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MDC Flylady Group December

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here is this months list of zones:

Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room (Dec 1-7)

Zone 2: The Kitchen (December 8 - 14)

Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room (December 15 - 21)

Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (December 22 - 28)

Zone 5: The Living Room (December 29 - 31)

So I have to admit I have been slacking, my sink is not clean this morning. Guess I better get flying....

How is everyone??????
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Hi! I only just found you all this moment,,but have been flying ( well,,I am a total baby still) for about 6 weeks. I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to find alternative mama's who are trying to FLY! I thought it was just me!

So Christmas preparations and a hurt back have launched my house into chaos,,it is amazing what a couple of days can do damage wise. I walked upstairs this morning and felt like I always did a couple of months ago,,eek. But today,,I am attacking with timer in hand,,15 minutes each room.

Looking foreward to getting to know you all!

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I'm not doing very well, but it's just because we've been busy (in a good way) this week.
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Well, since my entrance and front porch are covered in about 9 inches of snow and the living room, dining room and kitchen are strewn with wet mittens, hats and dripping boots.......I'm taking a snow day!!!


PS Maybe a snow week?
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I was good yesterday, I actually went to bed with a clean sink. And did a load of laundry and threw out a HUGE bad of no longer needed stuff.
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I'm dressed to shoes, the clean dishes are put away and I have a load in the dryer!

Woo hoo!
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I need to catch up with you guys.
I did manage to remove my autumn decorations from my front door/entrance, but that's mostly because they looked silly with 9" of snow on the ground.
Ah well, I'll keep trying.
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AHA!!! I knew you all were out there somewhere. I just posted in TAO about Flylady with a toddler.
We planted flowers around our front porch yesterday and hung a wreath on the door. Today I was lucky to get most of my morning routine done. My sink was clean for about 15 minutes.
What do you do on the weekends, when the whole family is home and wreaking havoc in the house?
There should be a little housecleaning smilie with a mop and a kerchief on her head.
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Sahara I saw your thread about toddlers and flying. I couldn't post as I haven't had a toddler in many years (unfortunately) and wasn't flying back then. Hope you got some good adice though :-)
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Dude, I lose it every darn weekend and then spend Monday trying to re-coup.

note: this method is NOT recommended
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I was so glad to see that others struggle with flylady with a toddler! I love flylady; she helped me establish some much needed good habits. I tend to be very scattered and unorganized so i really needed some help. I still benefit from the structure she provided. I get frustrated because I want my house to be sparkly clean, but it ain't gonna happen when my kids need me so much more than I need a clean house. Add to that is the frustration of still unpacking boxes and getting really anxious to get things finished. And yeah I'm amazed at how long it takes to get through one stupid morning routine when dd (age 4) wants to paint or bathe her pet rock in the bathroom sink and ds (20 months) wants to nurse every time he sees me! And right now I'm really super burnt out completely b/c dd was sick all last week so we were in the house going nowhere the whole week!
SO, I think flylady is great, and she does say to take baby steps and delete at will....so that's what I do. My house is much better off even now with two kids than it was before i had any. i just really needed some structure to my extreme right-brain world.
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ok this weeks zone is the kitchen, can you believe that dh stripped my kitchen floors this last weekend?? Yep and they look fab.

what timing! can I take credit?? hmm probably not, lol.
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Mamajamz, this is totally off-topic but my 20 month old DS wants to nurse constantly, too!!! He used to be a bedtime, naptime, morning nurser, but for the last 3 weeks he just can't seem to get enough of it.

Well, I cleaned my fridge today. I don't think it was a formal
'mission', but it desperately needed to be done. We've been keeping up with the sink/dishes for the last week and a half. Luckily DH is the neat one in the family, and he's really into the routines.
Now I just have to figure out how to put away laundry
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How funny--I cleaned out the fridge today too!

I had a flylady "aha" moment today. I remembered that it doesn't have to be perfect. I was forgetting to JUST do 15 minutes, and instead was doing jobs until they looked perfect, with the result of always cleaning, cleaning cleaning. Then I got burnt out! Now my house is far from perfect, but it's not a pig sty either and some parts are actually clean and I feel better about not being a drill sergeant.
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Sounds like you got it

I didn't do much today, just the dishes. I SUCK! LOLOL

feeling a little hyper and silly
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I'm not officially flying, though I should be. Can I make a comment anyway?

Sahara, I have folded laundry in the laundry room, living room, kitchen, and my bedroom, and in my experience, the only way to get the laundry put away is if I fold it in my room. I also have a pile of hangers beside me, so when I'm sorting the clothes, the hanger ones go straight on, instead of into a pile, into the right room, and then on the hangers and away.

Now if only I could catch up on my odd socks!!
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Ha Ha, we have actually been known to go to bed using our clean, folded laundry as a foot warmer. I thought putting it on the bed would mean it would get done. This was pre-FlyLady, though.
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I'm such a slacker.
My house is a complete mess. I was doing so well, too!
There's dog, cat, rabbit hair all over the carpets, there are dishes in the sink, crap all over the dining room table...
But tonight I'm going to go home and clean! That' s right...CLEAN! If only I didn't have to work this darn day job.
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What a cool thread! I've been flying for almost 2 years. Our house still falls apart sometimes but it comes back together fast. We've all had the flu this week -- ug. No zone cleaning here -- but at least things aren't in complete chaos!

When I first started flylady it was April and my Halloween decorations where still up Really -- no matter how bad it is at your house it can't be worse than mine was when I started

About weekends -- do your morning and evening routine. Have your family members help pick up their own things in the evening. Even a tot can carry their toys/shoes/books/etc back to their rooms. I really think that the evening routine on Sunday night is the most important thing of the whole week. If we just pick up our sh** and put it away at the end of the weekend, everything goes so much better for the whole week.

And even after all this time, my house isn't spotless. It is wonderfully livable and nothing I need to be embarrassed about it, but it is normal home and there is always something more that I could clean. We aren't living in chaos and life is a much less stressful than it used to be.
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You know, every night this week I've made a nice dinner for our family. I just realized it tonight. This is the third week in a row I've been using a menu, and my grocery bill has dropped by $40/week and we are eating better. AND I can see all the food in my fridge, and it's not spoiled.
I've got plenty of other places to work on, but things are shaping up around here.
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