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My older two learned the proper words, but they always came out "china" and "peanut".

My grandma called it her "prune", my mother always called it a "monkey".
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Once as a new vet in England someone brought in their dog to me and kept saying "I need you to look at the possum" I was thinking umm looks like a dog to me but trying not to look too confused. So he grabs the dog turns him upside down and points and says "You know his POSSUM" like I was not too bright I was just said "oh yes I see!" and proceeded to examine it. LOL
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My 11 year old calls his testicles his "toolbag". I dont even know where it came from, but it's funny!

I called my vagina my "hoozie" when I was very small but I did always know the proper term for it.
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When my nephew was 5 he started calling his penis a "Penisaurus Rex" I have no clue where he got that one from.

Ds call his nipples "boobie dots" and his penis his "pee."
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I'm surprised no one mentioned Ayn Haliday's birth story and "bukiluki" (I guess that would be pronounced booh ki loooki). I loved that one. So dd says both vagina and bukiluki.

My favorite expression is when she wants to go without a diaper she says "I want to air out my bukiluki".
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Originally Posted by loomweaver
My mom, not Catholic, called it a 'cookie' and my sisters and I to this day joke about it!
:LOL When I was a preschool teacher, we were having snack one day (happened to be cookies b/c it was a b-day) and one of the little girls kept saying "oh, my cookie itches" etc. My co-teachers and I could NOT figure out what she meant and when we told her mom at pick-up she told us, "Oh that's what we call her privates."

My dh and I tend to use "bajengo" for vagina (as a joke)- it was in an episode of "Scrubs" a few years back and we both died laughing. Once we have kids, we'll have to be careful not to pass this stupid term on! But it makes us laugh now!
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After swimming one day with my ds's aged 6, 2 1/2 and baby, the 2 1/2 year old says to me very seriously as we're getting changed "Daddy, and Dougal and Benny and I have willies but you have....... (long pause) HAIR!!! It cracked me up for some reason.
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My son told my dh that he had a "smooth pickle" once. I thought that was pretty :LOL

Great thread BTW!

Take care,
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Originally Posted by chicagomom
Angina and peanuts; "I have an angina, but he has a peanuts."

That is quite possibly the cutest thing I ever heard.... :LOL :LOL

When I was growing up we called a vagina a "twinkie" :LOL and boys had "ding dongs".........my step-sisters mom calls a vagina a weiner! HUH? :LOL

I will admit openly that while we are teaching Emma who is 21 mos that vagina is right and proper : most often we call her vagina a wittle "Noni". :LOL
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My father is from Mississippi, and he called my brother's penis a "tallywacker" and our vulvas "pot-pot-potties." This drove my mother crazy.
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When ds was still bathing with me, he said out of the blue one day "Momma, there's hair on your clam pee pee". That quickly turned to "clam penis" and he still refers to it as a clam penis. Sometimes he just wants to call it a penis, but I have to remind him that HE has a penis and genitals aren't called the same thing. It always suprises me that he doesn't seem to remember the right words even though he could probably diagram a uterus for you. He's about to turn 5 now.
But the clam thing cracks me up; he'd never heard that before, came up with it on his own. I guess we know how whoever called it a clam in the first place came up with it
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This is too funny my mom called ours a pec pec I believe its vagina in Philippine. One thing I have to add when I was about 11 a friend of mine said don't have an orgasm when I was freaken out on him. With much objection from my friend, I totally embarrassed him. I went right inside and asked my mom She said it meant the top of excitement. That following summer while out on my parents boat with all my older brothers friends around I blurred out I HAVING SUCH AN ORGASM!!!! That night my mom explained what it really was. Now when ever I run into any of those guys they remind me of that. It makes me smile to think of that time of such innocents the friend who said don't have an orgasm died last year. I miss him!
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One of my three year old twins calls his penis..."his baby" he came up with this one on his own...if he hears the word baby he reaches down his pants to hold onto it... :LOL
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what a funny thread!

my son calls his penis "pee pee" but his testicles are either "the boys" or "the nuggets"

i was at a loss for what to call my dd privates. vulva was to close to the words volvo and vulgar for me. last week she informed me that it was her "bootsie" I guess derived from calling her bottom a "buttchie".

oh she also walked around the house topless with her chest out poudly pointing to her nipples and said "my miwlkies mommy" then pointed to me "you miwlkies" and followed suit with her brother and daddy.
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Don't have any kid's names.. but my all time favorite two names for "girly parts" has got to be "dangly bits" and "va-j-j" (pronounce "vAAA-Jay-JAY).. an old lady used to spell her name to us at my work saing "E... N.. O.. V .. LIKE VAGINA.. YOU KNOW, A VA-J-J".. at the top of her lungs, in Kinkos no less. A friend uses the word Fanooter. I can't think of anything amusing to call my boyfriend's little buddy without making it sound tiny, or "cute"...
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My oldest could never remember testicles he had Chemicals LOL.

For some reason my niece refers to her girl parts as a bug. My friends daughters call theirs a susie.
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This thread is TOO funny. I have a couple of things to add! My DH and I have always called things by their proper names. When I was growing up, my dad never mentioned anything down there, but my mom called girls "winkies" and boys "wee wee's". When I was pregnant with my first child, my mom and siblings and a few friends were sitting around and I mentioned that my son would know it was a "penis". My mom about died and said "NO, that is nasty, it is gross to hear a child say penis". Well she went on and on. I was emotional anyway and got tired of hearing her. I finally blurted out "GAWD MOM if you keep it up I will teach him that they are called C*CK and C*NT". I still can't believe I said that and everyone still makes fun of me for it.

My aunt is VERY stuffy. She has 5 children, 4 of them are girls and the last is a boy. She always told the girls they had "monkey's" and then "bottoms". Everything from front to back was called a "bottom". I felt SO bad for her 11 year old when we were sitting around one day and she said "I still don't understand how you bleed from your butt". She had no idea that anything was different down there, everything is just a butt. It was sad. Her boy is called doowacker.
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I have three sons and was trying to do the proper names for things. But my oldest (4) for some reason couldn't say penis and it always came out peanuts. I had to try so hard to keep from laughing the first time (didn't want to traumatize him) but all I could think was that his father was going to kill me! Peanuts just didn't sound all macho and manly
He's got it correct now. And he says really funny things. Like the other day he didn't make it all the way to the bathroom and peed on the floor. I asked him what happened (he's been potty trained for years) and he said, "I tried mommy, but the pee just came out my penis" with a big sigh.
They see me nursing my youngest and my 3 year old asked me if those were two more stomachs My tummy is quite large and droopy, as are my breasts, so he thought I just had extra stomachs I guess.
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I don't recall any names when I was growing up. It wasn't something we really talked about. Though I now refer to the vagina as va-jay-jay. I guess it seems a little more accaeptable term to use around people.
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I'm not sure I know what everything's called myself, LOL! There's a lot to remember!
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