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Jeni, enjoy. Maybe that's like my freecycle thing for the day
I have a garbage bag (like big lawn size bag) ready for goodwill. I just keep forgetting to put it in the car. Maybe I should go through the hallway laundry too and get rid of that. But most of it is my sweaters, and I love sweaters in the winter.
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Ok i'll send it out to you Jeni

Oh I got someone picking up a bouncer chair and some old preemie diaps I found. Sweet! then someone is coming tomorrow to get our playgym. Yay more crap out the door, oops I meant good quality stuff, hehe
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Jeni, real food: http://www.northcountrybrewing.com/menu.htm or fast food?
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Grrrrr.... something just happened and I lost the post I just typed!

Ok, the gist of it.

Well, it's coffee break time for me (should be lunch, I guess....) after a pretty productive morning!

I played with TEss for a while, we brushed our poor o' hairy dog, then did a bit of tidying before heading out for a walk. Brynn stayed home with Daddy, and I carried Tess in the ergo on my back ~ yup, still comfy!

I think this afternoon we're heading out for some errands and maybe stop off at the library so that Tess can get her very own library card ~ you have to be 3 here, so you can imagine what an exciting thing this will be for her!

Jeni, yay for you! I'd love to see pics of your projects when you're all done. Mama, by the way, you sound *SO* good lately!

Hey, just thought of something... to motivate ourselves to clean/get busy with projects, maybe before & after pics would help. :LOL Or, I find the 1000 minute workout goal pretty motivating, maybe we need to keep track of our project minutes!

Jessi, I love the raindrops song! I think that was one of Tessa's very first favorites ~ I can still remember how her teeny voice would sound singing along

How do y'all store clothes, more long term? (those without attics or basements??) WE will likely NEVER need our winter stuff here... heck, we didn't even use our sweaters last year! How best to store? Any neat ideas? Right now they're in cardboard boxes ~ tops of closets, etc. I don't know.... probably no other ideas, but just thought I'd check for any brainstorms.

Oh, Joyce, never have seen a wild chicken festival! Then again, we've only been here a year now.... give us time, give us time..... Knowing me, I'd free them chickens! :LOL
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Goals for the day -

1. sort through cardboard box of pre-preggo clothes in the bedroom. What fits? What almost fits and I want to wear again? What is ready for the thrift store?

2. lift weights

3. go buy coffee (c'mon... I gotta be me! :LOL)
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Kathy, here's how clothing lives in one closet/one dresser at my house: dresser has the "stuff" - socks, undies, pjs, etc. And then our closet (which is 4' deep by the way) has 3 racks - a long one for dresses and 2 short ones stacked up that hold shirt length stuff. All of our nice/dressy stuff is in there full time. And the off season stuff lives there too. Then in the laundry room there are 2 floor racks - one with all our winter/summer/rain coats and a bag of hats/gloves stuffed in there for good measure, and the other has 2 sides to it, dh gets his wardrobe there, and on my side is my "usual" stuff - a sweather hanging thing (you know like the shoe pockets) that has tshirts and tops right now, a few pairs of shorts and capris and the one skirt that fits are hanging. The ironing board is there, so we've just adapted to dressing there.

Maternity stuff lives in rubbermaid tubs with lids stacked in the basement. Lauren's stuff that is too big lives in double garbage bags on top of the maternity boxes. Stuff that is too small is in her room in a box right now, but needs to be washed and put into a rubbermaid container too.

All our sweaters are in the hall. They need rubbermaid but I haven't had a chance to either get rid of stuff stored in ones we have or buy new ones. And I have a hot pink wool sweater that I've been looking at all week, the debate rages on... diaper cover or sweater.. diaper cover or sweater.. it's BEAUTIFULLY soft and fuzzy. I think I might sacrifice it to the washing machine when I go down to change the dipes again. I'll miss it, but it'll be worth it.

Ok so on my list of stuff today was: diapers, dishes, clothing (laundry), clothing (hallway baskets), plaster the last little hole in the dining room wall before hte insulation guys come tomorrow, and call to make hair, dentist, and pedi appts. for everyone.

I've done diapers. They are in the dryer. Dishes are in the bathtub. So they are 1/2 done. Going to plaster that hole now, because the insulation guy will be here at 9am and I need it to dry before he gets here. Going to skip laundry and hallway, and finish the dishes before going to moms. Dad called, he says he misses Lauren, and he's glad to carry her around and bounce her all afternoon/evening if she's cranky. I daddy!
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We are all keeping busy today it seems.

Did diap wash, plus 1 other load. unloaded dishwater, loaded it. Starting organizing the toys in the playroom. Now I am cleaning out the living room, oiy what a mess! need to do ironing, then clean up the kitchen counter and table.

Hey Andy hasn't checked in today, has she?

haven't seen Sheri in a bit, but we know she's been busy. Hope they get that house!
A shout out to Mary, hope you can pop in soon and say hi.
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Hi folks!
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Annie, you up yet?

Andy, where ARE YOU?

Hi Michelle, how was your meetup with Karen?

Ok, 1/2 dishes done, wall patched. Other 1/2 dishes now soaking in dishpan in bathtub. Dipes done, cashmere sweater in hot washer now. Going to be able to make a cover and longies, so long as it doesn't shrink to Lauren size

There is a non-dairy ice cream social this weekend at the HFS. I'm going to go! This is the place that makes oatscream and has rice and soy creams too.

Called hair appt. nobody answered. Going to calld dentist now. And pedi. Need to make a well-baby visit.
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Hi Mamas! Sheesh! Takes forever to read up ya'll are chatting furiously! Get thee to the Target and buy rubbermaids, Lisa.

Kathy - all our stuff goes into rubberaids. I have clear for the too smalls and grey or green for the too bigs. Tape on top tells me size and gender. All neatly stacked in the attic (but would fit in the closet, for sure, we just happen to HAVE an attic, therefore use it LOL).

AhA! about the commercials. I did click on them but nothing came up, so I figured it was just REGULAR ole log rolling (ah, my old friend, the log rollers). Actuall, I have log rolled. It's really hard

Jerry said he's watched lots of bull riding, but never by a pregnant woman. He thought that might be more interesting :LOL

Big blah on the ethics commission stuff. Legal income disclosure that he's put off and now we've got to pay a fine AND make disclosure. What a drag. He's SO bad at this kind of stuff.

Ug, fussy baby...

Jerry took the day off (actually the week) and took his niece and Beca to Lake George today. It's so miserably hot and humid I'm hiding inside and NOT doing anything (though I did clean up the kitchen and was even thinking of washing out the fridge during nap time). They won't be back till long after dinner. Kind of nice, just the two of us, but a bit boring, I must say. Other than that, no goals. Oh, maybe I'll do one of my new tapes???

I've got the yoga weight loss dvd Laura, thanks!

Jeni - if you don't like the soaker from Laura, pass it this way

Ok, total melt down...caio!
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Ugh, no answer at the hair or dentist. And the pedi, they just crack me up. Convo like this:

Hi, I'd like to make an appt. for a well baby visit for my dd.
-how old is she?
6.5 months
-uhm mmuhhm well we don't make appts. for 6 mo well baby this short notice
Yes, I know, I just want a checkup, we aren't following the vax schedule
-uh uh let me look
waiting... listening to her thinking, i swear the wheels weren't turning
-well uhm the first we have is aug 23 at 3pm
Do you have something in the morning, maybe the next week or so after that?
-uh well she'll be 7.5 months by then.
Yes, that's ok, we aren't following the vax schedule.
-but she'll be 7.5 months then
So do you have any morning appts?
-ok what about aug 30 at 9am?
Sure, that's great.
-you can bring your tylenol in and give it to her after the exam if you want to make her more comfortable.
Ok thanks, but like I said, WE AREN'T GOING TO HAVE ANY SHOTS.
-flustered, gets off the phone.

methinks they are dumbass. The doc is cool, leaves me alone, and we always get either the cool nurse who leaves us alone or the super dumb one who just doesn't question me. Either way, with the exception of the receptionist, it's not that bad.

Going to moms. Back tonight.
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YAY there's Andy
Sounds like a nice quiet day for you, bummer about the fine

I got rid of a huge box of misc baby clothes, woohoo! lady who picked up the bouncer took it. Yeah 2 big things out of my house. Declutter declutter declutter away I go.

dang I'm hungry again
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dang lisa don't confuse those poor receptionists :LOL

ok my word of the day is dang
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Morning all!

Wow! chat o rama today!!
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Morning Annie!!
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Heheh she was sooooooooooooooooooo confused. I don't know if I was speaking in klingon or what, but she was just woohoo huh?

Lauren crawled over 2 layers of pillows and hit the floor. Please someone give me a solution to naps for her.

Leaving now. Cya!
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OOO you all sound so productive this morning!

I just remembered I did load of diapers and their still in the washing machine. Argh.

Lisa- when Ruby got to this age the only way to get her down for a nap was a walk or vacuuming. The one time our house was half way clean 'causeI vacuumed once a day :LOL
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Lisa, that's funny about the receptionist. I'm not sure my FP even does shots, so no confusion there.

Andy - on the fridge - don't go there! I cleaned the refrigerator on Sunday. It looks all nice and white now, but it was a looooot of trouble. Worth it? errr, no

DH's new word is "yope." It means "yes" but sounds enough like "nope" to increase confusion.
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HA HA Jess!!!!! I just listened to Ori cry for 25 min. in my rght ear. Wouldn't nurse, wouldn't sleep. Tired. OMG. This sucks. DID I THINK TO GET USOUT OF THE DANG (thanks Laura) BED??? Geesh. He did this at 1am too - until about 2:30. Brutal. Wonder how Karen and Luka are doing...

Lisa - you're not supposed to mention the no-vax thing to the nurses. They are unable to de-program. Dr. office nurses are a whole different breed, tbh. I traded something today - does that count as moving it out? The only problem is that I TRADED it, so I'm getting something in return...uh oh. I'm going to go find something to freecycle. Poor baby is finally asleep. And I'm just NOT up for sweating right now. How can I THINK about sweating when it's 90 out and the dewpoint is like 86??? It's just horrible out. I walked 20 ft. to the mailbox (2 postcards today!!!! Thanks Heather and Jeni!!) and came back sweating. Yuck. so our convo's go like this

I'd like to make an appt for my dc's
What's it concerning?
Regular check-up
Ok, when?
How about two weeks from now, in the morning sometime.
Sure, but we have nothing available until October.
Oh. Well, call me if something comes available.
Oh, sure, oh my! Look, here's one for next wed. at 8:30!
Great, sign us up.

Almost always they don't have, then they do have. It's weird. I don't EVER mention vax's, and they don't either. This office hasa lot of no-slow vaxers, so they just don't even bring it up until you're in the office. Ony the doctor gives them, so we don't deal with the nurses about it. They do the weight and checking stuff, which I think is great. I think they handle the baby well. I am going to make them ALL pinky swear not to retract his parts, however. I am hearing NIGHTMARE stories from mamas all over MDC about forcible retraction. UG UG UG!!! I think Karen shared something about that with R. a while back. I'm going to be masochistic and check on little Lazarus. He's bound to wake, but he was so distraught... such a bummer.

Maybe I can freecycle the vibrator chair that we have NEVER used...we tried it once and he cried instantly. Sucked. Beca likes it though :LOL
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Jessi - way ahead. No fridge cleaning for me today. Just the drawers really need a scrub. I may try to go to those in a bit...
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