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Need some ideas for raw veggies

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What are some other veggies that can be eaten raw besides lettuce, celery and carrots? I can get my DS to eat alot of veggies if they're cooked but then there are alot of times I'm too lazy to cook a side of veggies : I would like to be able to just cut up some raw and give them that way (especially in his sack lunches when school starts again). He doesn't like salads or celery but has just started liking raw carrots so I'm able to do that. He's never eaten a raw piece of brocolli either, sometimes he'll eat the stem part sliced though. What other veggies can be eaten raw and are kid friendly?
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Dd loves peas and corn raw. I don't know how old your ds is, but they probably should be past the choking stage to eat those.
Cherry tomatoes maybe? My kids just love to watch them squirt all over.
Green beans, dd loves those.
You can just do shredded beets without cooking them. Oh, zucchini, too, dc love those uncooked. Bell peppers maybe. The red and yellow ones are sweet.
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My dd loves tomato slices, cucumber slices, and sweet peppers. Anything crispy enough to dip!
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I've been liking raw summer squash lately.
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Mushrooms, spring onions, peppers (a rainbow of possibilities), avocado, green beans, radish, tomato, tomatillo, jimica...

We found it is easier to introduce raw veggies with raw fruit. We start with slices of apple, and then move on to other yummy things that are fun to chop.
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cauliflower is pretty kid-friendly because of it's mild taste. Another thing that kids seem to like are olives though they are more like a condiment and not a raw veggie.

You can also do shredded veggies on sandwiches, carrots and zucchini work pretty well this way. We do lots of veggies on either cheese or fried egg sandwiches, like avocado, cucumber, tomato, the aforementioned shredded veggies, and lettuce, and bell peppers if we have any. They're all pretty tasty!

Other raw veggie ideas would be a cold vegan soup a.k.a. salad in a blender. Good way to get greens into children!
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Thanks guys!

I never knew that you could eat things like green beans raw, that's so cool. DS likes pepper so I gave him some when he was eating his falafel w. tahini sauce to dip into the sauce, he wasn't too interested in trying that :LOL he likes peppers too. He does eat alot of raw cucumbers, I forgot about that one, but I haven't bought any in a few weeks because I think DS was starting to get sick of them. I'm gonna write down these suggestions for when I go grocery shopping tommorow, I think a big raw veggie platter with different dips would be something that would get DS liking those foods more.

thanks again!
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