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Today marks 36w5d for me! I am huge and uncomfortable but no bedrest or problems so far. It's just hard for me to be on my feet for very long, I need to lie down a lot due to severe back pain. So, I don't go out much, it just hurts too much!

I'm hoping next week these babies make their appearance! They are both supposedly around 6lbs so I have 12lbs of baby, an extra placenta, extra fluid, etc. and my belly is about as stretched as they come.

I'm ready to get this pg over with. It's really really really hard at the end
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As painful as it sounds, the more you move the better you feel! Try swimming and a massage!

Robin, MOM to MZ twins Owen & Clara 12/21/02
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i am 2 weeks or so behind you naturaljoy and i have been getting a weekly massage. its the best i feel like i have a lot more energy and the back aches are fewer. i found someone who is inexpensive and knows pregnancy massage(thats important). Lucky me!

I am amazed at your babies weights. i hope to find out that mine are growing that well. i think they dropped a couple days ago and i think baby B has flipped head down like her sister. Hope i am right and that neither one turns breach.

Has anyone dropped yet?? i think they have more dropping to do but they are definately lower then before. ahh its great to take a deep, deep breath!!
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Hey Stayathomemommy and NaturalJoy:

Hang in there, you are almost there. You have done really really really well just to get this far with your babies and it is really hard to hang in there. I second the swimming. I swam (floated) in a warm (ish) pool several times a week until I was put on bedrest. The best thing you can do now is spoil yourself and spend as much quality time as you can with your older child, who is soon in for a BIG change!

My girls are three months now, and we are really enjoying them, seeing them smile and try to talk to us.

Anyone want to see pics?
http://photos.msn.com/viewing/album.aspx?m7A!X9U3q6bynoZEhFj0U07slwRDmckFHBfjIPgDvB1o0AuVWINS* jbk4X5RRYvMWrNliNY*6cGVPJqW*3Ck6IVldO0Jz23PGel4tqq gVOa4b*l0yF8daQ$$

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groin cramps!!!! Impending labor?

Hi everyone!

I am 35w4d and eventhough i want to hold out to 37 or 38 weeks i feel like i will go any day. I had a textbook labor with my daughter and so it was very clear that i was in real labor. Everything is foggy this time. I've had a good amount of enery and the nesting urge is strong but the past two days i have been needing to lay down and sleep more and more.

Then today these horrible cramps in my ligaments at my groin. it feels as thought someone kicked the back of my knees and took me out! Laying down doesnt make it 100% better either i still feel the ligament aching and they still cramp. It just feels like labor but then i am probably way off.

does anyone else have these cramps? i know they are normal but could that signal the startings of labor. my mother said she never even had contractions but just cramps. I definately had contractions with my daughter so i feel like i wont know i am in labor unless i follow the same path my labor took with dd.

any thoughts?? how is everyone?
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I had those pains in the groin and I don't think they are labor, just pain from all that weight. I had to go on bedrest at 35 weeks and they got much better when I wasn't walking around. If you think you're going to hang in there a while longer, see if you can find one of those support belts. I didn't use one, but many people told me it helped tremendously.

Good news! the insurance paid my $85,000 hospital bill, finally! We were sweating it for a while!
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When I went into preterm labor it felt exactly like menstral cramps but stronger. If it gets stronger to a point and then fades away, it is probably labor. If it doesn't go away and is fairly consistant, it is probably the pelvis getting ready for labor.

When I was in the hospital at 34 wks after my car accident, I kept telling them, "I am having contractions." They kept brushing me off because it wouldn't show up on the monitor. Finally one time when they came back to check, they looked at the monitor and rushed out of the room (to call the doc). When they came back in, I said, "I told you so!" Trust your instincts!
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I wanted to introduce myself also ( I also did on another thread).. I have been reading these twins threads like crazy, and I am getting such good info from all of you! I am 28, Dh is 30, we have two boys 7 and 4 whom we homeschool. WE had the shock of our lives back in Feb. when we learned we were having twins! We found out they are b/g, and are really excited coupled with waves of fear! I am a doula and childbirth educator, and we are having a homebirth with two wonderful midwives and a doula friend also. I love to hear the great weights on these babies! I am feeling well, but learning I can not walk very far anymore without that nasty pelvic pressure/pain. This is such a different pregnancy for me, but I am thinking positive thoughts of full term and healthy babies! Thanks for being here, I can not tell you how alone we felt at first having such a different parenting style, and then twins on top of that!
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Hello. I recently had twins at home. (I think my friend XM gave y'all heads up about my story.) Yes, they were 8 pounds 3 ounces and 8 pounds 14 ounces and born at 40+ weeks. PROTEIN AND WATER!!!!!!!! Anne Fry has a good section on Twins in Holistic Midwifery.

Oh, I am being paged. I'll post more later.
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Anne Frye

I didn't find her section to have much info at all. If you're into medical literature (which I actually found very reassuring, despite what the docs gleen from it) I'll look up the name of this one book...

Robin, MOM to Owen & Clara
MZ girls born at home! 12/21/02
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hi everyone,

i thought i had introduced myself here, but maybe not...i am currently 26 weeks pregnant with fraternal b/b twins, and have 2.5 year old fraternal b/b twins at home. nothing like lightning striking twice eh?

my first 2 were born at 38.5 weeks and weighed 6'12" and 7'11". the predictions are that these 2 will be even bigger, and i believe it because i feel huge!!

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How are you doing?
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