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veggie mamas unite

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there should definitely be a tribe for veggie/vegan mama that is not under nutrition ...did i miss the boat
mods...help me
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Veggie mamas need a tribe if there's a need to talk about aspects of vegetarianism that aren't getting covered in other forums. If you need recipes or shopping tips, post in Good Eating and specify that you're vegetarian. If you're having problems getting daycare to accept that your child is vegetarian, post in Working Mamas. If your partner isn't a vegetarian and is trying to sneak meat onto your child's plate, post in Parents As Partners. Etc.

But if there's something that you feel can't be covered in any other forum...say what it is, and maybe people will join your tribe!
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Veggie mamas unite!!

Hi MamaGjr!!
i'm a veggie mama and i'll join your tribe! i've been a ovo-lacto vegetarian for 17 years and counting. i have a three year old ds that is also being raised vegetarian.
i remained vegetarian through my entire pregnancy, and never craved meat..which i was told was very common. DS was born a whopping 9 lbs 3 1/2 oz. and my prepregnancy weight was 94lbs! ANy other veggies mama have a huge child? When he was born the Dr had asked me if i'd been on a high protien diet, and when i told him i was vegetarian he looked completely blown away.
Ds is a very happy, healthy kid and seems to have far less allergies/illness than many meat eater we know.
i would love to hear others experiences.
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I am an ovo-lacto veggie also. Going on 12 years now. I also stayed veggie through two pregancies. First DS was 7 pounds because I had GD and was on a restricted diet. DW#2 was just born in May at a whopping 9 pounds 4 oz. DS1 is almost 4 years old and has never had a touch of meat. I plan on raising both kids that. DH does eat meat but only if we are eating out or at someone else's house. He has no issues with raising the kids veggie and prefers to eat that way at home now. Everyone keeps asking me though what I plan on doing when the kids ask for it (if they do). What about you? If your kids get to the point where they want to try it will you let them? my DS is just starting to get curious about it. He said "Mommy does chicken you eat come from chickens?" I am trying to figure out the best way to handle this without getting into gorry details. Anyone else?
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oh i started this dang thing but I can't even say that ds son is being raised veggie...

my dp is a BIG meat eater ....born and raised..he is also quite the chef and know a lot about food and is very open minded.

I make my veggie stuff for ds when I am home and he eats it ...when I am at work ds eats some organic chicken and beef with his papi

the best part is that ds and dp LOVE to eat tofu and other veggie stuff too...IT is so nice to hear dp educating the neighbors while grilling tofu ..and they are all staring blankly

so I have done a LOT of give and take .....in my earlier years I was adamant on having a veggie house hold ..i have become a lot less idealistic but things are working out great !
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I am a veggie--have been for about 15 years---would have been as a child but my parents are meat and potato people and wouldn't allow it.
My hubby eats mostly veggie but will happily eat meat given the chance.
Our daughter who is 16.5 months is a veggie and will be raised that way.
She loves her tofu and veggie dogs.
I am so happy--we finally got a Whole Foods here---I am in Vancouver, BC
It is so nice to have all that super healthy food available.
Being on the westcoast we've been very lucky--lots of hippies here and lots of organic health stores.
I'd love to be apart of this thread to chat about healthy ideas for my girl!!!!

OH--and I really craved red meat during my pregnancy---I would have dreams about steaks--but never ate them.
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Does vegetarian count? I do eat eggs, and dairy but no meat since birth going ong 33 years. My son is 3.5 and no meat either. My husband does eat meat but mostly (ugh so bad) cheap burgers. Its not like tons but still.

My son cracks me up. I asked him if he wanted an enchilada and he said No but NO chicken in it. I was laughing.

My dork brother thinks its so cool to feed his 35 month old meat in front of my parents (they too do not eat meat).

I also do not servce meat to my daycare children. The parents are really great about it.
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that's so great to know about veg day care!

I was vegan for over 10 yrs. Craved eggs in pg (never meat or dairy at all) so I added them, but only free range.

Dh eats lots of cheese and some fish, but agrees that no dairy is best for dd. Don't know how that will play out. I figure it's his choice, but I'm not serving her any cow teat!

DD was 9 lbs 8 ozs, and at almost 10 mos is above the 97th %ile for height, 85th for weight. Dh has a cousin who is o/l veg who had 2 huge babes, both bigger than ours. But it hasn't happened in his family before, that anyone knows about. I was wondering about the diet thing, too. Otoh, I've heard that vegan children are often a little smaller than avg.

As for what to do when they ask for meat foods. I don't worry about it. I figure I'll play it by ear when the time comes.

One thing I do kind of worry about is schooling. I think there is so much pro-meat/pro-dairy propaganda in schools, this is a reason (one of several) to homeschool. Dh is very much in favor of public school. FIL is a teacher. Plus MIL is involved with a preschool. I know they talk about diet there. They start at age 3. I'm sure MIL will be disappointed if we don't enroll dd when the time comes. A sticky situation.
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Hi- I want to join the tribe. I have been a vegetarian for about 12 years, DH for 5 years, most of the time I have been ovo lacto. My children are both being raised vegetarians. I wish I could say that I did not crave meat when I was pregnant but I did. I did not really crave it when I was pregnant with DD, but my Bradley instructor convinced me that I was harming the baby if I did not eat 80 grams of protein a day, so I ate fish a couple times during that pregnancy. I did crave chicken and salmon when I was pregnant with DS and I indulged a couple of times when the craving was really bad. : I also had a really hard time eating dairy when I was pregnant with DS- it made me so sick I couldn’t eat it at all. He is allergic to milk, so I am guessing that is the reason.

As for having a huge child- my kids were born at 9 lbs. 13 oz. and 10 lbs. 8 oz. A friend of mine who has been a lifelong vegetarian also had a 9 lb 13 oz baby! When I had my first child my Bradley instructor said she was so big because I ate too much grain and not enough protein. I had issues with that Bradley instructor, as you can imagine!

When I was a kid I went to a vegetarian daycare because the lady who ran it was a seventh day adventist. My mom and dad "blame" my vegetarianism on that- they are big meat eaters.

As for school, we have decided to homeschool and most of my daughter's peer group is on some sort of special diet due to allergies or whatever. It seems like the plain old vegetarian diet is the least complicated one to keep track of. However, I figure if my kids want to try meat they can. We are vegetarians for health and environmental reasons with a bit of animal rights mixed in. I can only do my best to provide them with with what I think is best and allow them to make their own decisions.
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When I was a kid I went to a vegetarian daycare because the lady who ran it was a seventh day adventist. My mom and dad "blame" my vegetarianism on that- they are big meat eaters.
How sad. I am a Seventh Day Adventist that is the reason why I do not eat meat when I was growing up. Now its mostly because I believe meat is unhealthy to eat even more so now a days. I am sorry your parents felt that way. I do offer to my parents that they can bring meat for lunch for their children but none of them want to saying nope they get their meat at dinner which is fine.

Funny because my brother's son goes to a daycare and they were like he doesn't eat meat and the provider was saying oh how he really wants to eat what the other children are eating. Oh he stole some meat during lunch and really likes it. So my brother caved and you can say my nephew learned to eat meat at his daycare.
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Wow, I would be so unhappy if that happened with dd. Sounds like the provider really didn't support the choice at all, or was even undermining it actively.

I'm just so glad I don't have to do day care!
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Actually, the fact that my parents "blame" my vegetarianism on that early experience is a bit of joke in my family. My parents accept it pretty well and have even started eating meatless meals a few times a week. My brother went to the same daycare and he loves meat. In fact, pretty much every daycare we ever went to served PB&J- so in a way they were all vegetarian. I still remember the smell of the homebaked bread that the daycare owner used to bake each day- it is such a pleasant memory.

In preschool my DD felt a lot of pressure to eat meat. They sang a song in class all about pepperoni pizza and so for a long time whenever someone would ask what kind of pizza she wanted she would say "pepperoni". We explained that it was meat from a cow, but when she insisted I broke down and bought some veggie pepperoni for her to try- she didn't like it. However, DH said she did eat a pepperoni one day when a bunch of people were making homemade pizzas at her homeschool group. We tried not to make a big deal about it and she didn't want to try it again. Still we take the stance that if she wants to eat meat she can, but we won't prepare it or buy it.
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Hi! I'm Stephanie, 26.5 weeks pregnant with my first child, and meat-free since age 9. My husband and I are both vegans and plan on raising our daughter this way as well. Finding other veggie families is SO hard! I'm not having much luck locally, but I do live in cattle country (Denver, CO). In a few years, we'll hopefully move to a more veggie-friendly area, but until then, it will be nice to chat with other veggie mamas online or wherever I can find them!
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Hey mamas!!!
This was a good idea, MamaGjr!!! I'm on board!
I've been a veggie for almost 2 years, since I was 15. I plan to raise my son veggie...maybe even vegan...cheese is addictive I must say My DP and I also plan to go on a raw foods cleanse when I am done Breastfeeding my son.
I am CONSTANTLY looking for veggie recipes,books...anything
I am always looking for the opportuinity to cook good veggie meals!
My DP and I cook for his 3 and 13 yr old sisters a couple nigths a week so they can eat things other than McDonalds!!
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hi! I would like to join- I have been a vegetarian for ...wow 19 years! I am 33 and began cutting most meat at 14 and it took about 3 years to completely cut it. Then at 24 I became a vegan for 2 years. I decided that I really wanted to eat some dairy and now I eat only organic dairy (very little and rarely) and I just included eggs (organic,free range) 2 years ago. I craved fish while pregnant with my 2nd child and caved. My Husband is very strict vegetarian. My children have gone through the changes with us. I have an 11 year old dd , a 3 year old dd and a baby girl 4 months old! My oldest is very strict vegetarian and would never touch any meat (she did not eat the fish when I did and was upset that I did). She has converted a few of her friends! Anyway thanks for sharing and this thread...
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Originally Posted by Lizzo
Hey mamas!!!
This was a good idea, MamaGjr!!! I'm on board!
I've been a veggie for almost 2 years, since I was 15. I plan to raise my son veggie...maybe even vegan...cheese is addictive I must say My DP and I also plan to go on a raw foods cleanse when I am done Breastfeeding my son.
I am CONSTANTLY looking for veggie recipes,books...anything
I am always looking for the opportuinity to cook good veggie meals!
My DP and I cook for his 3 and 13 yr old sisters a couple nigths a week so they can eat things other than McDonalds!!
Thanks! How wonderful that you are raising ds veggie and that you started young as being veggie.

I became veggie at 18 then vegan at 19 but I did eat a bit of fish during periods of time (about 6 or 7 years after I became vegan.

When I became pregnant at age 30 , I craved cottage cheese so I ate it . I still love it and eat occaional organic eggs and yogurt too now. I am kinda bummed that my son will not be raised totally veggie but everyone in my family (including Inlaws) asked me before they give my son anything to eat. They have also been very supportive when making food for me on family occasions. DP would never go for raising our son entirely veggie but I made the decision to compromise.
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i cant wait to be veggie again!! Right now i am having "issues" with breastfeeding, so I have to eat a well balanced diet that includes meat...( I HAVE too, its a long story)
up until I was pregg I had been a veg for 13 years!!! I started at 10 years old and didnt look back until I got preg. and decided meat was where it was at!! Turned out i was SUPER anemic...but its getting better and I am looking forward to getting back to the greens again!!
I would love to know about recipies and things like that. Veggie is the best way to be!! Im sure DD will be veggie to, all we eat around here is cheese and chicken, which will stop when I start cooking again!!!!!
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I did want to mention that while I have been varying degrees of veggie etc
I do not descriminate against people who are not veggie.

While I enjoy what I eat and hate being "questioned" I also do not try to make people feel bad for their dietary decisions.

I was once on a board and someone called me out b/c I recentely admitted to eating some dairy after "claiming I was vegan"

I would hope people would refrain from that here.
Perhaps it can be a place to share experiences , recipes , etc

What do y'all think ?

ps tonight for dinner we had veggie dogs , organic flour buns and sauerkraut for dinner well along with some terra chips

I try to use the least amt of processed veggie food possible but I just started back to class again (8 credit hours) and am working p/t . the house is a wreck
i grabbed the easiest thing from the fridge..cracks me us that ds (2 yrs 9 mos) LOVES freakin sauerkraut ....
it would be much easier if we had our own garden
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I try to make food like soup and chili (a double batch) and then we'll eat that 3-4 times that week- 2 lunches 2 dinners, that saves me time.
I'll make a big pot of brown rice, put it in the fridge for a couple days and eat that with several different meals. It may seem boring but its not, I'll add different condiments to liven it up,avocado,sesame seeds,peanut butter,salsa, etc with beans or fried/baked tofu or seitan,bottled hot sauce or other sauces. steamed broccoli or frozen peas and corn or a fresh salad on the side. maybe some fresh bakery bread or rolls
I have been eating alot of collards and kale latley though
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Moving this to Nutrition and Good Eating for now. You are allowed to have tribes in places other than FYT.
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