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How do you do it at home?

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How old is your baby and how do you wear your sling/carrier at home?

I mainly used a sling with my first child when we were going somewhere; it never dawned on me to use it in the house. So now I have been given two slings, a premaxx one and a home-made maya wrap one, and I am wondering how to go about using it at home, will it help? My baby is 6 weeks old now. Suggestions, ideas, experiences welcome. Thank you.
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Oh gosh, I wear mine a good majority of the day! I wear baby while I clean, vaccuum, do laundry... I wear her outside to play w/ my older kids... I'd never survive w/out the sling at home!

I usually just wear her whenever she wants, which is... well... most of the time LOL

I choose a washable carrier for around the house. I also use my pouch a lot since nursing is easy in it and I don't need a tail to cover while I'm at home.

It helps me tremendously!
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I soo agree, we use ours (diffrent ones for diffrent things) but wear it ALL the time, its like a part of me now...LOL...
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Babywearing at home is a great way to keep baby happy while you get stuff done (thereby keeping yourself happy/sane, too). I have a toddler and BWing helps me to satisfy both kids' needs at once.

I use either a wrap or a pouch sling around the house. The wrap seems more secure and is totally hands-free. I've done pretty much everything except cook while wearing it, and once I get a back carry down I'll probably wear Reese while chopping and cooking, too.

Lately Reese prefers riding in a pouch sling in a sortof hybrid carry - part cradle, part kangaroo. He's able to see what's going on and likes to keep moving around.
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Me too. I wear him in a basic, simple wrap most of the day right now.

I used a Mobywrap when my ds#3 was your baby's age.
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I wouldn't have been able to eat or go to the bathroom without a carrier.

My question is... How do you do it without one?
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My DD is almost a year now, and she spends almost no time around the house being worn now. Only when she's really strung out and can't settle to sleep. Basically, she'd rather be near me crawling and toddling while I'm busy-- she's very active and likes to spend most of her time playing and exploring. I still wear her when we're out, but that's basically it these days.

Up until around 9 months, though, she spent a majority of her time in various carriers around the house. Especially up until she learned to sit up (roughly 6 months); after that she gradually started spending more and more time down. I'd say it was by 9 months that she was spending more time down than up.

Mostly I used a ring sling or pouch at home, except when I badly needed to be hands-free, at which point I used an ABC.
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I'm with everyone else, I have been wearing Aly around the house since she was born. I used to wear her for most of the day, but as she's gotten older she spends more and more time down on the floor. Now at 10 months I only wear her when I need to get things done like cleaning, laundry, carrying things in from the car, or when she's gets really fussy and nursing doesn't seem to be what she's looking for. Most of the time I do a high back carry with my Mei Tai for cleaning or I put her in the hip carry in a ring sling if I only need a few minutes. I plan to wear the next baby even more than I've worn her because I'll need both hands to tend to her.
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I wish I could say I wear my baby at home all the time but I don't. I tried and she won't have it. I use it when I am out but she doesn't even seem to like it all the time then. I wish I had had one when she was a newborn because I am pretty sure she would of loved it then. Too bad I didn't really think of it until she was a month old and I didn't have the money to buy one anyway. We were so broke then it was pathetic.

So alas, my baby girl isn't all that fond of the sling. I am thinking that maybe as she gets a little bit older she may like something like a mei tai or something but until then, and until I can afford one I will just have to hold her alot. I am probably gonna just sell my ring sling to buy something else to try because I don't think I can afford to keep both. She loves being held but not in the sling, so I don't get that much done these days needless to say. She is worth it though,
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LOVE the Maya Wrap!

I love my maya wrap. I wear my new DD all the time and she loves it too. I started her in it when she was a newborn. I only wish I had the maya wrap when my DD1 was smaller. I bought a Dr. Sears NoJo wrap then and geez . . . that thing was awful. Big, bulky and hot. I decided then that babywearing (in a sling) wasn't for me. I used the Snuggli carrier with her instead. THEN I bought the Maya wrap when I was still preg. with DD2 and wore my toddler in it while pregnant and fell in love with it. I highly recommend trying it. I must still be learning how to use it because I often put DD2 in the Snuggli carrier while I vaccuum and do other household chores because I'm afraid to have both hands free with the Maya, but if we're outside watching DD1 play, or going for a walk, or shopping or trying to get DD2 to nap, etc., etc., the Maya Wrap is awesome!
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Like funshine, I use a pouch sling or a wrap around the house. I would add, there is not just a learning curve to wearing the baby, there is also one to doing things wearing baby! I feel a lot more secure doing laundry, emptying dishwasher, and picking up around the house with baby in a wrap, but I don't mind vacuuming with baby in a pouch. But it took some practice with both to get comfortable with doing tasks while babywearing!

Also, if baby doesn't seem to like a given sling, another may work better for you. At the moment, ds2 has definite preferences for a fleece pouch, or the wrap. He kind of goes "aaaaahh" when I put his cranky self into a fleece pouch, but hollers about the other pouches! Whatever . . .
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I have a hard time doing housework when wearing my baby (he's VERY heavy for his age, so the body control needed to help distribute his weight isn't there), but there are times when nothing at all would get done if I don't strap him on somehow. He's 6 months old, and up until now, I'd been using a gauze wrap with him on my front - as a pp said, it's totally hands-free, so I can definitely do more than I could if I had him in a one-shoulder sling. Sometimes I'd put him in a backpack (frame-type - mine's a Tough Traveller), but that gets unwieldy as it tends to throw off your center of gravity. Now I've been using an ABC on my back, and it's been letting me get plenty done - finally a carrier that will allow me to do laundry and dishes and cooking! I really like the ABC now - I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to making one!
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Sarajane, what positions have you tried with your baby, and how old is she now? Sometimes babies don't like certain positions. Also, you can make a wrap for just a few dollars (I'm talking like $3-$6). Check out http://www.mamatoto.org to see how (even without being able to sew) and how to use it.

Also, a simple sarong is IMO very easy to use as a back torso carrier. You can see that at mamatoto too.
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i feel as if wearing my 3 month old while running the vacuum might hurt her ears - am i being too cautious?

also, does anyone else have problems with baby (or mama for that matter) getting too warm in the sling? dd and i are pretty warm blooded, i sometimes wind up with sweat spots ( even in the house!) and she seems warm...she gets sleepy, also. this may be a dumb question, but how hot is too hot? would she let me know? (first baby!)

one more thing - where would i fnd a free pattern for a knitted stretchy pouch?
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i wear my babe in the pouch sling at home all day, i wouldnt be able to care for my other kids without it!~
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Originally Posted by Tupelo Honey
Sarajane, what positions have you tried with your baby, and how old is she now? Sometimes babies don't like certain positions. Also, you can make a wrap for just a few dollars (I'm talking like $3-$6). Check out http://www.mamatoto.org to see how (even without being able to sew) and how to use it.

Also, a simple sarong is IMO very easy to use as a back torso carrier. You can see that at mamatoto too.
She is four months today. She seems to have warmed up to me carrying her facing me or on my hip in the store (her arms have to be out and her feet otherwise she hates it). She still doesn't like it when I try to work with her in there. I haven't really mastered that yet either so I think I make her uncomfortable. She is too wiggly for me to put her in the ring sling on my back. I am looking into getting a mei tai from baby hawk right now. I am thinking she will like that better. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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There is no way I could make it through the day w/out my pouch. I carry dd the same way funshine described - part cradle, part kangaroo. That way I can play with ds and get a few things done around the house. Once she falls asleep I just tuck her down so she can have a good nap. She rarely falls asleep just being held, she needs to be in a pack.
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With baby wearing, I found that I had to dress myself and the baby more lightly than I would if I wasn't wearing the baby. In the summer, my son would just be in his diaper and I would have on a tank top and the carrier...that's it. Otherwise we would both be melting!
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rings slipping?

how do i keep the rings from slipping on my unpadded sling? (well, it has a shoulder pad, but thats it). it seems like DD is always down by my waist, shouldnt she be higher?

is there any way to wear her so that she is up looking over my shoulder?
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DD is 13 weeks old, about 14 lbs...
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