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Joining the April Mums!

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Just found out that I am pregnant with our second child. Due mid-April; I am not exactly sure of the EDD as I have very long cycles and I think I didn't ovulate until day 30-something (should be fun discussing the EDD with the health professionals ).

I am in the UK so our system is quite a bit different but I found it very vaulble being part of a MDC due date group last time and am looking forward to "meeting" you all during the next 9 months.

I have a 16 month old DD (who is still nursing voraciously) and am planning on a VBAC this time (fingers crossed).
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Congratulations & welcome to the April board I am in the UK too (home counties) and also due mid April.
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Congrats! I am also due mid April. Likely on the 14th.

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Congrats! Hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!
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Congratulations and welcome!
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It's a great group off mama's we're gathering here!!

Congratulations & we'll "see" you around the boards.
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Congratulations and welcome to our expecting club!
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and Congrats. Sending tons of VBAC vibes your way
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