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This is making me crazy...

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Can somebody please tell me if this is normal or if I am, in fact, truly crazy?

When "baby fever" hits me, I go nuts. Until about 6 weeks ago I was totally content. My son was almost 1 and I thought we'd start ttc #2 in about a year. Then pretty suddenly I started feeling like I was ready to start trying. Now, 6 weeks later, I am completely obsessed with it. I'm even looking at the maternity clothes in Target! There are 2 problems with this- (1) I don't think I'm ovulating yet (haven't yet had a period), and (2) dh wants to wait a few months to start trying. While a few months might seem like nothing to a normal person (especially when I'm probably not even fertile yet), it feels like an eternity to me!

Am I insane or is this some kind of hormonal thing? Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings.
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Totally Normal

At least for me. Dh and I always planned on having kids 3 years apart. All was fine with that plan until about 2 months ago, we both got the fever bad, and are now trying, the kids would be (assuming I get pregnant) 2.5 years I realize that might not sound like a big deal but to us it was huge.

Starty trying and see what happens if that's what you want to do but I totally get it.
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Yes that is totally what happened to me!! We are not officially TTC yet, my youngest is only 9 mo!! My other two are 5 and 2 yrs. But anyway, like a month ago or something I was almost at the point where I would be happy having NO more kids!! Then all of a sudden, I started getting baby fever... I'm addicted to reading TTC and pregnancy boards!!! I love being pg and love labor/birth..........

I think it may be hormonal, somewhere I read that rising estrogen levels can spark "baby fever".. I've also had several baby dreams!

And I think I MIGHT have ovulated... my ovary areas on both sides are achy... I wonder why BOTH sides are achy? But we have been using condoms so probably no pregnancy...

I have been hinting to DH and looks like we may stop using condoms!! Yee-haw!!

Time to do the booty dance--

This reproducing instinct can be QUITE strong!!

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thanks you guys! it helps to know i'm not the only one. i'm thinking i might go buy an ovulation test. i've never done one of them before, but then my body has never been this wacko before.

good luck to yall too!
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When the instinct to create a new life takes over it can be a crazy ride! I am obsessed too.
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Well drat!

We are putting off ttc until March 1, or whenever I ovulate around then. It's kind of stupid, but practical. I am a bridesmaid in 2 weddings in my hometown (which is a 6 hour drive from where I live now) a week apart in October. I would be miserable having to drive that far if I was 9 months pregnant or with a teeny weeny baby or if I had to miss the weddings. So we've decided to wait until early March. That way I will (hopefully) still be big and pregnant at the weddings, but at least I'll be able to go.

Hopefully I will be able to live with this plan. I'm starting to feel a little calmer about the whole thing already actually.

Good luck to you all and thank you for your warm replies.
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