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Originally Posted by BumbleBena
That is too cute!

My nephew calls his penis a "pickle".

I've referred to the vagina as a hoo-ha before. :

that's sooooo funny!! my step mom called a vagina a hoo-ha too!!! and a penis was a hmm-ha!!! how can 2 mom's have that same vague term?? so wierd!! my dh calls the girls vagina's their "girl gear" when he's changing a diaper or trying to get my oldest to sit still long enough for her bath! :LOL
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When we were growing up, I had a ying and my brother had a yang.

I remember clearly my dad yelling out into the backyard at my brother one October evening, "Boy, get some pants on before you freeze your yangie off!"

I think my bro was about 5 or so and had slipped out after his bath, in hot pursute of the cat that had stolen his sock. I guess the sock seems more important than the underwear at the time. :LOL

I have a friend whose parents also used hoo-ha for a girl and hee-ha for a boy.
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I love this!

I've heard:
breasts - boobie-oobies
vagina and area - smack madam and pink bits... also oyster and the pearl

My mom always refered to everything as the "naughty private parts"... yeah, she has issues
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We've gotten used to hoo ha...and I kinda thought we were being original! HAHA!
I do plan on teaching 'vulva' (including vagina and clitoris when she finds them and wonders)
Right now she doesn't really know what penises are...
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When my 10 yr old dd was at her physical the doc (female) said, "Oh, I see your breasts are developing!" My dd replies, 'I don't like the word 'breast' I call them 'boobs'"
The doc laughed and said, 'oh we ALL do! Let's just call them 'boobs' from now on, ok?"

She's a cool ped!

For some reason my ds (now 7) always referred to his penis as his 'winker". where the heck did THAT come from? :LOL
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I can't believe I forgot this... Dh and I call DD#2's "nooks and crannys"
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I'm still chuckling over sand in the tabernacle! Sounds rather uncomfortable!

'Round these parts, the kids pretty much know the names of everything. We use vagina, though I know it isn't fully correct (I just don't like the way vulva sounds!). Chiara took to calling her parts her "privady," as in private parts, and when I was a kid it was all casually referred to as one's "bottom."

But my sister...our funniest story. When she was about 5 she walked in when my dad was shaving in the nude. My parents were pretty open with that sort of thing, as I recall. Anyway, she pointed at the obvious and said,
"What's that?"
"Well," said my dad, the scientist, "that's my penis. Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina."
Now, we went to school in a predominately Hispanic section of town, and our classmates all had their particular lingo--slang and accent that we picked up as impressionable white girls. So my sister looked my dad square in the eye and said,
"Nuh-uh, it's called a POOOO-seee."

25 years later, my dad STILL tells that story.

I seem to recall hearing the the movie "Free Willy" garnered a whole lot of laughs in Europe.
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A friend of mine called her's her "bucket".. her parents used that since she was little and come on now how funny is that ..."do you need to empty your bucket?" where do some people come up with this stuff?
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My mom refers to DD's as her "pookie" which is totally new-she taught us to use the proper names for anatomy.Of course she does all kinds of silly stuff now that she's a "Nana"

My old country Mamaw has the best slang... Girls have a "tah-LI-lee" (not really sure how to spell that ).
When she has to pee, she's got to "wet her lily"

Kind of unrelated but super-funny- When something is really dry (her meat, a plant, the weather, etc...) its "dry as a popcorn fart!"

Now that's dry!:LOL
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Originally Posted by j924
A girl I went to school(a Catholic one) with referred to her vagina as her tabernacle. Her mother didn't have too many religious issues. She used to tell everyone--quite proudly-- about the day her dd came running in the house becase there was sand in the tabernacle.
One of the nuns that taught me in Catholic school (Sr Mary Davidica..I'll never forget her) Used to call it that, as in:
"Girls, keep the door closed on your Tabernacles until your husband opens them!"
It was hard to keep a straight face during Mass when the priest would go to the tabernacle.....

My mom, not Catholic, called it a 'cookie' and my sisters and I to this day joke about it!
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my sister calls a penis a willy wacker or my other sis says who ha for a penis.

as girls we called our vulvas: keenies... who knows?

my boys know the correct terms.... upon learning the name testicles my oldest ds (around 3 at the time) said he had to hurry and get his choneys (underwear) on so the chickens wouldn't get his tecalulls???? I laughed my fool head off.....
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My son calls his penis his wee-wee. My daughter calls her vagina her Ta-Ta.
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"Front Butt"

Seriously. I have a sweet and intelligent friend who taught her 5yo to call her vagina her front butt!


Grouwing-up my Mom and Dad taught me to cll my vagina my crack. Now when my kids use words like vagina and penis they absolutely cringe.
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Some of these names are hilarious :LOL , we use vulva and penis, but reading this tells me testicles might be a good idea to name as well. I plan on telling my daughter more as she gets older using vagina, labia....

Its important that I talk about this with my kids for me because my mom didnt talk about it with me.... I called mine a pee pee hole until my friend informed me of the correct term, vagina.. and didnt learn about all the other parts until i discovered them as an adult... so sad, but as I went to Catholic school we did not ever have a really good health, sex ed, parts of your vagina and penis class.... :
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Seriously. I have a sweet and intelligent friend who taught her 5yo to call her vagina her front butt!
EWWW!!! DP & I (not to mention my bros & lots of other people I know!), use the term "front butt" to describe that big pootchie gut-butt that hangs over the crouch on some unfortunate souls.
poor lil' girl- that's such a yucky word association

After seeing it written out "gut-butt" is really growing on me!

Oh, I loved the scene in Something about Mary", where the guy zipped himself & managed to get his "beans" over his "frank". :LOL :LOL
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My son knows he has a "pee mif" and girls have a "gina."

I've got a funny vulva/Volvo story to share.

I went grocery shopping with a friend of mine in her Volvo minivan- it was either a rental or a very recently aquired vehicle, and she refered to it as "her Volvo." Anyway, we were at the store and noticed a display of Volvic water. Wondering aloud if the water bottle would fit in the vehicle cup holder, she said

"I wonder if this bottle will fit in my vulva?" :LOL

We both started cracking up in the store, and we called that brand of water "Vulva water" from then on.
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Originally Posted by Guava~Lush
:LOL those are pretty funny.

I once heard a little girl call her vagina 'fine china'. :LOL

my girls call it their precious china! my oldest dd pronounced it china for a long time and now she knows vagina but prefers to call it her precious china too cute!
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My dad of all people calls it a Twitter. I ONLY know this because he was telling my mother about why he thinks my son is always grabbing himself. (thin skinned down there every little thing gets felt men are discrete boys aren't about moving it to not bother them) I was like mom that is the funniest name I have heard.

My son calls all breast NURS. Boys have nipples but mommies have NURS. He picked the name himself.
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Originally Posted by LeftField
OMG, that's what my mother called it! Ballet sure was interesting. And don't even get me started on Desmond Tutu! Where do people come up with these words?? To me, they sound goofier and more embarrassing than the correct words (although nothing embarrasses me anymore).
As a combination history buff (read "geek" : ) and ballet teacher, I can tell you that once-upon-a-time "tutu" was the French nickname for vagina! The original ballet skirts that you see in Degas paintings were considered barely long enough to cover the "tutu" - thus the name "tutu skirt" later shortened...

In keeping with the thread, when I was little we called breasts "nunus"
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My mom and her sister's word for penis was "dooter" and they had a cat they named "dooter Thomas" because "he was always licking it." Weird, huh? My mom always called my entire nether regions "hiney," there was no way to distinguish your vulva from your butt. I also had an aunt that insisted that in New York, men call their penises their "bike." I still don't believe that one! :LOL I am a stickler for calling private parts by their proper names, but for some reason I've been saying "peepee" for penis to my ds. :
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