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Wow, I want to join in

I have been "flying" for about 8 months or so. The "stinkin thinkin" was and still can be a big hurdle for me. I always seem to pullmyself back on track though.
I haven't made a control journal yet but can see how much that will help me.

Its funny, i am such an organizing freak that recently i cleared 2 grocery bags full of clutter that consisted of different organizing tools and notebooks i have made I will try and see if i actually use the control journal.

Blessings, Kelly

BTW, last night i was feeling like a slave bc of being so busy with the home, kid, dinner thing while dh got to close the door to his room and do Goddess knows what (?!) He seems to always be able to take a break and do as he pleases.... So i still struggle with thatone. (can you feel the anger?)
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Kelly I so agree with the dh thing. I try to do the flybaby steps and he just can't seem to get on the band wagon! Just yesterday I came down to find the kitchen sink full of soup noodles. YUK!

I've been a flybaby for a few months now and have seen a big difference. I set my clothes out the night before and try my best to keep the sink shinny. Those are the two things I have gotten pretty consistent with. I just add another task if I feel I'm established with the others. Not too much because then I get overwhelmed.

This is a nice thread because we can just say what we have done.


mom to Theodore (3) and Issac (1)
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It took DH a little while, but he is a neat freak at heart and he has really jumped into the Flylady plan with both feet now. I never actually told him what I was doing, but now he's really familiar with the morning and evening routines, he will just start doing whatever needs to be done without even being asked. I still resent it sometimes when he sits down while I'm working on something, but overall it's definately evened-out, how much work we both do, I try to remind myself of that when I'm feeling resentful. Either that or I ask him to get up off his butt and help me
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My DH is like pigpen, he cannott manage his clutter. Heeven has his own room bc otherwise we would probably be divorced
Right now i am wanting to reclaim some of the spaccethat he "needs". I pointed out to him that i don't have the priviledge of my own space ..(i know, it sounds a tad resentfull)

I realize that the flylady thing is mainly a change in attitude, not spending an entire day doing one or two things, the timer helps to prevent burnout and procrastination.
I know it is not possible to ~make~ him use some of the FL tools, and i have noticed that he is influenced by what i am doing. I also notice that for instance, in the task of cleaning his room,,,he spends *all* day pulling everything down and out into the hallway, and many times he gets it so you can see the floor and even has the bed made (he sleeps there...you know ..time to himself)

Within a day or two, it is back to pigpen. Then he acts so grumpy about having to meet regular tasks for his work or the family

I am trying to change my attitude towards him and his ways. It is what i imagine it is like living with a teenagedboy who guards his own space .

I guess Flylady would say that i have "stinkin thinkin"
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eeeekkk looks like we need a january thread. Sorry I've been busy, and haven't been around much.
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