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Why is it...?

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Why is it that we decide to TTC, but are so surprised when we are successful? Actually, we were TTC last month but had decided not to try this month because of a possible construction schedule for our new house with a move-in date in mid- to late April.
Ah well, 3 positive tests later, I am fairly convinced that I AM pregnant. Naegel's rule says I'm due April 22nd.
My name is Darci and I have a 29 mo and a 15 mo who still nurses around the clock. I'm married to my high-school sweetheart and I'm a SAHM and do some doula-ing (working on my cert).
Can't wait to "meet" everyone here.

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Congratulations Darcy! I had the same type of moment after we were successful TTC. While opening the refrigerator I simultaneously had the thought, "What did we just do"?!!!

I also look at DD (2 1/2) and feel a little guilty, but just for a moment. She'll be a great big sister.

Look forward to chatting with you more during these months ahead.

Congratulations again.
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I know, no matter how much we think about it is there ever a really good time to have a baby?

Welcome to the board, I look forward to seeing you in the threads!
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Oh good, so I'm not the only nut here.

BTW, bejeweled, I had STRONG feelings of guilt when I found out I was pregnant the day my first turned 6 months old! But now that they are 15 and 29 mo, they play together so beautifully, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Congratulations to you both!
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