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My twins are here!

I joined these forums early on in my pregnancy and there was a huge discussion of twins and homebirth. It's been awhile since I've been here, but I wanted to say that I made it to 40w2d and had my twin daughters at home. It was awesome!

If you care to read the story, it's at:


Hang in there!

Robin, MOM to Owen & Clara 12/21/02
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Your birth was perfect!!! It is my all time dream. I love how big the babies were. MY last midwife visit i was discussing how twins usually come early because thats what everyone on earth expects so i love to hear stories of 40 weekers.

You did a fabulous Job. Congrats!
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Congrats Robin!

I can't IMAGINE making it to 40 weeks 2 days. That is truly heroic. I just got back from my 35 week check-up. Both boys are still breech, and we went ahead and scheduled a c-section for 38 weeks. I know that I will go into labor before then, though. The babies dropped a week ago, and all of my hormones have changed. I am feeling quite ripe. The babies are measuring 7 lbs 6 oz, and 6 lbs even. They are big and healthy. I am beginning to lose it. My body feels like it is stretched to the limit. I hope to make it to 36 weeks . . . but that's all I'm striving for! I am off bedrest and off medication, but am still pretty miserable. The pressure of their little butts on my butt is almost more than I can take.

Healthy babies, healthy babies, healthy babies. . .

How are other mamas doing?

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Just wanted to point out that my baby turned at 38w5d spontaneously! Never give up hope! I also heard from someone on another multiples list whose babies also turned during week 37!

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I was talking to my midwife about how i always here everyone say 37 weeks is full term for twins. she looked at me like i was crazy....she said that 37 weeks is the point that both singletons and twins have mature lungs but it is still not full term. I was surprised. Odviously many twins come early and are fine but i thought it was interesting that full term is still 40 weeks because i always hear everyone talking about 37 weeks being considered full term. She would let me go over 38 weeks no problem where as i hear lots of people say that their OB wont let them go over 38. she didnt understand this? unless their are problems it looks like i wont get any pressure for induction till after 40 weeks. that makes me happy because i just want them to come on their own time.
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Twins at 40 weeks

I think it was a WHO statistic that said 13% of twins go to 40 weeks and beyond.
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At 28w 5d,we found out we're having twins.I was seeing a midwife an planning a VERY non-medical intervention birth.However from my 23-26 week check up my uterus grew 14 centimeters!My midwife was concerned it was polyhydramnio(too much amniotic fluid). After researching polyhydramnio, I consented to having anultrasound. Surprise! Baby "A" could hide no more,lol.They think I am most likely having twin boys

My midwife does not catch twins and currently does not have hospital priviledges. I was planning a freestanding birth center birth. Tomorrow I go to my last midwife appt. and she will give me a referral to an Ob.I am planning to have a doula present to advocate for me and my babies.

To answer some questios I read in previous posts: my twins were conceive the old fashioned way. I had long suspected something was up b/c I felt movement at 13 weeks!!!I began showing early and BIG,eventhough I have only gained 16 lbs and I am 30 weeks!!I had MUCH more sickness with these babes than with my 7 y/o.

How accurate do ya'll think ultrasounds are at figuring fetus' weights? On the day we found out we were having twins(at 28 weeks) we were told Baby "A" was just over 3lbs and Baby "B" was 2 lbs 11 oz's. People have told me that is HUGE for twins and ultrasounds are not at all accurate in regards to fetal size.

Happy baby growing to all,
Ds #1 just about to turn 12 y/o
Ds #2 almost 8 y/o
EDD with twin boys 4/6/03
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Ultrasound for weights

Ultrasound is notoriously innaccurate in fetal weight estimates, it can be about a lb either way at term. However, at 26 weeks, both my twins supposedly weighted 2.5 lbs. They weighed 8 lbs and 7.5 lbs at birth. (Small babise for me.) Good luck!

MOM to Clara and Owen 12/21/02 (Twin girls!)
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Stayathomemommy-- the reason why some OBs don't want their patients who are expecting twins to go past 38 weeks is because there have been studies done that show that twins do better when born by 38 weeks. This is hard for me to believe. I guess the reason is because the placenta(s) can stop working very well. My OBs would have no problem with me going to 40 weeks if Baby A was vertex. As is, they don't want me to go into labor. His umbilical cord is underneath him (or, at least, it was in the u/s yesterday), and so they worry about a prolapsed cord. I think they also just prefer scheduled c-sections to "emergency" ones. That said, they still wouldn't schedule one any sooner than 38 weeks unless there was a real reason to (i.e. preeclampsia). So, most likely, I will go into labor anyway and still have the "emergency" section. If, by some chance, I make it to the date of the scheduled section and have not yet gone into labor, I will probably cancel it. That just seems too sketchy to me to take the babies out before they've said they want out.

I have heard that multiples mature faster than singletons (triplets faster than twins, etc.), so that may be why people say that 37 weeks is full-term for twins. My Obs have mentioned that twins mature faster, but still say that 40 weeks is the actual "full-term." One of my twin books says that 36 weeks is full-term!

Congrats on your twins, Hippie-Mama! I found out about my twins at 6 weeks, and can't imagine not finding out until almost 29 weeks! What a surprise! Those estimated weights are just about what mine were estimated to be at that time too. They have consistently measured in the 90th-100th percentile. The bigger the better, I think!

I am feeling a little better today. Tired, but more patient. I hope it lasts!

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Okay, it is February and we haven't heard from Lexbeach in a few days.... Maybe the babies are here?????

I've been following your progress with extreme interest Lexbeach (as my DP and I are pregnant with twins, also) and I just wanted to bump this up to see if anyone has heard any news as to how you are doing....

Wishing you the best and hope to hear good news soon!!!

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Nope! I'm STILL pregnant! I'm actually just 36 weeks, so it's a good thing that the babies are still cooking. It does feel a , bit anti-climactic after having been on bedrest for all that time, though. Oddly enough, I'm actually feeling much better than I was a couple of weeks ago. The babies are still breech, but they've settled into a much more comfortable position, and I can walk (waddle) much easier now. I am also just kind of enjoying being pregnant. Bedrest was really no fun at all. We've gone out to eat a couple of times in the last week (figuring it'll be a while before we can do that again), and I LOVE getting to be out and about. I am loving feeling the babies move inside of me, and am already feeling a bit nostalgic about it, since this will probably be my last pregnancy. For a while there I was waking up every morning thinking "I cannot be pregnant one more day." And now I'm waking up excited thinking, "I could go into labor today!" Every night I think I am going into labor. My contractions always start in the early evening and get to be about 5 minutes apart before long. They are getting to be painful. I say, "I might be in labor," and DP says, "When you're really in labor, there won't be any 'might' or 'maybe' about it." I suppose she's right. I always wake up in the middle of the night and realize that, once again, the contractions have stopped. Oh well. The more cooked they get, the better! I am still feeling quite emotional, and don't like leaving my "nest" (except for those dinner excursions), or having visitors. I guess it could still be anyday. . . we'll see! It's immpossible to believe that they'll ever be born.

Kathy: How are YOU feeling? Are you into the second trimester now? I'd love to hear an update.

Best to all,

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I am at 12w 3d today.... Does that put me in the second trimester yet?

I think I have a head cold because my sinuses are SO messed up and I just feel icky -- otherwise, I am doing pretty good. The fatigue is just a tiny bit better.... I've never really had m/s to speak of..... Hopefully, I got my last progesterone shot this past Friday...... They have been making me feel icky each weekend....

I see my new OB tomorrow for the first time.... he is a maternal fetal specialist they are sending me to because of the twins and my age (37). They will do an u/s tomorrow and I am eager to see that both twins are still in there and doing fine -- our first (and only, so far) u/s was at 6w 4d and there is always the chance that one of the babies will not make it when it is that early... I will feel MUCH BETTER after tomorrow's u/s. Hopefully, we'll hear the heartbeats, too! (although I am prepared to not incase I have too much "insulation" for the sound to get through...)

DP has been unemployed for three weeks now, her severance pay ran out a week ago and we got the final pay check this past friday.... We decided to go ahead and take our anniversary trip this past week anyways, so she will start looking for work in earnest this coming week. We'll see how that goes. Since I am in school and doing national service through AmeriCorps, we were really dependent on her salary. She also had domestic partner benefits -- I've switched to my work insurance (which sucks compared to what we had, but it certainly is better than nothing!) and they have to cover the pregnancy since I had no lapse in coverage..... We are hoping she can find work somewhere with domestic partnership benefits again, but those companies are pretty rare here in Tulsa, I guess we'll just wait and see....

I can't wait to look pregnant -- right now I just look really fat.... I've been big all my life, so I have lots of extra padding and right now, I just look like I have even more padding. Ugh. My sister who had a baby in November is built like me and she didn't look pregnant until the very end.... up until then, she just looked fatter... (of course I didn't tell her that!!!) Maybe with twins, I'll show quicker.

I am glad you all are enjoying yourself and that you are more comfortable. You sounded pretty miserable there for a while. Hang in there and enjoy it as much as you can......

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Glad to hear your still hangin' in there,Lex. Aaaahhhhh what a relief it must be to make it to 36 weeks.I can relate to what you were saying about going back an forth between feeling like ya can't handle the pain and pressure of growth any longer.Yet,at the same time trying to cherish every moment. Once they come into the world they grow and develope SO quickly! Not to mention, as long as they're inside of us no diapers to change,lol.I,too, believe this will be my last pregnancy.Do you find the downside to going out in public is people saying "you're huge!" and assuming you're due Now? I've heard that chiropractic care can be great for encouraging breech babies to turn.

Kathy~ No m/s lucky you! I am excited for you to hear your babes' heartbeats. I can relate to wanting to "show". However,in my case I went to not really looking pregnant to huge and uncomfortable.

DP and I still haven't figured out who's going to catch our "wonder twins" We went on a hospital tour last week.Since that one gave us a wierd vibe,we'll be checking out more this week. We have checked into having a homebirth...and can't find a midwife that will catch twns. This week I'll be calling some Ob's too.I amfocusing the majority of my energy on drinkig water,resting,and eating lots of protein. I figure those three things will reduce many of the scenarios I could worry about.

31 weeks today!
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Update on Mamacita~

Hi ladies! I noticed my friend Mamacita had'nt posted to tell you the wonderful news, so I'll give you a head's up... she had a beautiful homebirth in December and both babies were over 8 pounds! She feels all that protein (150g/day) made such a difference.

They are beautiful, healthy babies and I will leave the rest of the story for her to share when she (eventually) has a chance to check in

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Lex, WOW on making it to 36w. You are doing AWESOME. I am at 33w3d and feeling HUGE. I can't sleep at all anymore. I troll the internet all night. The insomnia is driving me nuts.

My baby a is head down still and baby b has gone very high and transverse. I'm praying this doesn't open up too much space down below for baby a to go transverse as well. I worry about this all the time. So, as of now, I'm on for a vaginal birth. I hired a doula this weekend

I was surprised when my perinatologist told me last week that most of the twins in their practice that are born spontaneously (no scheduled section/induction, mom not on any anti-contrax meds) come at 35w. I had read so many times the average was more like 37w. My goal is 37-38 because I really want to be able to bring my babies home with me. My OB doesn't have guidelines on when twins should be born, he said there's much more risk of them coming too early than too late, so he doesn't set a number. But, like Lex, I've read several studies that say twins just do better when born before 38w. The placenta matures faster with twins and the risk of losing amnio fluid is higher sooner. With my son, my placenta was deteriorating at 41.5w and I had little to no amnio fluid left. So if the theory holds true, then sometime before 40w, that may happen with my twins. My peri does weekly u/sounds now to measure the fluids around the babies. I know many many sets of twins that have gone 40w and been fine, but I guess there probably is something to the studies that as a whole, multiples do better born a few weeks earlier. I'm just waiting to see how things go

Anyway, I just can't wait to meet my girls! We set up our crib this weekend as a sidecar to our bed and I get so excited lying there looking at it thinking...in just a few more weeks
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I can join in here...

We are expecting identical boys in July.

We found out two weeks ago that they seem to have Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, which is actually just as scary as it sounds. But they are doing really well, and we are ready to fly out to get laser surgery to correct it if needed.

I pretty much know that they'll need to be taken at the first sign of our smaller babe having trouble, but I've made my peace with that. In this case, it's necessary.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we can beat the odds.
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Thanks for bumping this up, Peggy!

Hi all! My name is Heather and my husband and I are expecting twins in July or August. My actual "due date" is August 10, but I've heard that they tend to go out the window with twins... We also have a 19 month old daughter named Bailey.

I'm just over 16 weeks and we found out at 8 weeks that we were having twins due to me being hospitalized with Hyperemis Gravidarum. While there, I insisted on an ultrasound, just to make sure the "baby" was okay. Low and behold, there were two in there!

We still can't tell their sexes or if they are identical or fraternal yet. They both have their own sac, but that doesn't mean much... we have our first appt with the perinatologist, who will do all of our ultrasounds from here on out, on March 11. Hopefully, he'll bea ble to answer more questions for us!

Hope this thread is still jumping... I want to get to "talk" with other women in the same boat.

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My girls hasd separate amnions and chorions and are identical, so you're right - doesn't mean much.

Hang in there!

Robin, MOM to homebirthed Owen & Clara 12/21/02
Identical Twin Girls!
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I am 33 week and feeling great!! i have almost 9lbs of baby between the two so if it were a singleton pregnancy i would be full term. my first was under 8lbs. but i dont feel like i am at the end which is good because i still have 2 months to go. I think it must be all mental because eventhough i look like i should be giving birth any day i know that i really shouldnt and my eyes are set at 40 weeks so i am not dissappionted when they dont come early. i just have a feeling i will be part of the 13% that go to 40 weeks or behond. but who knows.

who is still out and about? i go to playgroups dayly with my toddler and there is not sign of preterm labor or bedrest. i am just as active as before. i need to be with my husband deployed so i dont go crazy in the house.

stay positive everyone!!!
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