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First day with no diapers and no accidents!

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I just wanted to share my little girl's triumph in a place where I knew it would be appreciated...we started ec about 2 months ago, when she was 3 mo. old, and today was the first day we were totally diaper-free and no accidents! I think it helped that we were both really relaxed (summer weekend) and she was totally diaper-less all day (hot day)--maybe I was more tuned in because I didn't have "back up"? At any rate, I am so happy for her and just wanted to share it. Thanks!
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That is so cool! We aren't there yet,but our ECing is more part-time because of older brother and his schedule, but I hope to join you one day!
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Congrats! That's so exciting!

I started about a month ago and today was a landmark for me as well. I caught all his poops (4 I think) and most of his pees. I only went through 4 diapers since this morning...somedays I pass a dozen even while catching a good amount of pees!!!
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yeah that first diaper free day is always a wow moment. before you know it you'll be travelling with extra clothes rather than extra dipes!

congratulations on starting early and looking forward to your child learning mobility skills without the diaper bulk... at least not all the time.
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thanks for your replies...it's just so good to be supported in the (hopefully good) thing we are doing. i am extra psyched because we're going to visit the grandfolks in a couple of weeks--who by the way are *waaaay* skeptical on ec--and i am just so happy to think that we might spend the visit diaper free and be really confident about it. i don't want to get stuck on it and think that i have to "show them", and i definitely don't want to put pressure on my baby girl...but i really think this might be a turning point (at least for now) since today was totally diaper-free, too! even when she just had to pee a teeny tiny bit, she made sure i know. she's learning how to turn on the faucet in the bathroom sink where she usually goes, too, and *loves* the water, so it's fun that she looks forward to going potty in more than one way(:

anywho, thanks again for the support--i love that everybody on this board is so supportive and reassuring that we are doing a good thing, but helps me also keep in mind that my baby girl is first, and i don't have to prove anything to anybody. you guys are great!
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yeah!! you're doing a great thing, mama! just remember, folks around the world have used this method, and most are very well-adjusted. my family is completely on board now that they've seen ds "in action" and also now that he's 17mths and obviously a very happy, social, aware individual. they'll come around, and then they'll be bragging about their "potty-trained" grandchild!
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thanks for posting your success! it's so encouraging to hear these stories. my dd is almost 3mo and we're just starting so it's great to see that we *may* be really good at it in only 2 months!
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