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I'm in trouble now!

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DS1 has learned to climb on the kitchen chairs!
The one at the computer desk too! I have to lay this chair down or he's sitting on the desk every time I come back into this room!
Soon he'll figure out not to move the chair away from the table and he'll get into everything.:
Some one help me!!
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Oh you really are in for it now!! Grace (21 mos.) went from climbing on chairs to moving the step stool to where ever she "needs" to be!!!

Batten down the hatches!!
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He is gonna get in sooo much trouble! And make his mother crazy at the same time.
He has done the stepstool thing once this week but it was an accident. The stool was already next to his little tykes dresser thing and he was able to get the toy that was up there.
He has broken 2 pieces of dh's new manger and is constantly grabbing the candles on the windowsill. They are unplugged when not in use.
I can only imagine what a x-mas will be like.
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um...dare I say it??

be afraid..be very afraid..:LOL :LOL :LOL
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Since the last post he has shaken water from his sippy cup all over the floor. Ran when he saw me coming. He keeps sitting on Shawn's tabletop piano and trying to use his feet to play. Taken the candle off the windowsill. And he just got syuck in the toy box.....

So how's the snow where you are Peggy???

p.s. I just had to write this twice. It got lost when i clicked submit
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I forgot to add that you are so funny throwing your words(from your post) that I gave you in your title back at me!! :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL
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He and Gracie would have great fun together!! She is the Queen of Mischief!!

It is snowing like mad here..probably already have 3 or 4 inches and it's supposed to keep snowing til midnight?
What part of the state are you in? Is it snowing a lot there yet?
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I am in Manchester, NH. I think the aol weather said just a little today~maybe an inch and tommorrow 1-3 in.
I've already been outside shovling. Used it as a break from the babe and a chance for the brothers to spend a few minutes together. There wasnt to much out there yet.
Dh told me it was snowing like crazy in Somerville earlier. My mother mentioned ma was suppose to get a fair amount. If there's too much she wont come and get me and I wont get my weekly visit to Somerville Not that I really need to go there but I sit here all week just me and babe so its nice to see other grownups and let Jonathan destroy someone elses house for a change.
You live south of boston, right? I thought they were getting more there.
And Jonathan is the KING!!!! So they would make a great pair.
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Oh I thought you were in MA... My oldest son lives in Somerville..small world.. Yes, I live in the Taunton area

well. now we've made this thread our own personal little conversation..hmm..I hope the moderator doesn't get mad.. :LOL
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I lived in Somerville for 33 yrs. so i'm still feelin like this aint my place. I just moved in Aug.
Do you think she will get mad?????
Oh, I wouldn't want to do that.:
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