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WW weekly thread 8/08 (late start)

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Where is everyone? :LOL How are you all doing?? I know its late in the week, but we could use a thread anyway

Start weight - 218.6
Last week - 210.8
Current weight 208.6
total lost: 10lbs

I got my blue ribbon this week! woohoo

I've managed to get to the gym the last two days without the kids screaming in the daycare so i feel REALLY good about that... enjoying the ME time!

How about you?
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Yeah Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 lbs down. that's great!!!!!

SW 214
CW 185
29lbs down
GW 150

I had a good week last week. This one is going well also. I love nursing.... it makes things so easy, ROFL. I'm still tired a lot. Cole is nursing every couple of hours during the night. I'm trying to exercise a couple of times a week. I really want to start jogging again, but i need to lose at a least another 15-20lbs first.
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I know, I love nursing, i never feel hungry :LOL Tho that does make me worry about what happens when she weans herself.... im hoping its not for at least 2 more years :
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Can I join this thread? I joined WW a couple weeks ago and could use some support. I don't think there is a place where I fit in on the WW community boards.

SW 230
CW 228
GW 145

Got a long way to go!
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I'm not new to the site but am relatively new to posting, but I just joined WW online last week (4 weeks post partum). I managed to lose 50 pounds with WW before I got PG and so I know the program works - here are my stats:

SW: 179.4
CW: 176.6 (2.8 down this week!)
GW: 145

Have a great week!

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welcome ladies! be on the lookout... im going to start next weeks thread in the morning
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I haven't seen a new thread, so here I will post.

After a slow couple of weeks (celebrating my 30th birthday actually gave me my first gain since starting)...I have lost again. Today, I recorded a 3.6 loss...I attribute this to several things.

1. Post PMS water loss
2. Being super careful because last week I gained
3. Dropping two points because my guy is nursing less and less.

So, I am in the 180s for the first time in years and years!

Start weight: 226
Current weight: 187.4
Goal weight: Somewhere in the 130s (wow, only 50ish pounds to go!)

I am experimenting this week with starting my points counting at dinner and working to breakfast, starting over at dinner etc. I am a major nighttime snacker and dh is out of town for a month....I am hoping this will be more manageable.

Has anyone tried this?

Welcome theatremum! I am a theatre person too (or used to be, pre ds)
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I just joined WW today!

I did it a few years ago - way before I got pg. I just finished up with school and Im home looking for a job and trying to clean my house while waiting for my Bar results. I thought Id be able to diet on my own but I actually gained weight. I need structure. :LOL

So today I weighed in at 221 - 9 lbs less than I weighed at 9months pg (and dd was 8 lbs!)

Glad I found you
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:LOL I posted on the 7-25 thread and THEN I found this one. So that is "where I am"!
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Here is my post from 7-25:

I have been doing WW for 16 months now. I've lost 57 pounds. I must say this summer has been tough and I'm thrilled to find this thread! The WW message board, which you have to pay to use, is very negative and snipey. Not all but quite a few of the threads there are just plain mean spirited!

The recipe for the oatmeal squares is great. I wanted to share a 2 point pie recipe I developed last week which really hits the spot late at night when you need "something".

2 cups crushed graham crackers
1/4 cup melted Canola margarine (no trans fats)
mix and press in 9 inch pie pan

Whisk 2 boxes of sugar free vanilla pudding with 1 1/4 cup skim milk
Stir in 1 can pumpkin and 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/4 tsp ground cloves

chill in fridge and serve with a dollop of ff cool whip.

Love it!

Good luck to all you ladies this week. I weigh in in the morning.
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Miss Kitty...no fair..now I'm wanting those yummy pudding squares!!!

I agree about the messageboard on WW. YIKES!! I wonder if it is harder for those women to loose weight with so much negativity?

I weigh in in the morning too. Maybe we should start a new thread then.
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