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What do you think about Kindermusik?

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I like trying new things, and I think DS (20 months) is ready for something new. Is Kindermusik a good experience for a toddler? Is it a structured format, or flexible to accomodate all types of kids?
I searched for Kindermusik and didn't come up with any posts just about the classes, I could have sworn I saw some months ago - must have been deleted.
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Hi Sahara--

I recently had the opportunity to take my nephew (2 1/2 yrs. old) to his kindermusik class. My sister started taking her daughter when she was an infant and has stuck it out with her son even though he's not as interested. It was structured, though not suffocating. The kids sat in moms' laps in a circle and sang (or didn't sing) and played instruments (or didn't) and danced around the room (or not), depending on the leader and her choice of song. My nephew didn't. With almost everything. And it didn't matter. I danced with him in my arms and he enjoyed the movement. There was a very quick transition into every activity. The children stayed with their moms at all times, except to choose instruments. My sister has enjoyed making friends with the other moms, in her area all *very* mainstream. Oh--one thing that bothered me was that the classes were all for one age. IOW, you simply don't bring siblings.

Hope this helps a little.

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we are just finishing up a semester of kindermusik. we are choosing not to do another - at least not now. although we've had a pretty good time; it wasn't quite $170 worth.

i'm taking what i would've spent on another semester and buying some montessori materials, etc. i also plan on doing some musical activities at home with ds. i think my ds would more enjoy unstructured play time around other kids (various ages) at this point.

i'm not trying to make km out to be a negative experience. ds just isn't enjoying it enough to warrant spending that amount of money on another class.
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Didn't like it--LOVE Music Together though. The Kindermusik instructor was so rigid--big turn off to me. In Music Together, kids of all ages were together, very cool songs and activities, not structured, very go-with-the-flow encouraging freedom of movement and self-expression . And the instructor we had was so great.
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Okay, honestly, I really disliked Kindermusik. I've heard much better stuff about Music Together although I haven't tried it, but I absolutely loved Music for Aardvarks. Kindermusik just seemed so dumbed down, so silly, and so not fun for the parents. Dd didn't like it either. Now we might have just had a bad teacher or bad fellow participants, but I do have to say that I dropped out of the last few classes because it just wasn't worth it, even if I lost the money. :
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We absolutely love Music Together-mixed ages, loose structure lots of movement. The only "requirement" for the kids is that they do not run around (and risk hurting younger ones or themselves). Even in the opeoning and closing circle, sitting with the parent is encouraged, but optional for the kids (sometimes they sit with someone else's parent for fun!). But as with anything, I think the teacher makes or breaks the class and we were lucky to find a wonderful one!!!
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What is Music together? Do they have a website?
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We LOVE Music Togther here at our house too. My son spent the first 3 weeks hiding behind me and now at the end of the first session he is so into the instructor that if they are dancing or walking or something and the instructor stops short, my ds runs into him because he is following so closely behind. LOL. He has turned into the only child in the class who could care less where hsi mother is and I LOVE that he is so interested. He has blossomed so much in this class, I will do it again and again and again. I have taken other music classes and I really just like the "feel" of the Music Together philsophy. And yes, I think they do have a website.

PS Ds is 28 months, and we have to play the CD daily and he has every song memorized, and likes to pretend to be in "music class" and asks every night for his instructor.
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Here-I'll save ya'll some typing:


They're so cool!
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we did kindermusic when dd was 18 mo. we disliked it enough that we only attended half of what we paid for. it was too structured for dd. the teacher was a stressball. the majority of activities required dd to be mellow and sit still: . there was a transition about every 3 minutes, which drove dd nuts- just as she was getting into something, it was over. i prefer more open ended stuff for kids this age, and more appreciation for what my child does naturally, not what i convince her do.

i am going to look into music together, because halei has such love for song and dance.
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Thanks Lee! I guess I should have figured that out, but it seemed too simple HA HA!

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My ds and I did KM at about 4 or 5 months old. He loved it then, but we were also with several other friends, he loves music, and loved the instruments/toys used. It was a little too structured, but meant more for teaching parent ideas for babes. I was lucky that it was basically free since the instructor was new and needed participants. The price was rather high for what was taught, of course, I also know that she wasn't breaking even, so KM license fees must be steep. My ds loves the KM CD, it is magic when in the car. But would agree, have heard great things about Music Together, and would try if available locally.
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I wish we had a Music Together instructor in our area.

We are participating in a Kindermusik program right now. My son is 16 months old, and loves to be out and about. The Kindermusik activities are things that we would do on our own at home anyway.

I'm not crazy about the format. The transitions are too rushed for my son to enjoy the activities. I don't know if this is Kindermusik or the instructor.

It also drives me NUTS that our instructor doesn't know the songs or sing on key.
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Thanks so much!! I found one Music Together teacher in our areaa, and just emailed her to find out about her classes. I also found one Kindermusik teacher, and emailed her, too. I'm definately not interested in anything too structured, so maybe Music Together will work out for us.
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I just had to chip in- I went to a Kindermusik trial class n disliked it. The teacher had to refer to a guide book all the time, and she was not exactly nice with all the kids. I felt it was too structured. Nope, don't like it!!! I know of other mums with older kids who enjoyed it though. Maybe it's a matter of age. And of coz, the teacher.
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Question about Music Together

I don't mean to 'thread-nap' but I have never been to either Kindermusik or MT.

Isaiah is almost 2 now and is very attached to me still and gets a little stressed out around other kids because he's not used to all the 'chaos'

When we visit at SIL's house and 4 cousins...he doesn't really play and if the kids get too close or scream, he cries for me. I would love to take him to MT (I found one in my area) but I'm a bit nervous about taking him somewhere new when he's not accustomed to being and participating in a large group.

I'm also a little shy and don't want to look like the mom with the whiney baby. : Maybe I'm thinking about it too much. I should just go.

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Hey Lisa, my DS is the same way, and I think it's just fine! He's clingier than a lot of the kids I see at playgroup or gymnastics, but shoot he's only 20 months old. It took him about a month to warm up to the gymnastics class, although recently it has gotten out of hand and we are not going anymore. Too overwhelming for him and me
If it's not too much of an investment, you could try the Music Together class for a few weeks and see if he warms up to it.
I'm sure some people disagree, but at 2 I think kids are just starting to get a few social skills, we shouldn't pressure them too much. JMO!
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Lisa, I think MT is ideal for toddlers--it makes room for them being who they are. And for the mothers to be who they are as well . I liken MT to a good yoga class--non-competitive, non-judgmental.
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Hi Lisa,

My toddler is the same way. I asked the teacher when her smallest class was meeting and we signed up for that one (it had only 5 children in it instead of the 12). It was a less popular time, but definetly worth it for us.
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Wow....I am just shocked by what everyone is saying about Kindermusik.....we must have a really great teacher. My son absolutly loves his classes. He adores the teacher and she takes him for almost half the class and plays with him. We use a ton of different instuments and ALL of the babies in the class seem to really enjoy it. We both really enjoy the Cd's and play them all the time. My son often signs for his kindermusik cd when we are listening to music. I agree that it is structured but if my son doesn't want to participate in a couple of the songs he is free to do his own thing and the instructor doesn't mind at all.
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