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Purging the craft/sewing area

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This is my biggest weakness. I always can think of something to do with my craft stuff- or things I can use for crafts. How would you go about doing it? I did get most of my fabric organized in bins- such as projects pending bin, large yardage of fabric bin, scrap bin, patterns, notions, etc. I really have a hard time getting rid of this stuff. I know I can use it at some point. What do you do that is helpful?
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I don't get rid of most of the stuff I have for crafts etc, but I do try to keep it as organized as possible. I did get rid of some felt and some scrapping stuff that I just wont' use at my last garage sale, but other than that, I just organize it so that I can find what I am wanting rather than having to search it out and keep most of it around!
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I dumped all my old craft stuff that I had collected (and never used) over the years. At this time my crafts consist of sewing and knitting. I use plastic bins to organize and about a year ago I organized my organization system I keep my sewing notions divided into ziplock bags so I can always find what I need or see if I need more. DH's craft is art work. I (not him) keep this organized using a similar system otherwise we'd have paint/pastels/brushes...everywhere.

I have no problem tossing stuff so when I'm done with it I get rid of it. I do however sometimes have difficulty deciding I am done with a specific. For years and years, I collected craft paints, decorative sponges, stencils. But I never used them. By the time I got rid of it all, the paints and finishes were dried up and yucky.
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I do it in part by allocating a certain amount of space for the supplies. For example, I can keep one box of fabric scraps. Once I exceed that amount, I have to get rid of something. Same with pending projects- one bin only, once it's full I need to be honest with myself and pick something I'm never going to finish to get rid of. Right now, I am trying to have my kids use up our remaining arts and crafts supplies before we buy any new supplies- some of this stuff has been sitting around for several years!
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I'm having a hard time with this.
I have all of my sewing stuff organized. But my craft closet, whew!
I have a compulsion to save things for future crafts w/ dd. I can't throw anything away that "might" be useful... like oatmeal tubs & thick sheets of plastic, yarn, felt, boxes... lots of construction paper & cool magazines for collages. Bags & bags of cheap plastic beads & sequins/glitter.
I do have a big closet... but when I put some "junk" together for the craft area it dawned on me that I may be getting carried away.
I think what I'm hoping for is an art class to teach or something. :LOL
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Every time I try to think seriously about downsizing, one of the things that really stumps me is my craft stuff. I just had a minor anxiety attack when I read that 2gr8kids gets rid of unfinished projects. I swear that thought NEVER occurred to me. I have probably 5 unfinished sweaters (a few that I ran out of yarn and haven't been able to find again). Oy vey.
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I try to be real with myself about the fact that my style or interests have changed and get rid of stuff on a periodic basis. While I *might* find a use for something someday-- or finish something I started years ago-- chances are my time is so limited that I'll start something else new rather than return to stuff I already have. I try to tell myself that having too many craft supplies reduces my creativity. If I have less stuff I"m more likely to find it and use it, rather than be overwhelmed by too many choices and interests.
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What gets complicated for me is when I'm done with an unfinished project but dd starts working on it!!!

Right now, the only crafts stuff we have is sewing stuff, plus school/drawing supplies the girls have. Oh, and yarn Both my Mom and my oldest DD crochet but I don't have the patience for it right now.

Here's how we have it worked out: The bulk of the fabrics are in boxes in the basement. Sewing supplies we intend to use shortly are in one of the filing cabinets under the computer desk (which is right next to the "computer desk" that holds the sewing machine.) Fabrics we plan to use soon are in the hamper, washer, or dryer (I need to find a place to put them very away soon) The next big project is making some skirts for DDs to wear to school, and possibly also some bike shorts to wear underneath them.

Fabric scraps are in a box in the girls' room, along with a small box of hand sewing supplies. DD also keeps her current crocheting project(s) in a bag in her room.
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