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How many words does your 1yo say?

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Dh and I were counting the other night how many word DD (almost 13 mo) says, and we were surprised to realize she says like 17 words My mom said that I talked a lot as a baby too, but looking back at my baby book I didn't talk nearly as much as DD does!

Of course DH thinks our child is gifted: no, she's just chatty

this is what she says on a regular basis:

nay-nay (when she wants to nurse)
she tries to say quack quack

that is all I can remember for now, I know there is more....ok, so that is more than 17...geez!

I'm in for it when she gets to be like 3, she'll never be quiet

She also makes lots of sounds, the other day in the car she was playing with a toy car on her carseat and making a brrrr sound and driving it back and forth....

With all this talking I can't teach her sign language for nothin!:

Any other verbal babies out there?
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My babe doesn't say even half that!
Mama, Dada, Baba, Tickle tickle, Up, Out, More. Maybe 1 or 2 more.
I'm not worried though. I believe when he is ready he won't shut up! then i'll be in for it

I forgot one more: He loves to shake his head "NO" and I do believe he knows what it means.
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My 13.5 month has no words. He points and grunts for everything. Just in the last week he has started with something that sounds like it might be bye bye but he says it alot, so I'm not sure.
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My ds, who just turned 1 earlier this week, doesn't say anything at all yet.

Our DD didn't say her first word until she was 18 months old and now we can't get her to quiet down; so we're not worried about DS just yet.
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Ds is 18 months and doesn't say anything. He communicates (very well) through little grunts and gestures.
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:LOL My dd (14mo)says mama and dada. That's it. Her brother said much more at this age. However, she speaks with her eyes. No grunting, sometimes pointing. I have had about 6 strangers tell me that she "has an expressive face" and "communicates with her eyes" I'm not worried.
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I get to add one more word to Jonathan's list. Tonight he said "DUCK"
His brother at this age had lots to say
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My dd is 15 months old; she says very little, or more accurately, she'll say a word for a few days and then never again, which at first I found frustrating--now I just go with it. Today she started saying "Bye!" at the same time she was waving, which was amazing, because it was only the second time we've had a real certainly that she knew what she was saying (the first was "hot!" or actually "ha!" while touching the oven).

I was bummed when she was over a year and not talking, I'll be honest, but I've relaxed about it. It was just that she hit all her milestones so early, I thought she'd be babbling away in sentences by 15 months. It wasn't to be though. I'm just so excited at the idea of communicating with her verbally and being communicated with by her I can't wait.
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My ds was one of those pointers and grunters and at 17 months had only a few words -- like
ba (ball, balloon, and bus)
booh (book)
mmmm!!! (moo)
and of course NO!

Then we came to India a month ago and he is going through a language explosion!! I can't even count how many words he knows now!He knows the Bengali and English word for practically all the nouns he's familiar with, and uses the one that happens to be easier for him to say. And he's still only saying the first syllable of anything, but we all know what he means (like "nee tu" is his version of "neel towale" which means "blue towel", which means he's done with his bath and wants to get out of the tub!). And in the last 2 days he's started on the 2nd syllable too! Exciting!

And gives the lie to all the naysayers who warned that I was just going to "confuse" him by introducing another language at this point.
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dd is 13.5 mo and I can't count how many words she knows. It is over 50 and she learns (sorry...she lets us know about) another 2 a day! She blows us away regularly. Her most complicated word is eyebrow!
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summermom, I'm with you about introducing a second language at this point!

Ds is 15 months old and is not speaking yet at all (except for "mamamom"). He's a very clear communicator and we understand what he wants, and he very obviously understands so much of what we say, whether it is in English or Chinese (his babysitter does not speak any English, actually), so I'm not worried.

I'm generally shocked by what he understands, though...yesterday I was observing his shirt from across the room and I said out of the blue, with no hand gestures, "where's the blue car?" and he pointed to the car on his shirt. It was wild.
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Our dd is almost 1 year old and other than mama and baba, she doesn't say anything recognizable (she does babble a lot, though). We are using the OPOL method to raise her bilingual & bilingual children tend to speak later, though. I was raised monolingual & according to my parents I had 100 words at 1 year old. I argued that this was impossible, but my mother managed to dig up the yellowed piece of paper that had them all written down. My dh, who was raised bilingual, on the other hand, didn't start speaking until he was close to 3 years old. Both of us are college graduates; my dh has his PhD, and is a research scientist/professor. I don't think early language ability can be relied upon to potend future intellect, imho, as he is one of the smartest people I've ever met. My intelligence isn't near his! I'm just a jabberbox & he's not.
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Ben is 21 mos and he says: No, Daddy and sometimes Mama (usually more of a whine -mamamamamamaaaaa - LOL!)

He sort of sounds like he is learning Dog and Night-Night, but it's hard to tell for sure yet. But basically, the only sounds he makes are M,N,D and B sounds.

He is learning signs as fast as I can teach them though! He knows More (his first sign), Please, Book, Dog, Eat/Drink, Help, almost has Thank You, All Done, Cat and a few other ones I am sure I am forgetting. I need to brush up myself, so I can teach him more.

He has been evaluated for speech and we are planning to start therapy next year when the new insurance kicks in, assuming he does not have a language explosion by then.

Jenn & Ben (3/1/01)
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My son is 16 months old, and he goes for context over meaning! He jabbers all the time, and tells great stories in his own language. Every now and then we get a word that sounds like something, but not really all that often.

Ba - beeeeee is his cutest word. He tilts his head, does his "I think I'm SO cute smile," and tells me "ba - beeeeeee."

His first word was kitty (gikky) and doggy came next. He likes to meow and bark at the appropriate animal. He tried fish out last week (oooh, vishie).

He'll try a harder word, like grapefruit. But usually only once!

He has renamed our three cats. Now they are Ha, Da and Na.

He said na for nursing for a while, but now that sounds more like dee dee. :

I love his jabbery language! It cracks me up!
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almost 18 month old ds says.....
daddy, mama, go, get,(to cat) hi, bye, hello, and
he makes car noises and barks when he hears a dog or sees a picture of a dog.
he also gives real kisses on the cheek whenever he feels like it.
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I have a chatterbox here too! She's fourteen months and is learning new ones everyday. She's saying

Num-ma (for nursing)
Cooper (ourdog- who she always calls by name)
Nana (banana- the current favorite around here)

I can't think of any others, but I know there's momre. The funny thing is, when she's not talking in real words, she's always making sounds. We saw her looking at a book the other day and babbling away like she was reading to herself. She is a very verbal little one.
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My dd is 27 mths now, and I can't remember exactly how many she had at 13 mths, but I do remember she had 12-15 words by her 1st birthday (her first word was "bath" at 8 mths). And between 14-15 mths, I counted all the words I could think of it and it was about 300-400!
Now she talks nonstop, all day (and in her sleep sometimes!) in complete paragraphs. She sounds so mature when she talks, yet she's so tiny that if people just see her and don't hear her they guess her age as being around 18 mths, and if they hear her talk they guess 3.:
It has been fascinating to watch her progress, but I will say that I get a little tired of having to talk to her all the time, b/c she demands that I talk back to her these days. By nighttime I am ready for some quiet time!
I would love to think that my child is a genius (brilliant maybe, but not a genius ), but I have heard that a child who talks early is likely to do well in school, but that the opposite is not true. So a child that is a late talker could do just as well (or better!) than an early talker. Does that make sense?
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my 15 month old ds only says three so far, dada, mama and nana (when he wants some banana). He communicated pretty well though without lots of words and understands heaps. I am always excited to hear him say something else!
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My babe is like Serena's, both with verbal and signed language - he'll say or sign a word for a day, then it's gone!

The only words he says reliably are mama and dada. Sometimes he'll say 'up'. My partner believes he says 'duck' while reading the book we have that has ducks in it. And, if you say, "What does a cow say?" he will reply, "mmmmmmm".

He is 12 months. I didn't know there were year old babes with so much language! That's cool!
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Gryffin is expressive, and I understand him, but he does not have very many words at 16 months.

shoes (shuuuz)

And a whole language of his own.
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