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How are ya stayin' fit?

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Just in way of a quick intro, *I think* I'm due around April 7th. This will be our fourth child~we have three boys so far.

I am a BIG mamma, so I have been power walking twice a day and getting in weights and yoga a few times a week too. I feel like my life right now is about policing my food also~choosing every morsel carefully for high nutrition, and am I really hungry? or just experiencing a little nausea?

I know you can make strength gains during pregnancy, and I really hope to. My births have gotten more and more difficult each time. (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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I'm not doing anything and I wish I were. I have a big time motivational issue. Shoot, I've been paying for an un-used membership at curves for like 7 months now! I *want* to start doing something but then I get scared that if I start something new I might m/c or something (history of m/c's and one was just after I started exercising). I think logically one has nothing to do with eachother but I'm living a bit in fear. Anyway, I think once I'm feeling a bit more secure I'll try a pregnancy pilates or yoga video or something.
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I'm holding off on doing anything too strenuous-just keeping up with my daughters and a little swimming and walking at this point. I had been doing the Shakti yoga (wonderful!) dvd before I found out I was pregnant-but it's too strenuous for right now. I'll probably start doing a modified version after I know everything is ok with the little one.
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I'm actually quiting my job right now and hoping that it will free up some time to get back to the gym. Some cardio and squats and some strength training moves without weights are on my list. I hope I can manage that resolve through the wave of exaustion that is about to hit!
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I had been doing Walk Away the Pounds tapes until a week ago. Then with vacation and other things going on, I haven't had the time - but I really want to start them again. I never actually liked a workout video before - but these make me feel like I did some good - without getting too tired or sweaty.

I want to watch what I eat and get some decent exercise too - I am 20 lbs over what I weighed pre-kids - and I don't like that! So I want to avoid gaining too much with this baby so I can work on taking off all the weight after the baby.
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I am walking and thats about it. I was running and doing cardio classes when I had my m/c a year ago so I am afraid to do anything strenuous. I need to do something though and thats a good compromise.
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At the moment I am just walking, DS and I go to the park he rides his bike and I get a workout keeping up! I want to get back into swimming but I might wait until 12weeks, I will also be going to Yoga for Pregnancy classes when I am 12 weeks too.
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I initially had a hard time taking off the last 5-10 pound with my first, but now am back to my pre-PG #1 weight, so that feels good, as I go into PG#2. I try to get to the gym 3-5 days a week, and the other days I try to do something else (bike, or run). Having just found out I'm PG, I will have to adjust intensity, but I've found that exercise helps keep me sane as the scale #'s go UP, UP!!

I know for some folks it's hard to get started, but once you do, you'll be so thankful - think of it as 'training' for childbirth - you may need that endurance and pain tolerance!!

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Well right now I'm on modified bedrest (meaning no exercise, lifting, etc- nothing strenous) because I had spotting last week. So keeping up with my dd and some minor housework is all I'm doing as of now. When I see the midwife next time I expect the restricitions will be lifted because I haven't had more spotting, so I will probably start walking and doing pregnancy yoga around that time.
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I'm enjoying hearing from all of you, how we're all different, and am inspired to KEEP GOING! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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well, aside from the fact that "staying" fit implies that i am currently in shape... :LOL

i've been swimmimng a lot with the kids, and making an effort to get them to the park. watching an active, energetic nearly-three and a young toddler with pica requires a great deal of energy, so i feel like i'm exercising just by taking them out. :LOL
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:LOL i have to laugh every time i read this post. with the fatigue that hit me like a brick wall about a week ago, it's all i can do to drag myself to the breakfast table. when i'm feeling spunky, i do a little laundry. :LOL and when dh is working, keeping up with ds feels like running a marathon. yeah, no exercise for me until the 1st trimester fatigue ends. i had the same thing with ds so at least i knew to expect it. at least with the m/s i've managed to maintain my weight so far
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I was "running" until I got a BFP. Now I've down-shifted to walking. It's nice, we go as a family in the morning, me, dd in the jogging stroller, dh and our 2 pups.

I really want to take a prenatal yoga class, something I didn't do with dd. I think that would be lovely.
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I get my exercise by running after my boys (5.5 and almost 4yo) and after dd(15 months).

I have also been running up and down the stairs in my newest sport interest called the toilet-dash (gag). We only have one bathroom on the second floor :
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Well today I had to MAKE myself get my walking in, and I'm having to MAKE myself do housework and school and stuff too. UGH! For the first time in my life, food is NOT my friend! YUCK! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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