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Things are shaping up here too!

Finding out there were like minded Mothering mamas who "flew" made a big difference in my attitude. Her brainwashing essays, after months, helped too. I thought I would never change but I am starting to feel a clean kitchen is a gift from myself that I deserve, rather than a sign that I am a slave no one appreciates so I passively aggressively won't clean it. (The babes are out of arms now, can't use that EXTREMELY legitimate excuse anymore )

The decluttering is a difficult spiritual process but I am making process. Trying not to burn out but 15 minutes a day seems to little. Trying to find balance.

But my bathroom and my dishes have made HUGE progress over the last weeks.
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Originally posted by Momtwice
The decluttering is a difficult spiritual process but I am making process.
One thing that has surprised me is that this is a spiritual journey. At first I thought it was just about getting the house clean!

Have you read Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui? It talks a lot about how clutter affects us.

As we have decluttered, my DH and I feel more light and free. All the clutter was draining the energy out of us.
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True about clutter. Where is the article about clutter and Feng Shui? I'd like to read that.
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sorry -- it's not an article. It's a book.
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Must be synchronicity with the Universe
I just decluttered an ad for that very book (but wrote the name on my list of books I want to read.)

When I said the process was spiritually hard for me...it's hard for me to let go of clutter especially paper clutter. ( It's hard fo r me to let go of old negative attitudes too. ) I get a headache (I've had a fierce headache today) or catch a cold, start feeling tired or OVERDO and then blow it off...I look forward to the day I feel lighter and freer of clutter but GETTING THERE seems so hard for me. 15 minutes a day doesn't seem like enough but I burn out when I do too much. Balance is an issue. Lack of sunshine and holiday stress are adding to my negative mood.

But I will prevail! My tub is filling right now for ME which I RARELY indulge in.
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I relate to struggling to find balance! I tend to go in waves of doing well, then slouching. I work work work, plan the day, do all kinds of projects with my kids and watch my diet, then all goes to heck the next week.
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morning routine

Just curious....what is your morning routine?
Here's mine:
make my bed
shower (hopefully) and get dressed (but not always shoes)
make b-fast, then clean up
make dd's bed
dress kids

Sometimes it takes me a LONG time to get through it. Sometimes I skip parts of it when I'm in a hurry (I do an abbreviated morning routine).
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Mine is way too long....and they don't always all get done

1. Exercise :
2. Make bed
3. Dress
4. Tea, breakfast (for everyone), vitamins
5. start laundry
6. dinner plan
7. unload dishwasher
8. load breakfast dishes
9. Do TTC chart
10. Clean table and high chair
11. Brush, floss, mouthwash (I have periodontitis, this helps)

Yesterday I was doing my morning list at 3 in the afternoon.

I also have an afternoon and evening routine, just in case I get that far.
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I find the hardest thing to do is to fit in exercise. I prefer to exercise in the evening, but by the time I take care of the kids, get them to bed, do a couple things I have to do, I'm too tired to exercise. And yet I really want to fit this into the day. I've been wanting to try a new yoga tape I got, but have waiting until I have a set time without the kids, and that hasn't happened, so....Do you get up before your kids?
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No, I usually get up with DS (20 months - same as yours!), he still nurses some at night so I need the morning sleep! We live in the country, so when I can I go for a jog with him in the jogging stroller. We renovated our barn and made it a workout room instead, and now DH, DS and I will all go together some mornings and lift weights and stretch and listen to CD's. Usually DS will hang out for 20-30 minutes - we do fast workouts! I have some yoga tapes, too. I do them every once in a while when DS is napping. It all adds up to 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week, more or less. Less, lately!
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Wow a barn. cool.
I'm going to try to do at least 15 min. of the yoga tape tonight before I crash. I 'll see if dh will watch the kiddos for me. Where there's a will there's a way, eh?
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We're country folk. We pulled out the horse stalls and added a few windows, now we can work out while overlooking the chicken coop, with a nice view of pasture and sunset behind it.
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Just wanted to let ya all know that I put my flylady on no mail fro now and I won't be checking in for a while. Too much going on right now.
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Okay, you all have peaked (sp?) my curiosity, but I have never heard of the Flylady before. Is this a book?

Sorry to barge in, but sounds like something that would be helpful to me!

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Sorry I haven't been around in awhile, just super busy.
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Thanks. I'll check it out!
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OK, better late than never.

Signed on.

With caveats:

1. Can't do the sink-shine thing. Will clean scrupulously, but there's a limit to my ... sanity ...

2. Will dress almost-to-the-shoes. Have senior citizen living below us, apartment life & all that, shoes will be instantly accessible but not on the feet.

So does that make me a failure already?

- Amy
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any suggestion on how to fly with an active 2 year old and a 1 month old baby?

i actually unsubscribed from the mailing list because it was getting too overwhelming not being able to keep up.
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Welcome Amy and Chani.

Amy, I don't so to the shoes either :-)

Chani, my dd is 13 so I don't have any advice, just start with baby steps. I also unsubscribed to the emails as they were overwhelming in volume.

I'm actually doing pretty good. My food and dishes are cleaned up from our family visiting today.
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Hey Chani,
I only have a toddler, no newborn, but I started making the control journal about 2 months ago and it has made all the difference for me. I have my morning, afternoon and evening routines in one section, my weekly routine in a section, and a menu for monday through friday in the third section. Everyday I can open it up and just start going by my list. And even if I get stuck outside chasing frogs for an hour, I can come back in and pick up where I left off. The weekly routine helps me a lot because I wake up knowing generally what I'm doing each day. (Monday and Friday are grocery days, Wed. is errand and post office day, Tues and Thurs are park days...) It helps me know what to do first thing in the morning.
I just started doing the menus, which is saving some money, and I usually have a healthy, simple dinner I can throw together. Nothing fancy, I do a night of spaghetti w/ broccoli and a night of rice/beans/tortillas every week, so it's almost as routine as brushing my teeth
I think the key is to have the lists to help you stay on track, but be flexible and know when to skip things and when to rest.
Of course, with a 1 month old, you should be resting whenever you get the chance, hopefully you can have your DH or a relative help you with the house for a while?
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