to my midwives...and, of course, the progesterone level in the second draw was also low. I mentioned that my Rx last year was 100 mg twice a day, and the nurse told me to up it to twice daily if I felt more comfortable with that. I'll go for more draws next week to see if my levels go up at all. My betas doubled, thankfully, so I'm hoping this turns out well.
Do you think I should ask for the suppositories versus the oral prometrium???
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I just wanted to send you some vibes! I don't know much about suppositories vs oral, but some of the women on a TTC while BFing board on another site I have been a member of swore by the suppositories. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask your midwife about it! I will be praying that you get great betas and P results back!
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Congrats on the doubling hcg! If my progesterone level is at all low with this last draw I will be asking for the suppositories. I just keep hearing from everywhere the oral isnt that great. I have heard that some dr.s/midwives have people use the prometrium vaginally. It is supposively absorbed better.
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I was on vag. supps of progesterone with my ds, since I m/c before at 11 wks after seeing a hb at 9 wks.
Did the trick for me. Don't know yet if I'll be on them this time.
My doc strongly prefers the supp over oral.
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I too heard suppositories over oral and I'm currently on the suppositories for the first time after 5 m/c's and one beautiful baby. Let us know what they say!
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Wow, I hope the progesterone is helpful for us all. Sticky baby vibes for us all!!
I'm going to continue taking the oral twice daily until my blood draw next week. If the numbers don't go up, I'm going to ask for the suppositories.
Has anyone had any experience with the injections?
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