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Chicago Area Homebirth

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I'm not pg yet, but we will ttc next year. We atteneded a seminar at Homefirst to find out more about homebirth. I really liked Dr. Eisenstein and that physicans will be attending and that the staff is into comforting the mothering in her own home.

My question to any out there is what was your experience w/ homefirst if you used them? Did anyone use Dr. Elvolve (?) or Dr. Baker in Libertyville and what was your experience? Are there other midwives that you prefered or had an exceptional experience w/?

I can't wait to do a homebirth. Dh and I were considering it for our first but didn't, and now, I wish I had.

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I used Homefirst with my 1st child.

Ended up at hosp with 7 hrs of pit and an elective c-section!
Hate their billing practices. Many things they do not bill you for but bill your insurance co. What's up with that?

Preg #2 and #3 were with midwives. #2 was vbac in hosp and #3 was hbac. Much better experience with midwives, imo. And they billed exactly what they said they would.

The plus side for Hfirst is that their Dr's are very knowledgeable about BF and making your own vax decisions. You can easily get a rotten Dr in those areas, as I found out the hard way.
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No experience with Homefirst, but am seeing Kay Furey (CNM - Birth Naturally, Inc.) in Evanston and am happy so far. I am only 14 wks., though, so I can let you know how things progress if you like. We're planning a homebirth with her, although that won't be definite until about 37 wks. (she only takes low-risk cases).
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Chicago is a good place to have a homebirth. Lots of choices. I really enjoyed working with Homefirst in regards to going to the births, working with the mommas, etc. but did resign eventually due to their, um, somewhat shady business practices, as alluded to by a previous poster (Can I get sued for libel for saying that?)

I have not lived there for several years, so do not know who is currently practicing, but when I was there there were many, many options. There were a couple CNM homebirth practices, a couple physician practices, and several DEMs as well. Maybe try checking with the Illinois Alliance of Midwives or the Midwives Alliance of North America for a listing of those in practice. You could also try the ACNM.

Good luck, and Happy Birthing!
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Hi! You can pm me for more info if you want I had a homebirth w/Dr. Elvove (I did see Dr. Baker as well) in June. I really liked their practice. The homebirth was awesome, and I'm so glad I chose it.......had I been in the hospital w/regular docs I would have had a c-section. My son was 11lbs (12 days overdue) and my pushing stage was unproductive for the first 1 1/2 hours.....ended up pushing for almost 4. This is my second, so a long pushing stage wasn't expected. Anyway, the experience was wonderful. They are also great about not vaxing, and are extremely knowledgeable (sp) and supportive about breastfeeding and not circing. In fact, they won't do a homebirth if you don't plan on breastfeeding. I also really liked the CNM's. They do get very preachy about following a good diet, but that is well intended. The only negative to their practice that I've experienced so far is that Dr. Elvove isn't pro-family bed it seems. Not that he speaks out against it, but I took my ds in at about 3 1/2 months because he suddenly stopped sleeping well and I thought he might have an ear infection. He was fine, and Dr. Elvove suggested moving him to a crib to get him to sleep better; and if that didn't work letting him cry This seemed very contrary to everything else I've experienced w/their practice. So other than that, I've been very happy. And that is a pretty minor thing in the grand scheme of things, as I go there for medical care not parenting advice (though Baker and the midwifes have had good advice)........and it's so great to not get hassled about vaxing; and to be presented options during pregnancy rather than being told what to do. I didn't have any tests at all, other than the blood type test at the first visit. Good luck!
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Here is a great Chicago area birth resource:


I know Joanne - she can give you tons of info!!!

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Oh, I looked at birthlink before and love that I can go there for searching a CNM or Dr. I just wanted some outside opinions.

grisnadole, I'll pm you later about Elvove (thanks for the info by the way!).

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same boat!

We live in Chicago, plan to ttc soon, and are interested in homebirth... so I'd love to hear how your search is going. I met with Dr. Eisenstein at Homefirst for a consultation appointment several months ago. He seemed knowledgable and friendly. Didn't ask about the billing policies, beyond whether they were covered under mine.

Good luck to you and keep us posted!
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I had a consultation w/ Dr. Elvove (in Libertyville) on Friday. I'm gonna call homefirst and set up one w/ them soon.

I too like Dr. Eisenstein. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiatic. I like too that my insurance will be accepted after the first of the year and that they are close to me and so is the nearest hospital for them.

I also really liked Dr. Elvove's practice. Very comfortable atmosphere. He too was knowledgeable and I really liked his focus on nutrition. Dr. Eisenstein didn't seem to address that issue, but then again I spoke to him briefly. The only thing that is negative is insurance and the distance, but as I was explaining to dh that insurance shouldn't make the choice. I HATE insurance companies...don't get me started, but I just told him that they shouldn't be able to my choice this time.

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Yes, at Elvove's they are VERY into nutrition. They feel that it is the most important part of pregnancy. It was nice to have good nutrition advice.

We had to pay out of pocket as well; but that's because my insurance was bad and wouldn't cover it. Now we have Unicare, which Elvove isn't a member of, so we have to pay a percentage, but it's worth it for the quality of care. I know when I go in there that my son won't be given any unnecessary tests, or prescibed unnecessary drugs. I don't dread taking ds to the doctor; and that is priceless! Heehee....just like a m/card commerical
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I'm in Mundelein and just found out that I'm pregnant with my second!

We had a consultation with Dr. Rossi at Homefirst. I think he may be my ideal dr. He answered all my questions, seems to have a great sense of humor, and just oozes competence. He's attended more than 4000 births in his career! I've had friends who used Dr. Elvove. Some liked him alot, and some had personality conflicts with him. If he did HBAC's I would have interviewed him, but he won't, so...

I'm really excited to have found Dr. Rossi. I've even got DH enthusiastic about an HBAC!
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Yes, it does suck that Elvove doesn't do HBAC; from what I understand he will do them if it isn't your first one, I think it has to do w/insurance reasons. And I can see having personality conflicts, in light of his recommending my ds CIO . But for the actual pregnancy/birth part I had a great experience.
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I LOVE Dr. Rossi !!!!

He is a font of wisdom.
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Dr. Rosi was one of my faves when I worked for Homefirst. I loved when he would just sit on the sofa and read his paper! I also liked Zumhagen and Schattauer.
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I went to HomeFirst early in my pregnancy with my first son. I ended up leaving their practice less than a month later for their somewhat 'interesting' billing practices. Also, not knowing which doctor was going to show up when I was in labor didn't sit well with me either. I needed to have the same person be there from start to finish.

They are as El's3One's mentioned, good about giving you options with vaccinations, bf, and things like that.

I found a wonderful midwife who I loved and was so happy with to give birth to my son at home, and for most of my pregnancy with my daughter, although she had to be born in the hospital, when she came early. It breaks my heart that because of the ambiguity of our state laws, she can no longer assist with births, and I don't know what I'm going to do if we have any more kids. I can't imagine not going to her.

My SIL had Dr. Elvolve for the birth of her second dd. She was very happy with him. He does push some of the vax's, but she chose to selectively vaccinate, so that wasn't a problem for her.

Good luck.
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I know that you probably shouldn't say, but if any could pm me what these "interesting" billing practices might be that'd be great.

I just met another mom who went/goes there and she is very happy too. I have consult w/ Dr. Zumhagen on Monday. I'm kinda exicited about it! She also mentioned Dr. Rosi, but said he was a bit different from the other Drs.

Thanks for all your feedback! It's really helping a ton right now

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Just PM'd you. Hope it helps.
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I've been meaning to get back to this thread!

Alison74, thank you for the info

So, I think I've made my choice...

As of the 1st, dh's company switched our insurance. At first we we kinda upset b/c our medical group was having a huge dispute w/ them. Anyway, we got our cards in and we have PPO! Dr. Elvove accepts this insurance!!!!! I'm so exicited! And that's something if you can get exicited over insurance So, I'm gonna go w/ him.

Now I just need to get pg

Thank you all for your help! I'll keep you all posted.

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I love Homefirst!

Hi! I am new to the boards.
I have 2 children, 1 born at home with Homefirst. What a great experience. I have been with the practice for 5 years now. We are expecting our 3rd in June and are planning to have another homebirth with Homefirst. My favorite dr.'s are Dr. Lo and Dr. Zumhagen, but they really all share the same philosophy. The birth RN.'s are wonderful as well. If you
practice attachment parenting, BF, cosleeping, pro-life.. this is the place to be, in my opinion. I agree that there may be something going on with the insurance dept, but it really has nothing to do with the doctors at the practice..and if that is the only down side.....
I believe that this practice has been a blessing for our family for all of our health needs and concerns.
Please feel free to email me if you have an questions, I would love to offer some inspiration.
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Hi, I just posted a thread about Homefirst today. We are TTC #2 and are interested in a homebirth. Allison, I was wondering if you could pm me about the billing things that were going on. I am a little concerned about that. It sounds like all of the docs are wonderful from what I have heard. How many rn's attend the delivery.
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