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NINOAustin, Wednesday, August 10, 2005, 10 am, Family Connections, 825 East 53rd 1/2 St, Bldg. E-101, Austin, TX, 78751.

NINO is a nonprofit organization designed to promote babywearing. We will have a large collection of slings, pouches, wraps and mei tais to look at IRL and try on! NINOAustin meets monthly at Family Connections on second Wednesdays.

This month will be a show and tell so please bring all of your carriers. I will have several new carriers to share including a Mamma’s Milk reversible pouch, a whole shebang SlingSet, and a GypsyMama water wrap, among others.

Vesta of Peppermint will join us in September. If you would like to nominate other guest speakers or suggest other topics, please let me know.