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Tell me about your vacuum cleaner!

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I need help I think. For awhile, I enjoyed my stick vacuum cleaner:


Pros: It's light weight, it works for being only a few amps of power and picking up light duty cleaning, has crevice tool.

Cons: short cord, filter that requires gross cleaning at each dumping of the cup.

I want a vacuum that does it all! hehe. Actually, I really would like one that I do not have to scrape off hair and gross dirt from the filter at every cup dumping. This one doesn't have a bag but it has a filter and it is misleading that it says that it is as easy as just unclipping the cup and dumping it. No, you have to take out the filter from the cup and not only do you dump the cup but you have to pick off all the gross stuff that adhered to the filter which is clumps of crap. If it's cordless that is a plus but I'd go for one that had a longer cord perhaps..as long as the filter thing was taken care of.
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Well I love my dyson. I am seriously in love with it. It has a 17 foot cord. I can almost vacuum my entire house with out moving the plug in! All you have to do is dump the canister when it gets full. I just shake it a few times to get the crap off but you don't have to. If I get really ambitious (about twice a year) I take a brush to it and clean all the dust off. It is great. It will suck up anything and everything. I would highly recommend looking in to them.

Good luck!
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This is the vacuum we just got. We were deciding between this and the dyson, trying to talk ourselves into the dyson, which I'm sure is far better. But we're really happy with our decision, esp for the price. I LOVE it, no bags, the cord self winds, good suction, works on carpet and hardwood floors well, the handtool is easy to use (although it took me a while to figure out that there's a clip to push to make it easier to pull out). If it does get clogged (I did it with tissues the other day) there aren't any mystery holes to wander down, it's pretty direct. It is a little hard to push on carpet, but I need the exercise anyways, lol. My MIL, who is a cleaning freak, tried it and decided to go get one for herself.

Here's basically what it is, it looks the same, but the model name isn't, we didn't get it on Amazon.

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Another plug for the Dyson, I LOOOVE ours! It works wonderfully for picking up our sheddy dog's fur and I feel like our carpet gets really clean. Very easy to use as well.
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Love my Dyson too - the whole house smells really clean when I'm done vacuuming. The long cord is great!

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I've heard really great things about the dyson, and when it's time to get a new vac, I'll probably look at one. I have a roomba, and the really nice thing about it is that I can have it going while I do other things, and it gets under all the furniture really well. It actually does a better job of vaccuming than I do, and it automatically senses what flooring it's on.
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Great thread- have been wondering the same thing!! :
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Another vote for Dyson. We have had ours just under 2 years and it gets used hard in this house. At least 6 times a week with 5 kids, a lab and a kitty. The hose broke a few weeks ago and dh fixed it(kind of) but it broke again. I finally made him call Dyson because I was sick of his whining. He told them the situation and they had a new hose and handle here in 3 days.
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Thanks for starting this thread.

One of the things I hate about my vacuum is that it is horribly LOUD (Wind Tunnel). Is the Dyson really loud?
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The Dyson is surprisingly quiet for how strong it sucks. Honestly, my dog used to go CRAZY with our other vaccuum and now with the Dyson, he sits there contentedly. DH even commented the first time I used it that it is quiet and if I was sure that it was working!
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"I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel, and it cleans better than Dyson."

sorry I couldn't resist!!!!! That commercial cracks me up.

But I DO have a windtunnel, which I like.
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Originally Posted by chicagomom
Thanks for starting this thread.

One of the things I hate about my vacuum is that it is horribly LOUD (Wind Tunnel). Is the Dyson really loud?
Our Bosch is pretty quiet.
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After looking at the dyson models, I have to say, my husband would commit me to a mental institution if I even breathed how much they cost and said I wanted one haha.

Needless to say, I was shocked at the price. I bet they are worth it and I believe you lol but I couldn't believe a vaccum could cost that. I grew up frugal so maybe that is why I can't even fathom that cost.

I went to walmart (and looked online at the main mfg's websites) and looked at their stick vaccums, all were bagless and the filter would require gross shaking. Not my cup of tea . I mean to tell you, I'm so grossed out by having to clean the filter that I simply can not look forward to cleaning my house weekly anymore with a bagless vaccum cleaner. I haven't come across a stick vaccum that has a bag unless it was the delonghi which was also pretty spendy . I have a hoover that is ok but it's big and clunky for my big cleaning days...not something for 2-3 times weekly cleanings.

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I'm desperate for a new vac, and i'd LOOOOVE a dyson but at this point there are SO many things we need to buy for the house/baby that It seems silly to spend THAT much on a tool when there are much cheaper ones.

Mainly I buy for both quality and price (my dad's a best of the best person, my mom as stingy as they come, she's all about garage sales...so I got a little of both...hehe) but when the money ain't there....

The biggest concern I have is I bought a dirt devil "vision" when I had my own apartment about 5 years ago. It does a good job cleaning carpets, but for my little 1bdrm apartment I'd have to empty the dirt cup about 5 times!
Not only that, but the filter is IN the dirt cup, and you have to get the filter out of the cup before dumping and then knock off the wads of hair and dirt and fuzz, and the filter hasn't been clean since the first time I used it!

I probably am way over due for one, but I don't think I can even buy another anyways...but even if I did, whats the point??

DH has terrible allergies/eczema/asthma (mmm...good genes!) so I actually have to make sure he's left the room when I'm vacing so that the dust from emptying the cup and trying to knock off some of the gunge from the filter doesn't trigger anything major!
I have to empy the cup outside too, because it bothers ME and i'm never bothered by stuff like that....blah.

Plus, in our livingroom which is a nice size, but hardly huge....I need to empy the thing like 2-3 times. Grr. Takes me HOURS to vacuum my house!

Then, my sis came to visit me just before I moved in with my DH, and brought her hamster/gerbil too. Either her fuzzy creature was very ambitious, or my cats spotted it hidden and "safe" because the little plastic cage thing was knocked over like 3 times. I got up as much of the bedding as humanly possible, but had to vac to get the rest up, as it was over carpet.
My vac completely locked up from the tube that feeds from the bar....and I had to disassemble it and snake it out with a hanger, like THREE times before it was working again...sorta.

Even now, the attachment hose thing doesn't work AT ALL. and since our new house seems infested with spiders (ewww) this is a PITA. i've had to resort to the damp papertowel method to remove the webs and such. would be so nice to stick the wand into a crack and suck the bastards out

I love bagless uprights, but after this....i'm super wary of buying one....
I want to make SURE I won't have these problems anymore (esp the dusty filter yuck)
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I love my Dyson...love it love it love it!
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how much are the dyson filters, and how often do you replace them?
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We got a dyson too it was hard to talk my dh into the price but its fairly quiet (the baby doesn't have a fit when its used) and i love that i just push the button and it empies no touching anything gross or dusty. oh its also light enough that the 6yo can push it around and do a pretty good job with it though she isnt so good about the edges and under the furniture!
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We just bought the dyson... I LOVE IT! There are a few things I'd change about it if I could (I wish it had a retractable cord) but it is awesome. I have asthma and vacuuming was always bad for me - with the dyson, I don't even notice a difference.

I also love the push button emptying

Yay for my dyson!
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Can anyone compare dyson's

We are looking into getting either the Costco one http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product...pnav=&cat=&s=1

Or the "animal"
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well, my vacuum sucks.

its a hoover- piece of crapola really.
I would love to get a Dyson.
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