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I've never had anywhere special to change my babies, always just put them on the floor or on the bed. The only trouble I had was the time in the van (in a parking lot!) when I tried to change Linda on my lap & she had diarrhea.

I will agree with the idea of some sort of baby carrier. Neither daughter liked the sling as a newborn, but they both loved the Infantino soft front carrier. You can use the bucket out of your infant car seat, but it made no sense to me to add an extra 10 - 15 pounds of weight to carry.

I also agree on the blanket thing, though most of our blankets weren't flannel, just cotton recieving blankets from Gerber or Carter's. Both daughters, especially Linda, nursed much better swaddled; in fact with Linda we had to swaddle her before she would nurse for the first couple of months. They slept swaddled too. The Baby Book by William & Martha Sears is pretty much the attachment parenting handbook (I bought it because it was the thickest one in the store. :LOL), & has great sections on swaddling & breastfeeding. The other book I have that I've used for both children is Your Baby's First Year Week-by-Week. Helps alleviate a lot of the "is this normal" questions, but it's not something you *need* by any means.

I never got out birth announcements, because I was never feeling energetic enough to make them after the baby was born, so if you want to do those, the advice to get them as much as posssible done now is excellent.
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Oooh, you ladies are great! thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions!
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Thanks Alexsam, great tips.
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heh, i HATED the baby sacks! k was a kickin' kinda girl and hated having her legs restrained in any way. she hated to be swaddled from the start. we used mainly sleepers with her and i went and bought a bunch more for q because i loved them so much!
other things i loved:
-sling (oh, those things are worth their weight in gold)
-blankets the right size for the carseat (most were just too big and would fall off; i'm making them this time)
-lots and lots of tiny socks (they disapear SO EASILY. get too many. it won't be. )
-every list i've read only says two hats (and this is for winter!)-- i'd get several, as i always lost track of them!
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ive actually checked out a few sites with decent list but i finally went to this place called www.babysupplieslist.net and ive been purchasing there for awhile now. great services. they give you list of things you need for baby showers, names, list of games, list of other sites, but alot of different list with different things you will need.

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