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What do you do with your extra stuff?

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What do you do with the stuff that you have, that you really don't need, but is worth something? We all have kids, so lets say kids clothes.... what do you all do with the kids clothes that you have that lets say are in great shape and maybe cost something new. Do you try to resell everything that is in good shape or just give it to goodwill and be glad its not in your house?
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I always donate to the Crisis Nurseries or clothing closets for the people who don't have the money to buy stuff, even from Goodwill.
I have visited the clothing closets and am shocked at the garbage that people donate. Once, there were only two shirts in my dd's size and both looked like the kid had had a nosebleed or something. Just because there are many ppl that cannot afford to purchase clothes does not mean they are willing to wear other's garbage.
And to think that people think that is okay, is just appalling in my mind.

And, yes, I could use the money if I sold the 'decent' stuff to Once Upon A Child, but I'd rather give it to children who really need nice, clean, non ripped clothing.
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I recently had a garage sale to get rid of most of my daughters used clothes. She has WAY too many in each size it seems due to my MIL thinking she always needs more. So a lot of her clothes are in like new condition, but I used the money to get her a new outside activity playhouse which she adores.

The rest of the stuff that I don't plan on keeping will go to my local consignment store and what doesn't sell they will then donate to a charity that they donate to.

Other items that I know are still in great condition or worth money I will either donate to goodwill or I will freecycle it!

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I've sold a couple really nice pieces of kids clothes on eBay. My moms group has an annual rummage sale and a really active email list so I sell some clothes and toys there. I take some clothes to a local kids resale store where I can get credit toward other purchases. By buying many things used and selling when we are done, I think I am able to keep my kids' clothing costs pretty low. Other kids clothes I donate to my church or preschool rummage sales if they are coming up within a couple of months of when I clean out the closets.
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I have given a lot of clothes to a friend that can use them. The stuff she can't use goes to the goodwill. I never give torn or nasty clothes to anyone but the trashcan.

Everything else we give away goes to the goodwill. I don't mess with yard sales or trying to sell on the web.

Big ticket items like our freezer went through an ad in the paper.
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I'm beginning to sell some things on Ebay, but most things get carted off to the thrift store and we get a receipt for tax purposes.
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With kids' clothing.. I have been keeping things that I really like a lot or hold special memories for me (first outfits, for example) and I am going to store those in rubbermaid containers until we have another baby.
I have been working on clearing out all the baby clothes I'm not so crazy about or never fit my kids right (we have tall babies!) and have been taking those to the consignment store. I plan to use the credit to buy winter clothes for the kids.
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I have a lot of friends who are pregnant or recently had babies, so a lot of our baby stuff (clothes and equipment) has gone to them recently. Whatever they can't use (wrong gender, wrong season, whatever) will go to either the consignment or the thrift store, depending on how much I feel like I need credit at the consignment store! But we have been given a lot of stuff, and feel like we should pass on our good fortune as much as possible.
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I usually ask my sister if she wants anything. Whatever she doesn't want I give to my mom for her church or we donate it.
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Thanks for answering ladies... I think a lot of people just give stuff away, which I admire. I am trying to get out of the habit of looking at everything I buy for its resale value. Its hard though, I try to get most of my kids clothes used to cut costs and I feel like I'm always shopping because that great deal might still be out there somewhere. We garage sale two days a week...and usually find terrific stuff. On the flip side, I don't have time to organize a garage sale, so I sell a lot of my stuff on TP or ebay, and what sticks around for too long I freecycle.
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I donate it. I also donate the crap clothing, because they can sell them for cash to rag merchants.
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I donate clothes and stuff that seems like a good fit for Goodwill. The rest I Freecycle. I just loooooove Freecycle !
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Depends on if I'm in moneypanic mode or gettingridofstuff rampage mode.
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Since I rely on garage sales and rummage sales to buy clothes, I sell them at our garage sale for people who are out looking for inexpensive clothing. I don't expect to sell much and I sell everything decent for $.25, giving away stuff that's wearable, but with stains. The rest we give to a rummage sales or freecycle.
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A friend and I had a garage sale to get rid of decent children's clothes, etc. I keep clothes that have a sentimental connection. I usually take the rest to the Goodwill. I need to start taking things to the Orphan Grain Train, though.
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I rummage sale it first because hey every needs a decent rummage sale. Goodwill savers and the like are getting expenssive ($5 for a dress or pair of jeans. come on!! I can do better than that new!), don't qualify for the kids closet etc but still want quality clothes. So I do my best when buying them, sell them cheap on a rummage, make $100 to go out and do well buying the next size up. most of my childrens bought clothing is bought with money from selling thier other stuff. It is a cycle. also by having a reasonable rummage people in my neighborhood are able to get some good stuff for $.25. it benifits both of us. what's left gets donated to the CPC and kids closet. everything esle (household etc) goes to St. Vinnies. the YMCA will do pick up.

this of course is assuming there is anything left worth passing on. by the time an outfit has made it through child #3, if of course it makes it that far) it is usually trashed and used as quilt fabric, diaper fabric or rags.

Please don't donate crap to charities though. they have ebnough to do they donn't want to pay extra to have your garbage hauled away. and there is a lot of garbage. I have been in the back rooms and seen the stuff people dump so that they don't have to pay to haul it away. nice. stains rips etc are not suitable for donation anywhere. broken stuff and stuff with missing peices, also not suitable. Please be considerate. is this something youwould buy?
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lilyka- I though I was just being cheap- Goodwill IS getting expensive!

There are certainly deals for certain things, like baby clothes (at least where I am). They have two bins of 24 mos. and smaller clothes that are 99 cents each. It's really hit or miss, but I just bought lots of things (enough for the fall and winter) for my dd- all Baby Gap, Gymboree, OshKosh, Old Navy.
I was really amazed those people didn't try to consign those things, they were in great shape! But I was thankful I got a great deal, because I really couldn't afford more.
It makes me want to keep everything in great shape and bring it back there when we're finished with it- pass the cute things on to someone else who needs them

But, you're right.. the stuff for adults seems a little bit too high.. :
The toys are OUTRAGEOUSLY overpriced at our Goodwill. Would you believe that they have something from the dollar store marked $3.99 ??!
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Dang we never have good stuff at goodwill. The cypher all the brand names off to thier higher end second hand stores (Goodwill can do that because they are for profit) so the only thing in the $.99 bins are stuff from when I was a kid. and it is all dirty and nasty. we do pretty good on books at goodwill and there is one that does especialy well for baby gear and toys. Savers is your best bet for anythign good. at least for cheap. Second hand is huge here so I think places like goodwill think "If once upon a child can get $4 for it so can we." and there are about 4 nice second hand kids stores (and it is my dream to open one but mine would have maternity clothes, and new natrual parenting products like cloth diapers, slings and organic baby food, used homeschool supplies and a classroom for parenting and childbirth educators and . .. .dreams are free :LOL )

Another cool thing about rummage sales. I usually get together with group of friends and all the best stuff gets handded down and around. T gave me clothes I gave mine to J and J gave me a table, T got my school supplies and toys. so not only did we make a buck but we got a bunch of stuff from each otehr for free.
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