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Yeah, sometimes we just know. I had a dream I was having twin girls just after ds was born. When I got pg this time, I was measuring 6-8 weeks ahead and in denial. Dh was calling my tummy roe (as in fish eggs), and insisting on a head count this time. Then I had some serious bleeding and thought I was miscarrying so I went in for an ultrasound (14 weeks). The tech looks around for awhile and I see the baby on the screen looking very floppy, so I didn't watch too much. Then she says" see those two circles, those are heads and they have bodies and beating hearts to match." My dh said "I told you so."

I think I actually lost a third. But I ended up with two gorgeous identical boys!! (now people are starting to talk about triplet girls, sigh. Including me, double sigh)
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I found out at 5w5d. I had a luteal phase defect and was constantly miscarrying and needed to make sure that the fetus was well attatched to the uterine wall.

Doc: 'We've got a live one!'

Me: 'We finally have one!'

Doc: Actually....

Lo and behold, there they were two little yolk sacs. All my husband could think of was, 'please don't let there be three!'

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At approx 6-7 weeks they did an in-office ultrasound which showed 2 "sacs". I returned 2 weeks later for a more comprehensive ultra-sound -- and it showed 2 "sacs" with 2 hearts beating in 1 sac = triplets!

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from a psychic visiting our radio station while ON AIR eight year prior when I was twenty - I laughed and asked for my money back.

but cemented at 7 weeks u/s.
only difference between the twins and our singleton was SHEER EXHAUSTION and thirst.

keep us posted!

Are you using FAM? I saw someone else mention chartsHere's my chart
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I found out at my 20 week ultrasound which happened to be on my 20th birthday. The doc put the scanner on my belly and wiggled it around and then took it off.

He put it back on and said
"the first thing you need to know is....here is a head (scooches scanner) and here is a head.....you're having twins"

It's all a little fuzzy after that.
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with my first set i found out after having very bad nausea..i thought i was dying and went to the hospital (i hate that place). it turned out i was pregnant (7wks5d) with twin girls, they were identical..my second set we were trying but, i assumed that i wouldn't get pg easily because i was still nursing my girls..ha! a boy and a girl this time. i didn't know until i was 12 weeks or so..my consulting midwife had her suspitions and asked if i would mind a quick in office scan... i had no symptoms other than weight gain (and i never check my weight so i didn't see that) with them. anyway, she had the csreen turned tward her and she got this huge grin on her face. my dh asked her what she was grining about and she turned the screen around with out a word...
hubby took the scanner thingie out of her hand and double checked for himself..lol.

i am expecting again and i have the feeling that there is more than one in there,or i could just be having crazy preggo thoughts already..
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Originally Posted by nancymom
I found out at 14 weeks. I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and there was only one baby, then at my 14 week ultrasound there were two!! I was also starting to get worried after 3 cycles of TTC that maybe I could not get pregnant since I was still nursing my 2 year old. :LOL
omg nancymom, i ruled out twins despite dreams and feelings because i got an ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks with one baby. im going in for an ultrasound at 20 weeks so i may be back on this forum.
i came here to get an idea of when twins can be identified or whatever.

Originally Posted by sarahloughmiller
I went from thinking I could barely get pregnant since I was still nursing ds so much...to getting TWO babies!!

OK, so how many of us were nursing when we got pg with twins? Is there something to this? Ds was almost 2 when I got pg and was still nursing at least every 2 hours and tons at night. I also got pg my 4th cycle like someone else said.
actually i ran across a couple of studies that mentioned that conceiving while nursing does indeed raise the chances of fraternal twins because it throws off ovulation and multiple eggs are often released.

well ive got to make dinner...
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