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TTC after Miscarriage

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I would love to hear from women who have ttc after a miscarriage. How long did it take for you?

I had a, sort of, unexpected pregnancy in Sept. and miscarried in Nov. I am desperately wanting a child now and very nervous about the prospect of ttc and waiting every month to see if it's "the one"

Any advice? Trying to take it cool and planning on actively ttc about Feb.
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I haven't had personal experience, but this year my two closest friend's both miscarried. Both of them got pregnant the first cycle they tried after their m/c.

It is definately stressful dealing with being pg after m/c. Both were pretty pre-occupied with the thought of losing the pg, but they have both gone on to have healthy pregnancies. One just delivered last week.

Both found it helpful to keep the news to themselves until they heard a heartbeat.

Good luck.
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Naturegirl - same here. Our pregnancy was very planned (maybe too planned) and the loss is horrible. I'm still at the point where I can't express my feelings clearly.

I have the same hesitation about becomming preganat again. I'm trying to keep positive and not let the negative thoughts creep in.

I too would be interested to hear from others who had successful pregnancies after m/c. What did you find most helpful in keeping calm, keeping positive, etc.

Also, anyone try accupuncture before/during preganacy?
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Hello again grandmas girl! My sister-in-law miscarried in August and was pg. again in Sept. I also have heard from many women who miscarried their first pg. and went on to have two, three, etc. healthy babies. It is amazing how many women have gone through micsarriages. I had no idea.

As for acupuncture. I had an acupuncture tx. just before conceiving and just before I miscarried. I was already bleeding when I went in for the tx. I think it is great. I am going to get in again this month. I also am under chiropractic and massage care.

Are you planning on ttc again soon. I know you recently miscarried also...

Take care and nice to hear from you.
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I just miscarried in July at 11 weeks, and this is the second month of trying, so I'm not sure yet. My doctor told me to wait 3 cycles before trying again as the risk of miscarriage was higher right after having had one, but my sister didn't buy it because she got pregnant right away after hers. I've known others who have too, and I think you don't really breathe a sigh of relief until you are past the point where the m/c happened, but remembering my first pregnancy, sheesh, I worried about things all the way through. Hugs to you! and I wish you all the best!
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I miscarried in July and my doctor told me that it would not affect my ability to get pregnant. She said to wait until after I had one period just to give my body a break.
I waited for two and have tried for three months now. We're waiting to see if I'm pregnant this time, but I have a feeling I'm not.
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mama joy and amywillow - baby dust to you!

naturegirl - thanx for the warm welcome. I'm beginning to feel a bit more normal (if I ever was normal!). Glad to hear you felt the accupuncture helped - I got a name from my midwife so I'll give her a call. I did it once for a back problem - it was fabulous! Plus now I have a lot more stress in my life so maybe this will help with everything.

Dh and I are going to TTC again. We're not doing anything to prevent so hopefully we will have good news again in the near future. I just have to get myself back on track. I miscarried almost two weeks ago and on top of that 4 weeks ago I tore most of the tendons in my right ankle (I was just 6wks pg when it happened). I just started to drive again this week and am walking around without the air cast although I have lost a great deal of flexibility. I'm beginning to think that the forces of nature were just against me this time, the ankle, mega work stress from the client from hell, boss from hell, etc.

As I said I'm starting to feel normal again. Physically I'm feeling stonger than a few weeks ago and emotionally thing are evening out. My stress level has dropped becuase our CEO has demanded that we resign the client from hell account (which I have been pushing for for a year now!) and we just got a new, profitable and very nice client.

I hope that you too are feeling better - I think we were a week apart in our miscarriages. BTW - what type of massage therapy do you go for? I can't bring myself to go to a chiro (I have issues with people near my spinal column - nothing against chiros just my own personal issues - no touch the spine or the knee caps ever!.) I was thinking about massage also.

Sorry I got so long winded ladies - sometime stuff just comes out!

Good luck and many blessing to all of us!!!!!
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It is wonderful to hear that you are feeling better I am still roller coastering

I still have weird symptoms. I know this may sound weird but it feels like I have a small hemmoroid?! It isn't red but it is irritating. I have NEVER had anything like this before. I may be paranoid but I almost think it is from wearing either a pantyliner or pad for the past 3 weeks!. I am afraid not to though. Just when I think all the bleeding is done I have a little more. Not alot just enough to stain another pair of undies. I also still have occasional tummy pains when I roll over in bed. That is the only time it happens and I think it is due more to soreness in my low back at this point.

As far as the massage. I go for the typical swedish massage usually. Some deep tissue and relaxation mixed together. It's funny you mentioned the knee cap thing, grandmasgirl, my husband goes hysterical if I touch his kneecaps!

I have been going to chiropractors since I was 3 years old so I guess I never got the "get away from my spine" feeling. It helped me soooo much throughout the years that I am now a chiropractor myself! I have had a few patients that it takes a couple of visits for them to get used to the touching the spine thing. If you don't think you can take it though, there are alot of techniques out there that are very light touch and if you discuss your reservations with a chiro. they should make it as comfortable for you as possible.

Other than the roller coastering and "weird" physical symptoms I am doing pretty good. I still have that lingering fear that pregnancy won't come easy for me and I really, really want a baby!

Take care
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Speaking of weird symptoms, it took me at least a month to get past the darn acne. I really started breaking out right after the miscarriage, and I still have some scars.
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Naturegirl I am so sorry this happened to you!

I had been taking clomid and got pg after 3 months only to have a miscarriage at 11 weeks. My aunt is the MD I was seeing at the time so we decided 6 weeks healing time was enough before we went back to ttc with the clomid. Whammo! the very next cycle was THE ONE. DD was born the following March fat and sassy. I should add that we were given a "bonus baby" when dd2 was 18 months old, so you just never know what reward awaits for having had a loss.

Good luck to you!
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I'm Abigail and I think I was supposed to introduce myself. Sorry. I just want to jump in as I have spent a lot of time over at the birthloss site after I had a mc in Aug. we have been trying again and I will find out if I am pregnant tomorrow. I am cd 38.

I wanted to say that I go to an accupuncturist every week. I was in a car accident right before I miscarried and the other guy is paying for it so why not. I loved it from the get go . My acc-ist also uses herbs and has spoken with her collegues about herbs that can help stabilize the uterus. I will let you know as I learn more. In chinese medicine they believe that you cannot carry a baby to term with severe back injuries because there are too many links between the areas.

CAUTION though. my acc-ist showed me the points that cause miscarriage. I China you can go to the acc-ist to terminate your pregnancy. They are between the thumb and for finger, on your feet and also she said not to let anyone slap you on your shoulder because this is considered a pressure point that could be detrimental.

I like hearing about different cultural beliefs about pregnancy. My best friend is Persian and has told me not to drink anything to hot or cold. Not to take hot or cold showers, not to reach for anything above my head and I am sure there are other things. I hope I haven't gone off topic with this. I just saw the note about accupuncture and thought I would throw my 2 cents in.

Much love and baby dust to all of you,
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