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Fetoscope/Vit K drops??

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Where can one get a fetoscope & how about oral vit k drops?
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You might want to check a local medical supply store for the fetoscope. Dunno how open to the public they tend to be, though. AllHeart.com has one for $20. You might want to post to the midwives subforum & ask for brand recommendations.

The vit. K was a bit harder to find, but Birth With Love.com midwifery supplies seems to have it. It's a bit of a confusing product description, but the exact source seems to be a substance called K-Quinone, so you can check your local herbalist for it perhaps.
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Thanks again, Sagesgirl!!
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I went to London Drugs to find a normal stethoscope, and the lady there told me they had a medical supply store up the road. That store sold fetoscopes for only $25.
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I bought my fetoscope from allheart.com (the 20 dollar one) and it works fabulously. I even sometimes lend it to some of my responsible pregnant patients so that they can take it home and just enjoy listening to the baby on their own time, which I love to do myself.
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I just love toys like fetascopes!!
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Why don't you just pass on the Vitamin K...there are lots of reasons to avoid it as jaundice and cancer!
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As far as I know there is no research into the use of the Vit K inj as an oral medication. You don't usually give the same medication orally as you would use in an injection so not sure why they do it with Vit K. The exact dose needed for babies orally has also not been tested.

If you have a normal birth of an term baby I would give it a skip. I know I did
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I know some people use the oral vit k instead of the injection because you can use such a small dose. The cancer risk with the injection is only because of the huge dose they give the baby. Also, a bf mama can take the oral vit k & pass it through the bm to the babe.
I've seen it online (I think another member posted a link) & I've read studies about how much safer the oral is than the injection.
I'll have to look into it some more. Thanks!
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I'd always heard the opposite: the oral held higher risks.
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