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Could it be?????

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Yes! My water broke! I'm currently at home (not going to repeat a past mistake!) waiting to see how the contractions will go. They are fairly mild right now and about 4 minutes apart!
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Best of luck, happy birthing, I pray all goes well for you and just as you invisioned.
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Oh boy! Yippee! Happy birthing to you!
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I hope so! I'm still working on mine. I'm going to take a hot bath and see what happens.
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You CAN do it! Trust your body!!!
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Hope all is going well!
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Very exciting!!
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Peaceful, gentle birthing vibes to you, Mama! You can and will do this!

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Yayyy Jenn!!! I bet you have had that little man by now! I came to the July boards to see if you had any news. I'll keep watching until I hear from you or see a birth announcement post!
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