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Maybe you should read the sticky thread at the top of the forum written by Mommas who regret letting their little one get circed. Some pressured by their dhs, dps, parents pressure, some just thought it had to be done. All of them though grew to regret it and can never take it back now.....I really don't think I could handle being one of those poor Mommas. Why would you want to if you don't have to?

Take care,
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My dh is intact and very happy that he is! He never once got teased in a locker room and neither one of us has ever had an infection (I've had UTIs but they were birth control pill and pregnancy related). He never has had any cleanliness issues either. We don't know if he looks like his father or not so that's how important that argument is (we're 22 and his father is in his early 60s. We'd rather not know - honestly).

Remember, it's your son's body, not yours or your dh's. Your ds should have the opportunity to make this important decision for himself and not have it made for him by someone who was mutilated as an infant himself. And remember also to be sensitive to the fact that he WAS mutilated as a baby and that he will probably need reassurance that you're not attacking his manhood and that you're happy with him the way he is, but that your ds deserves a chance to decide for himself when he is of an appropriate age. Also, you will probably (I apologize for assuming if I'm incorrect ) be the one changing most of the diapers and having to deal with a serious wound that routinely comes into contact with excretion. Then there's comforting your screaming baby afterwards and feeling sorry about it forever.

I have a friend who had all three of her sons circ'd and they wouldn't let her watch till the third when she insisted that she be allowed to witness it. She has never gotten over the fact that she didn't insist to be there with the first or even the second so that she could have saved at least one of her boys from the trauma. And she didn't have any idea it was harmful beforehand so she didn't have an informed choice. If she had, I'd be willing to bet that she would feel even worse about it.

I know this thread was really intense at the beginning, but as a couple others have mentioned, all of us are only posting in love and care for you and your ds. We know what we know and with knowledge comes responsibility so we have to share or else we have the knowledge that we could have made a difference and didn't.

Best wishes and many 's

love and peace.
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I recall reading a medical study (the study itself, not a reporter's interpretation of it) about a baby boy who screamed so hard & so long during foreskin removal, that his stomach burst, and there was puke all over. [Our dedicated medical professionals now make sure that the baby is starved for several hours before being circumcised, to prevent such messes.] I don't remember all the details, mainly I remember how lurid this report sounded, no emotion by the writers, all nice and technical. They described how the stomach had to be patched up and said that everything was now fine and the baby would be just fine.


Isn't that a great way to start your life. Don't we all know men who are just sort of, well, strange; they keep to themselves, they have a weird, haunted look in their eyes, they have never gone out with a woman (or a man, either). When I meet someone who fits this description, I wonder,what happened when he was a day or two old? It is not outside the realm of possibility.
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Originally Posted by Quirky
This was posted above, but just to make sure it's easy for you to see -

both you and your DH MUST WATCH the video at www.intact.ca

Circumcision is torture, plain and simple. Why else do you think the hospital won't let you watch it? Your dh could be in the room with you if you had a c-section - but they hide the circ. Because if people saw the truth, no one with a heart would allow this torture to happen to their newborn baby boys.
OMG I had not seen the video until just now. I have never been so happy about a desicion I made for my sweet son. I am so glad I did not allow that to be done to him. I was lucky DH supported the desicion not to circ. He often says he wishes he was not circ'd because he feels like being circumcised is unnatural and it feels "tight" when he has an erection and is sometimes painful for him.
Please Please don't let them do this to your son. If anything tell your DH to at least give your son the right to make that desicion for himself. It is his body and he should at least have to opportunity to choose what he wants done to it.
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Originally Posted by Jill0905
i just found out that the hospital does not allow anyone to be with the baby while the procedure is being done. I DONT THINK SO!!! can our ped do it? i am so lost due to being in the navy and getting 15 different answers from people. i hope someone on here can help me!!!
Mmmm, seems to me that FL is where I heard this story from an RN; Many, many years ago, at a Military Hospital in FL, they kept all the removed foreskins for... a Doctor to use as bait when he went FISHING!

Maybe you should not only question not being allowed to watch the procedure and request pain meds for your son (before, during AND after), but WHAT EXACTLY is done with the discarded tissue!

I know of another hospital that is using the cut foreskins to make bandages...and yet many other hospitals SELL them for research! $$$$

Sorry to be so explicit - but these are just SOME of the things I KNOW that have gotten me so upset and
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Originally Posted by Jill0905
i guess i didnt!! well let me rephase my statments. i am completely against doing anything to my child. i have yet to understand why remove something that obvilious God put there! it is my husband that is giving me problems. he just wants it done!!! (good reason, huh? ) well i told him if he wanted it done he had to be in the room with him. my thinking is that he will back down if he has to witness it. does that make me evil?
Oh, your DH sounds just like mine!!! I was against, he was for, so I told him HE had to make the appointment, HE had to take the baby, HE had to take care of it afterwards, and HE had to do some serious research and present me with his reasons for going forward before I'd ever sign the consent form. He never got it done. His reason? "Well, if you're SO against it, I won't get it done then". Yeah, right, since when have you ever changed your mind about anything just because I was passionate about it, you're just too lazy to fulfull all of my requirements!

Anyhoo, I completely understand what you're doing because I did the same thing! Hopefully it works, but if not just put your foot down and say no way!
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As Nike says, "Just Say NO"
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please do watch that video.......being pregnant with my first son, and only very recently getting my dh to see the light and agree to keep our son intact.......when i watched it my whole body ached at the thought of that being my brand new little son crying in pain.....i could never do it. not after watching that.
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Originally Posted by polka123
As Nike says, "Just Say NO"
LOL!! Nike says Just do it - let's not go with that!

It was Nancy Reagan who said "Just say no." That campaign wasn't terribly effective in reducing drug use but maybe we can get it to work against circs!!

Take care -- oh and to the OP ---- Just say NO!
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My son's circ was botched. He had to have it fixed when he was 5 months old, which meant being put under general anethesia. I consider his circ to be one of the biggest and most ignorant mistakes I ever made. Would never ever consider doing it again.
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I don't think going the passive way is a good road to take. What if he says yes? Then you're stuck mutilating your child. JUST SAY NO! Why is it so hard for mothers to understand that their number one job is protecting the child. How is letting your husband mutilate your childs penis and alter his future sex life for marital harmony, pretecting your child? How?
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Thinking of you Jill.
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Me, too, wondering what happened to her son.
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I'm glad this was brought up because I too am wondering what happened w/ your son. I hope all is well.
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I'm going to assume they didn't since she posted in another thread in this forum when her little boy was 1 1/2 months old. I hope I don't get proved wrong though.
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I won't lecture here. but just wanted to let you know my poor dh saw someone else's baby get circ'd. He has be horrified since. If you'd like to speak with him, please let me know and I'll have him write under my name...
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OOPS! I guess I should have looked at the dates before I posted...I'll leave my belated response here anyway...

Only read to where poster said it was her DH, not her, who wants the circ, so sorry if this is irrelevant at this point...

My DH was firm about the decision to circ until he watched a video. It was a short film which discussed the function of the foreskin, the operation, trends in circ, etc. It ended with a baby boy being circ'd.

My DH has been vehemently AGAINST circ since then. Please make your DH research and WATCH A VIDEO. Tell him he has to convince you that circ is worth the risk, pain, and scarring that your son is guaranteed to experience.

Besides, it's not really your or DH's decision, it's your son's penis, so it's HIS decision.

Good luck. I pray that you are strong enough to prevent the mutiliation of your son. He'll thank you for it later.
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Interesting - I just had an email say this about the circumcision decision;

"Sure, the father has the penis - but the mother has the intact genitals"

so speak up and protect that baby boy!
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Originally Posted by mighty-mama
I won't lecture here. but just wanted to let you know my poor dh saw someone else's baby get circ'd. He has be horrified since. If you'd like to speak with him, please let me know and I'll have him write under my name...
I would.

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