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Constipated Kid Here

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I think my 19 month old dd eats enough fruit and veg but then lately she's been having these constipated, hard little rabbit poops that practically roll away when you open the diaper! Dry! Now I have been taking some decongestant. Could she be getting enough of this in my milk. Would her not getting enough fluids be the cause? We get several rather wet diapers a day. Should she be even wetter? I am so confused. I figured if she were dehydrated she would not have wet diapers.

Anyway. Your advice is needed. Please help.

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We have been dealing with constipation with my son practically ever since he started eating. (Poor kid sucked on, didn't even eat, a teathing biscut when he was 8 mos, didn't poo for 5 days! Later I figured that oats were the only grain he could tolerate, although he's a bit more tolerant now.)

I've recently eliminated soy milk and it seams to be making a big difference. Also, I've been talking to him a lot about the connection drinking lots of water and having soft poos. (he is 3 btw) It could very well be a food she is eating. Cheese is very constipating (I'm also almost eliminating that).

Try smoothies and stuff.
We had a no juice ruloe for a while, until I decided I'd rather have him drink liquid than nothing. We water juice down at least 50/50 w/ water. And offer herb teas, and still lots of water too. Try a novelty drinking container. I have a few we rotate.
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A straw might help. Also stuff like raisins, applesauce and veggies (fiber helps but make sure they are drinking).
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Try cutting out the decongestant. Increasing fluids, yup, a new cup or two can do wonders for liquid intake. Avoid bananas, cheese, apples (the pectin can be constipating), rice and give a little prune juice daily. lots of water, excercise. Make sure she is not dehydrated (has enough wet diapers - 6 a day I think, wet mouth, flesh that springs back from your touch).

Pear juice is better than apple juice, less pectin. Prune juice works wonders. I would freeze a tray full of prune juice cubes and add them to apple juice/water mixture. You don't need a lot of prune juice to get everything moving sometimes

Good luck !
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is she "trying" and "straining"?

my son gets constipated and he will grunt, and turn red, and push and push for DAYS>

i have found that by pulling the sides of his legs apart, it will let him go.

so when he "pushes"...i pull his legs apart (with the diaper on).

comes right out
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Only once has she been so constipated that she cried as she tried to go. I think we were both on the decongestants at the time. It looked like labor! Poor thing. She drinks about 5 or 6 cups of water or milk a day. She hates juice. She does like to drink more from a straw now that I think about it. Maybe a new straw cup would be the answer. She eats either fruit or veg at every meal. Raisins in between meals. Big fiberous foods like corn and string beans and broccoli. The stuff shoes up in the poop but it's hardened and compacted like everything else. I guess it's clear that she needs more liquids. So we'll give it the old college try.

Perhaps she is tired of the valves in the sippy cup? Who knows? All I know is that this is a bad poop situation. So much of my life as a mom so far has been involved in the quality and quantity of my darling dd's poops. I patiently await the day this is no longer my duty.

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Prunes are good for constipation... a wee bit of prune juice to a bit of water, or else you can boil prunes and use the liquid that's what i did.
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Flax seeds

My son is 19 mo old as well, and my N.D reccomened Ground Flax Seeds. Just sprinkle 1 tsp. on apple sauce or what ever they like, When my son is really constipated I use 2 tsp. through out the day. It works great and Flax seeds are so good for you too. Hope this helps. You should be able to find ground flax seeds at any Natural Food Store. I bought my 16oz. jar for 9.00$. It is called Barlean's Forti-Flax. 100% Organic Pesticide and Herbicide free. They have a web site.. www.barleans.com. Take Care.
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Thanks everyone. I will especially look out for the flax seeds. One Spomgebob Squarepants straw cup later and she's powering down water and milk like an athlete! What is it about that Spongebob?

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Originally posted by dentente
Only once has she been so constipated that she cried as she tried to go. I think we were both on the decongestants at the time.
It sounds like it could be the decongestants drying her out ! The wet diapers mask the problem, I would suspect her body is discharging more liquid than it should ! I'd stop the decongestants immeadiately !

What are the decongestants for ? Maybethere is a different way to treat that problem (ie herbal, homeopathic, etc) so the decongestants won't be necessary ?

Hows she doing BTW ? Oh I just thought of another which really "gets things moving" for dd ... raspberries, lots of em. 12 hours later they are in her diaper.
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After 24 hours of pushing fluids via the Spongebob Straw Cup and half of one metamucil fiber wafer and Miss Thing let go a poo so huge it was barely contained. It was way, way better than the hard things we were getting. She really needs to be pushed to take in the fluids but it's not as tedious as it sounds. It's basically handing her a drink whenever she stands still or sits in the car.

So much better.

I had a massive sinus infection and I was taking decons to dry it out. I inadvertantly dried out my dd! I hate taking antibios so went with the decons. Frankly I would still rather take anything other than an antibiotic. It messes with my digestion for weeks and dd's as well. I guess you have to pick your hell.

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Try giving him a teaspoon of essential oils once a day. It did wonders for my son.

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