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I just bought a big bottle of Kombucha tea at the store today and now I'm not sure if I should drink it. :

My baby and I had/are fighting a bout of thrush. We seem better, but I am still trying to be good and help out my body best I can, i.e. taking acidophilus, applying Gentian Violet, reducing my sugar and yeast intake and drinking lots of water. I read in my natural remedies book that Kombucha tea can be helpful in fighting Candidiasis as well. I saw it (the green tea variety) at the store today so I picked up a bottle. But after more research on the internet, I found a few warning against drinking it while breast feeding. These warnings were in reference to home made tea but mine is store bought. Does it make a difference? Should I drink or not?
I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks.