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What other disposable things do you avoid?

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I was wondering if those who use cloth diapers also avoid using other disposable products for the baby and otherwise.

Of course diapers.

take'n'toss cups, spoons, bowls, etc.


baby washclothes that come with shampoo in them already

Disposable diaper changing pads

Can anyone think of other disposable baby products that they avoid using?

don't even get me started on swiffer....

toilet scrub brushes that flush away and house hold cleaning wipes
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Hmmm-m I don't use any of the above... also no paper towels, TP only for guests (those plushy wipes are nice for the rest of us too!), paper napkins and all those types of table ware things...umm,mmmmm. Very little use and toss goes on around here... I am sure there's more - I'll keep thinking about it!

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TP only for guests (those plushy wipes are nice for the rest of us too!)
LMAO ..so that's why I couldn't fine the TP when we were over ? LOL ..We're not so daring around here ...but you already know that!
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We don't use anything disposable except TP and I plan on switching us to family wipes soon.
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I was just thinking about this today! Finding MDC and cloth diapers led to us giving up lots of disposable products--and a much more natural life in general. We no longer use any of the baby products listed in the OP. In fact, I can't think of a single disposable baby product we do use.... We use cloth napkins, kitchen towels, cleaning rags. (We have some paper towels, but it takes several weeks to get through one roll.) AF hasn't returned yet, but I just bought some cloth pantiliners for a bladder that never completely recovered from childbirth. I also just switched to cloth TP, but DH is digging in his heels on that one. :LOL
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disposable products we use...

toilet paper
dryer sheets (I don't use them but DP is addicted to them)
garbage bags
plastic food bags--wash these out and reuse as much as possible

We also use sposie diapers when we fly.

We recently started using hemp grocery bags and it feels so good to not be amassing huge amounts of disposable bags! We had 2 string bags before, which was really only enough for quick trips to the store.
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I don't use any disposable baby products. I do still have TP in the bathrooms, but it's for DH... (he won't give it up)

I do still use paper towels, but use them sparingly.

I would like to start using cloth grocery bags soon. Although I can always find ways to reuse the plastic sacks.
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we avoid
paper napkins
disposable wipes, bibs,changing pads, presoaped washcloths
swifters disposable dust mits
disposable toilet brushes ( LOL)
I am making my own cleaning solutions -we use lots of vinagar/water & sented baking soda products
*just switched to a diva cup
A little OT but I am getting rid of my teflon skillet and going back to cast iron
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Originally Posted by JBaxter
I am getting rid of my teflon skillet and going back to cast iron
I cast iron! The only thing I can't get to come out good in it are scrambled eggs.
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I'd say the only disposable thing we use is tp. Sometimes I just use a of the the cloth wipes, but dh won't go for it. Oh and grocery bags, but I'm looking into getting some cloth ones.
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We have cut WAY back on the disposable products we use. We do use TP. My dh would just die if I said, "Okay...lets use cloth TP now too!" :LOL We use dish towels/rags instead of paper towels. We never use disposable diapers. AF hasn't returned yet, but I am working on a mama cloth stash for when she does. I don't use anything that was mentioned in the OP.
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I switched to mostly cloth grocery bags, still not enough for a whole trip to the store...soon though.

I can't think of a single disposable baby product that I use. I even switched to Burts bees shampoo bar, so that I wouldn't have to 'use' the plastic bottle.(Even though it would have been recycled)

I always feel a little funny about using disposable cups, plates, forks, etc. So, I don't use them. But, even when I'm out it bothers me(like at a resturant or something like that)

I am working on throwing out all the teflon pots and pans. I have a set of stainless steel pots ad pans that I use. Looking to get some more, when we make a trip to Ikea.

Don't use dryer sheets, my nose can't deal with the scents.

I may switch to family tp except I know that dh would ever go for it, so it will be just me and the kids. ALso, working on switching to mama cloth. They are expensive!!

Doen't it feel good to consume less stuff?
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The only disposable products we use are:

-feminine supplies (I'm very interested in cloth pads, but haven't fully looked into it to know exactly what I want. I haven't bought any new pads - just using the packages from when before I was pg.)
-paper towels are used only for cleaning up cat puke.
-q tips
-tissues (I gotta have my Puffs Plus!)

Reusable products we use are: (And I've used all this stuff for years - definitely before cds)
cloth napkins
breast pads
We make our own cleaning solution with baking soda and vinegar

I don't use cloth grocery bags, but I use the paper grocery sacks to store newspapers for recycling, and the plastic sacks line the little garbage cans around the house, carry books to the library, etc.
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Originally Posted by christeenybeany
take'n'toss cups, spoons, bowls, etc.
Actually, I do use some of these because they're reusable and super cheap. LOL. I have a package of baby spoons, a package of toddler spoons/forks, and a package of sippy cups. They're dishwashable, so I just never do the "toss" part. For the same price as one of those metal Gerber baby spoons, I could get a 10 pack of take n' toss baby spoons. I've been using them for well over 6 months now and they still look like new. And the sippy cups work great, have no insert to remove for washing, and they stack really nicely, taking up less room in the cupboard. I got a 6-pack of sippy cups (no-spill type) for $1.99 on sale at Kroger.

Honestly, I don't know why you'd want to dispose of the utensils especially... They're not the flimsy plastic that adult utensils are made of. They're actually thick and smooth. If you just handed me a spoon without me knowing it was "disposable", I'd never guess that it was.
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Odd question here, but how do you get around buying disposable Q-tips?
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Originally Posted by saharasky
LMAO ..so that's why I couldn't fine the TP when we were over ? LOL ..We're not so daring around here ...but you already know that!
Yep- but all you had to do was ask- it was in the linen cupboard! We have to keep it out of sight, or the girls want to use it. Plus Sterling is getting into unrolling it...

I need to get some fabric shopping bags so I can cut down on those...

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We've gone back to disposable wipes cause dd kept getting in the wipes warmer and getting water everywhere. And I just bought a new pack while we were on vacation (using disposables cause my ILs don't like me washing poopy things in their washer and it's not worth the stress) so once it's gone I'll try and figure out a way to keep her out of the warmer so we can use our wipes again. We do use tp, though I am not opposed to cloth wipes, I think they do a better job lol. Dh has recently bought the boys those flushable "kid wipes" for the bathroom so they are using less tp, but the same thing could be accomplished with cloth wipes. We use paper towels and napkins (what is a good fabric for cloth napkins? Sometimes at restaraunts the feel of the cloth napkin just makes my skin crawl). I hate dispoable foam plates but dh buys them. I don't use them if I can avoid it. I do have plastic cups and utensils & paper (not foam) plates on hand for when I host playgroup cause I don't have enough "real" dishes for everyone and I will admit after hosting a bunch of mamas and kids in my house for a few hours, I want a quick and easy clean up. No disposable bibs or changing pads. I love my swiffer and really need to try a reusable pad (any suggestions?). I also prefer my cast iron pan over the teflon ones, and our teflon skillet is warped and not really non-stick so it's ready to go and I want to replace with something stainless steel I think.
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Originally Posted by ustasmom
Odd question here, but how do you get around buying disposable Q-tips?

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I've been going back & forth between wanting to try mama cloth or buying a keeper or diva cup. It hasn't been an issue for a while, since af is now more than 4 weeks late. :
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Well of course diapers and wipes.
And after getting one of those contour change pads given to me that didn't even last for the first year!( not sold as a disposable product lol) I now use a wool pad.
I also use cloth hankies for those runny noses!
Of course for me cloth mama pads.
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