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Anyone planning a UC?

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I'm kind of hoping to have an "accidental" UCAC this time around. Anyone else planning/not planning a UC?
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Almost having had 1 with DD I got a big red X on my chart at the midwives. The X stands for "if she calls...run!" The practice is just 2 blocks away so she might make it this time. DD was born with the midwife still wearing her coat. It tempting to not call...but then I wouldnt have had DS without my midwife.
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I'm not sure yet. I had an accidental UC last time b/c my whole labor was only 90 minutes. The mw made it in time for the placenta though. I'm planning a UC since I think there's a fair chance I'll get one whether that's what I want or not. And honestly it *is* what I want if I could know for certain that something won't come up that only the mw would be prepared for (like the need for oxygen or something we clearly wouldn't have). So basically I don't know. Plus I have this weird desire for twins and I know my mw isn't legally allowed to attend twin homebirths and I wouldn't give birth in the hospital for that reason, so if it's twins then it's most likely a UC too. {{{sigh}}} I guess I'm just waiting to pass the 12 week mark (history of m/c's) and then I'll be forced to decide whether or not I'm going to involve my mw in this one. I think I probably will but just not have dh call her until I'm pushing (she lives about 30 minutes away so probably she wouldn't make it) UNLESS I'm feeling that something isn't right, etc., then I'll have him call for her sooner.
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I'm also hoping for an accidental UC I am having a heck of a time finding anyone willing to take me on as a V2BAC and nobody takes my charts seriously so they have my EDD almost a week late, so I am hoping I go a tad early and "dont realize" I am in labor until the baby's born at home in my nice big bath tub
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