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When did you learn you were going to parent multiples?

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I'm almost 17 weeks and at my OB appointment last week, the doctor hinted after feeling my uterus that it was larger than expected and hinted that twins are a possibility. She discussed other possible causes for this, like miscalculating my due date (if that's true, it would be in the other direction) and full bladder (possible).

Unfortunately, I won't know until my ultrasound in a few weeks. How did you find out you were carrying multiples, and when? Were there other signs? This is kinda weird, but before I KNEW I was pregnant I joked with my husband about how I WAS pregnant, and lo and behold, I was (that was from our first week of TTC ever so chances were pretty slim). Since finding out I've made similar jokes about carrying twins, and I'm just wondering if there could be something to mother's intuition afterall.

But we think it would be really cool to have twins and I'm afraid of getting my hopes up too high!
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I found out at my first pre-natal with my family doctor at 12 weeks. I measured 16+ weeks and because I had a rather large ovarian cyst complicating my first pregnancy he sent me for an ultrasound immediately. My DH wasn't with me b/c it was just supposed to be a quick visit so I could get a referral back to my OB. I waited to tell him until I could see his face - he was a bit surprised - lol.

Good luck with your pregnancy
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I found out at about 7 1/2 weeks. I was in severe pain & they thought I had kidney stones, so they gave me an ultrasound. I knew I was pregnant, but the u/s tech saw TWO yolk sacs! It was crazy.

Keep us posted on what you find out!
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I found out in my 8th week b/c I had a blood test at the doctors office to confirm my pregnancy and my hormone numbers were so high that either it was twins or a down's syndrome baby. so they did an ultrasound right there to determine which and it was 2 sacks, right there, plain as day. I wasn't very happy about it. But, really, I love these babies so much I can't imagine not having one of them now. They are 25 months old now. Good luck!
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I found out at my 20 week u/s. At my 16 wk appointment the midwife commented that I was measuring a little big and "I guess the u/s will tell us if it's twins" but I totally thought she was joking. Guess not.
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At 5.5 weeks my ultrasound showed one baby. At 7 weeks, the ultrasound showed two babies. Talk about surprised.
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I found out at about 10 weeks. I had been having some spotting and my ob did an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. And there they were...TWO sacks!!! It was very surreal...
Keep us posted on what you find out.
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I was just a few weeks pregnant when I 'knew' I was preg and took HPT and it was positive!

Then saw doc at 5wk5days preg and she said uterus was a bit big so I may be off on my dates. I knew I wasn't off.

At 7w5d she scheduled u/s to check size of baby and verify dates. I asked u/s tech "You can see multiples at this point right?" - mother's intuition I guess. Well just seconds after she said "Well there are 2 babies". Well at that point I went into shock :LOL but have been in love with my girlsfriends ever since!!

I went from thinking I could barely get pregnant since I was still nursing ds so much...to getting TWO babies!!
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Originally Posted by gotmilkmama
I went from thinking I could barely get pregnant since I was still nursing ds so much...to getting TWO babies!!
Same with me! I was still nursing my then 18-month-old dd A LOT but was hoping to get pg again. I did conceive on our 4th cycle of trying and my OB suggested an ultrasound to confirm my edd since I was bf'ing when I got pg. He did make a couple of comments about twins...something about another mom who just had her 10th and 11th children which were twins and saying how my ultrasound could also "rule out multiples". I asked him then if he knew something I should and he laughed and said no. DH and I joked about it a few times before the ultrasound but on the way into the office it kind of hit me...they're going to tell me there's two. I wish to this day I'd have said it outloud. The tech put the wand on my belly and asked a couple of standard questions. She then asked if there was anything genetic in my family she should be aware of. I said no and then looked over at the screen. There they were as plain as day! Two sacs with two beautiful beating hearts!! Life has never been the same since then.
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I always knew I was going to have twins to raise. I had my pregnancy test though blood work and my hormone levels were very high for what we worked out to be my LMP so my dr ordered an U/S and low and behold two babies at 8 or 9 wks. I had lost twins two years previous and so during the ultrasound I said don't go and tell me there are twins in there. LOL.. all the tech said was "how did you know?"
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I found out when I was about 11 weeks along via routine ultrasound at my first OB appointment. The twins were pretty close together in utero (they're fraternal) and they were picking up a very high heartrate (because it was picking both up at the same time and kind of 'averaging' the heartrate). Low and behold, twins. I just about fell off the exam table when she told me!

I got pregnant with the twins on the first try. I had been trying to talk to my husband about having one more baby after this pregnancy 'cause I really wanted at least 3. He said no (he's always said he only wanted 2 and I was ok with that). I said "Fine, I"m just going to have twins then! So there! Hmph!" (obviously in a joking, sarcastic way). Low and behold, I was!

I had less symptoms (m/s etc) with the twins than I had with my dd the first go around. Who knows, you very well might be preggo with twins!
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I found out on 7/25, at a routine u/s at 9w. I'm still in shock. :LOL
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I found out at 34 weeks. I did not have an ultrasound until my midwife said that the baby was in an unusual position and she really wanted me to have one to find out what was going on. I think she knew at this point that it was twins, but didn't say anything more just in case. I really wish I had not found out until they were born. Once we found out, the pregnancy became very stressful, with non-stress tests, worrying about size difference, recommendations to induce, etc. And I gave birth in a hospital instead of at home.

Since this was my first and so far only pregnancy it is hard to be sure, but I think these were other signs:

I felt big early on and my husband and I began referring to my belly as the twins and they. At our first appt. with our midwife, at 18 weeks, she was pretty sure we didn't have twins, and since she had twins herself, I trusted her judgement. I thought all first time parents must just think they have twins.

I was extremely tired during first trimester. I was lucky to not be working, and could not imagine how anyone could work and be pregnant at the same time. I think I was awake only 4-6 hours a day!

As the baby got bigger, it seemed to have a lot of hiccups.

The baby never did the big huge flips everyone was describing.

The baby was scratching (rubbing, maybe, but felt like scratching) at my cervix pretty early on. Turns out that was Zoe, who I now believe was engaged in my pelvis pretty early. She was born with one hand up by her head, so I think that is what I was feeling all along.

When I lay on my left side, I felt fingers pushing away down near my pelvis. So then I would turn and lie on my right, only to feel little fingers and feet pushing away on that side.

I gained 13 lbs in the four weeks between 18 weeks and 22 weeks. After that I am ashamed to admit that sometimes at night I didn't eat when hungry because I was worried about gaining too much weight.

I never got a good sense of my baby. I thought I would feel more of a connection with her. But I never could get a good read on her. I think now that was because there were two.

Well, I will probably think of more. Good luck! My husband always wanted twins too (though we never had discussed it before). My theory is that he had a vanishing twin. Me, I would prefer to have my babies one at a time, but sometimes I feel that the universe was a bit wiser in that there are lots of reasons twins are really good for me. I just have to work daily on accepting that .
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I went from thinking I could barely get pregnant since I was still nursing ds so much...to getting TWO babies!!

That was me too. Tristan was only 7 months old when I got pregnant. Barely eating solids. Nursing all night long.

I found out at 32 weeks. I was measuring "big" at 28 weeks but my midwife wasnt overly concerned because my last baby was big. But I had a month to think about it. At 32 weeks we heard 2 heartbeats and got an ultrasound for later in the week.

I also kinda wished I hadn't found out. I went from planning a homebirth to a hospital birth. It was a good hospital birth, but I wanted to be at home.
On the other hand, we wanted to know.

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I went from thinking I could barely get pregnant since I was still nursing ds so much...to getting TWO babies!!

OK, so how many of us were nursing when we got pg with twins? Is there something to this? Ds was almost 2 when I got pg and was still nursing at least every 2 hours and tons at night. I also got pg my 4th cycle like someone else said.

Anyway, I found out at 14 weeks when I was measuring 20+ weeks. I had an u/s (which I had not planned on having) and there was 2 in there! I also have kind of wished I had listened to my instincts and not gone in for the u/s because it did cause me to be monitored much more than I would have liked and caused me a lot of stress over where to give birth. I did eventually find a mw that would do it at home, but it took awhile and it was stressful durring that time.
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I got pg with twins on my 3rd cycle while still breastfeeding.
(lucky me to get ppaf at 4 months)
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I found out at 14 weeks. I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and there was only one baby, then at my 14 week ultrasound there were two!! I was also starting to get worried after 3 cycles of TTC that maybe I could not get pregnant since I was still nursing my 2 year old. :LOL
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We found out we were expecting the boys at our 12 week u/s. Was a total shock to us as I'd had a quick scan at my 1st midwife appt because they couldnt find a heartbeat using the doppler. She did the scan and just saw one baby (of course she wasnt looking for two LOL) and everything was fine. So when the u/s tech said it was twins, you can imagine our surprise...but it was a true blessing, being the parents of twins is just too cool!!!!
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I found out at 22 weeks, during the routine US. The midwife had noted in my chart, but not mentioned to me, that I was "a little big" when I saw her the week before. I was completely shocked, I thought for sure that if I were having twins that we would have found out earlier. Dh must have sensed something, though, after every pre-natal visit he would ask me if it was twins or not, and when we did our first tour through BRU he went right to the double strollers and said "we'll need one of these if you have twins!".
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I found out at 5 wks because I was bleeding, I went in for lvls and when they were 14000 they wanted to get an u/s and there they were. Funny thing is, the night before I drempt I was at the doc office and was having an u/s and they said "congratulations you have twin sons". I didn't even know I was going to the doctor the next day let alone having an u/s And on top of that, it turns out they are both boys too Sometimes mom just knows I guess

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