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Has everyone washed their dipes and newborn stuff yet, or installed the car seat?

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The laundry is one of those things I want to get done now while I have some time (I'm having a VERY slow work week, and I work from home) and while I have some energy left. Do you think they'll get too dusty and gross in the interim? The dipes live in natural baskets inside an armoire, and the baby clothes will be inside the drawers. Think it's safe to wash them now and just tuck them away for 5-6 weeks?

Also, I was thinking about putting in the car seat next week so I can take it on Wednesday for the CPS tech check at the local state police station. Think it's too early? I'd also like my DD to get accustomed to the seat being in next to hers, but I can't decide if it seems silly to crowd up my car at this point.

Can you tell I'm trying to take advantage of having no work to do this week? :LOL


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I don't think it's early at all. I'm not sure about the diapers because I'm not using cloth, but I've washed all of his clothes now and assume they will be fine for a few weeks.

I've had the carseat installed since like 28 weeks. :LOL I took it to a "free safety clinic" thingy they held around that time and just left it in. Course it looks like we're getting a new car, so I'll obviously have to install it myself next time.
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I've washed the dipes and clothes. I may wash them once again, in a few weeks, if I get bored or something.
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I have washed the clothes, but not the diapers. The clothes are stored away right now in big plastic bins.

My newborn diapers are new, so they need to be washed 5x to get the natural oils out so they get nice and absorbant, so I have been dragging my feet about washing them. Once I do I think I will put them on the changing table and cover them with dishtowels.

Have not installed the car seat--don't have it yet! But if I had it I think it would be fine to get it installed now.

I think it's nice to get things like this taken care of so the weeks before the birth can be less stressful. Though it is nice to have a non-essential project to work on before the birth to keep you busy imo. Mine is knitting soakers, which I am really enjoying!
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I have baby clothes washed and will be putting them in her dresser sometime this week. As for my dipes, I have all the ones that I am going to be able to use right away washed. I will need to wash the pre-folds my mom made a few more times, but that is no biggie. I will have to wash up my fabric, flannel, and PUL so that I can start making a few dipes to make my fluff stash a bit bigger. I hope to get some of that done before baby comes. Keep your fingers crossed. :LOL
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I just washed everything this past weekend, hung it out to dry and fluffed it in the dryer so it's nice and soft! I don't have a dresser yet so it's all livinv in our big cradle or hanging in the closet. I may wash the dipes again if I have time, but i'm not sure I will. I feel like every weekend from here on out is busy and I think I'm going to be a few weeks early! I was ten days early with ds and he was almost 9lbs! I don't think she's as big, but I have a feeling she's more than ready to show her little face.
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Everything's been washed but I won't bother with the car seat until after the baby comes. Since we're having the baby at home I don't need to worry about it. And if for some reason we need to transport him anywhere it's really simple to install, so I'm not sweating it at all.

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I've been wanting to wash baby's stuff, but haven't been able to because my hips are bothering me and I don't feel like dragging the laundry up and down the stairs!

We can't put the baby's carseat in the car - because we don't have a vehicle that will fit four carseats! I'm going to start panicing about this soon - I really am! I'm doing my best not to, though!
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must be that time. dh and dd were away this weekend and i spent hours stripping my NB diapers. man were they soapy. i have to pack them away since we are moving so i wanted to do it now as i am not sure i will have time after i move. i hope they stay clean and fresh in the box. if i have time i will wash them again.

i have all the clothes ready to go but i need to wash em all again. not sure when i will get around to doing that as i dont have any energy to do my every day laundry never mind any extra.

i just reminded dh that he needs to get the carseat installed as i asked him to do it by 36 weeks. i just want to be prepared and i would like it checked by the car seat clinic as now we will have two of them in the back of the honda.
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Yep, its all done and ready.
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Dipes done. Still haven't got the car seat down to wash. Why do I keep forgetting that? Kinda important!

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am i the only one who is answering no, no and no? nothing is done! i just finally this evening went through the stacks of girlie clothes i've been buying (mostly at thrift stores and garage sales) to pull all the 0-3 month ones to get started. i also finally just *found* most of ds's infant diaper stash. no washing yet, but i might get started tomorrow.

we just picked up our carseat from sil this past weekend (whose 2nd ds is 11 months younger than our ds and who gets numerous hand-me-downs and borrowings from us), and it too needs a washing and dusting. dunno where she'd been storing it, but yuck. i figure so long as things are at least started (part of dipe stash readied and carseat installed) by 36-37 weeks i'm in good shape. assuming this one is pretty close to on-time like ds was (2 days before his official duedate). i'm not stressed about it at all. i'm more worried about things like where the heck to put the clothes once they're all washed and ready to go (i bought a used dresser that i want to repaint but am very torn about whether to paint it or just clean up and use as-is for right now).

::: lori
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Laundry is one bit of house work that I don't mind doing. I have already found ds's old baby clothes and washed them with the few new things my mom has bought for him. They are in the dresser. As far as diapers go, I'm either on wash three or wash four with the unbleached pfs. I washed the covers, pocket diapers, inserts, and wipes together in one load. Once is enough for those, right? I may through the pockets in another time. The car seat is still in the attic. I'll need to have dh bring it down so I can clean it up. I don't see anything wrong with installing it now. I doubt I'll get it done anytime soon, though. (There are a million other things that I could be doing around the house, but I've basically stuck to laundry and ignored everything else.)
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What dipes? What car seat?

Man, am I behind.... : Here's hoping some of those neccessities come our way at the shower this weekend!
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I have washed the clothes, they've been washed for about 2 weeks now. I didn't have the dresser ready so I just put them in uncented trash bags and sinched the up tight! I'm hopeful that this weekend I'll be able to put them away. If need be, I'll just run them all through the dryer again to get big wrinkles out.

I'm not using cloth diaps either couldn't afford the upfront cost. But I did finally buy my first pack of diapers!

As for the carseat....we have it....and maybe I'll get the base installed before she's born. But I don't really plan on needing it unti AFTER she's born since I don't forsee a hospital transport. But if we do have the hosp. transport, then dh will have to come home anyway, and he can install it then.
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Everything's washed and put away, but the car seat's not installed yet. I should get on that...I probably should pack the hospital bags packed too since I'm 37w1d.... :LOL
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LOL Ally, I think I packed my bags with ds the first time at 35 wks, then re-packed them the at 36 +6 when I had a friend over. We were BORED LOL
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LOL...the first time around, I ended up being induced at 39w5d. I packed my bags 5 minutes AFTER I was supposed to leave for the hospital. :LOL But we had a scare last night (baby's heart rate was 210 at my prenatal appointment), so I think that may just kick my butt enough to get the carseat installed... The OB and hospital are over an hour away and we were sitting there hooked up to the monitors freaking out because we didn't have a carseat installed. LOL! And I'm already 2 cm (which I know doesn't mean much...but the first time around, I was fingertip until my induction). So, I probably *should* get something done. Who knows...the first time around, packing the bags actually started contractions. :LOL
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LOL my dh waited until I was sitting in the car waiting on him to pack his bag! I got tired of standing at the door with the kittens in my hands and went and got in the car. I was also induced, but I had already started contracting, I was like...LETS GO MARINE! lol
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I washed the clothes a long time ago, I figured they are in the dresser and they will stay clean. Diapers are also washed, I don't mind putting a slightly dusty diaper on the babies if they are not born for awhile. I did also get 1 package of disposable newborn dipes to use. I got the carseats installed last weekend, they barely fit in dh's car, I can not wait until we get a new car (have to get my car sold 1st). In those areas I am very ready, in other areas I am way behind. My house is a disaster (messy, not dirty since my friends came and helped me clean on Mon) and my birth stuff is not all together. I really wanted to clean the carpets before the babies are born, but I don't know that it will happen. I have been really wanting to have things done early this time since I am having twins and you just never know when they will show up! I am not really expecting to have them very early, but I think 38 weeks is considered full term for twins. That's in 2 weeks!
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